I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

30 July 2004

I'm Leaving on a JetPlane

Well, actually I’m not but today I’m heading back home. I’m spending the last few hours at my uncle’s house before I need to leave infront of the computer. My aunt should be home any minute now and then I think i’m gonna leave so she can get some sleep before her other niece and naphew get here. When I get home I plan to take a nice long bath and veg out the rest of the night. Tomorrow I have a squad leader workshop and I need to be up by 8:00 to be ready for the workshop at 9. That’s only for two hours and I’ll have Sunday off but after that rookie band camp starts then real band camp so my summer is basically over. :( that’s quite sad. Well, I wanna go play with Aga-si and Noon some more before I leave so I know this was a short blog but I’m outta here!

29 July 2004

Greetings and Salutations

Hello all! I’ve borrowed my uncle’s computer to stop in for a quick hi. I’ve missed the internet and CoE the past three days I couldn’t resist the a perfectly good computer waiting to be used to talk to all you wonderful people. This title was kinda boring so I doubt very many people will read my entry but here’s the account of the past few days here in Colden, New York.

We left on Tuesday around 9:00. It turns out that my uncle & aunt’s two huskies, Aga-shi & Noon were having their second birthday that day so we stopped by Buehler’s and picked them up some doggie goodies. It’s a bit strange but my aunt and uncle didn’t want kids so they adopted dogs and they are now considered my cousins. How horrible is that?

After about a four hour drive we got to Colden and almost instantly started the shopping experience. We went over to a local mall and I really don’t think I found much that day. I’ve decided to become more picky on what I buy and keep from buying stuff that makes me feel like the rest of the crowd just because it’s easy to find. So I haven’t really bought much this trip which I guess is a good thing on my credit card account. The next day I got most of my clothing when we went to a big mall called the Galleria. I got a sweater, a bunch of tank tops, a cute pair of orange capris, a pair of orange flip flops, and the best brown cord jacket ever (and at $25 it was a steal). My aunt and I also got our nails done. I had a manicure (french, of course) and she got her first pedicure. I have a big fear of feet (like an anti-foot fetish) so I stuck to my nails.

Today we went to a small village called Ellitcotville and did some little touristy gift shops. I don’t think I bought anything today either until we got to the Wegmans and I got my mom a blue cappucino glass,my dad some fancy cheese (we loved cheese), I got some coffee creamer, those oral-b brushups, and some more makeup. But now I’m sitting here beypnd exhausted so I think I’ll be taking a shower and going sleepy as early as possible. Elentari needs her beauty sleep!

27 July 2004

Favorite TV Show of Your Childhood.

If you could bring one tv show back from your childhood which one would you pick? I’d pick Fraggle Rock! I found old copies of the show at my local video store and I just had to rent them…

I tried to wake up at 8:00 today but I had such a tough time going to bed last night I just couldn’t. So I woke up at 10:30. I have a list of things to do today on Alvin including cleaning my room, making a new LotR’s t-shirt, and packing for my trip with my aunt. I was suppose to call her today to find out what time we were leaving tomorrow but she beat me to it and we’re leaving at 9:00. I absolutley can’t wait, it sounds like my cousin isn’t going so it’ll just be me, my two favorite aunts, and my favorite uncle; the best relatives out there! Well, I’m gonna go running then go do a ritualy, it was a lunar phase yesterday. Have a good day!

25 July 2004

I'm Hungry!

Yeah I know I’m so interesting… We have no food in our house since Dad and I had been gone for so long so now I’m sitting at home beginning to think about food but there’s no food in the house! Ahhh!

I haven’t done anything yet today. I woke up at 11:00 (I went to bed at 2:00) and now I’m just beginning to think about showering and food. I need to go check on the Bennett’s house today since Audra knows I’m back but I’m kinda nervous. What if Audra forgot she was suppose to help? I might be walking into a house filled with starving cats and dead fish. The only thing I can think of is the mailbox isn’t bulging with mail so that’s been taken in in the past week. I really hope it isn’t just the mailman stopped delivering mail…

Well, I suppose I better go shower, check on the house, and figure out where I’m gonna get food. Seeya!

Housesitting at the Bennetts

I’m sitting on the Bennett’s computer right now after I finished feeding their cats and fish. I don’t really get paid for this job but every year the Bennett’s go to Canada and for payment I get Smarties (the Canadian kind *yum*) and access to their gaming systems, high speed internet, & hot tub! It’s raining out right now and the hot tub is outside so that’s basically out of the question. When I leave for New York with my aunt in two days (yay) Nicole’s friend Audra will be watching the house. She did it when I went college visiting too.

Today I woke up at 10:30 and almost right away took a shower and went grocery shopping… you know what that means… sushi!!! On of my favorite foods in the world. Then I came home and vegged in the basement. But I did get some things accomplished. I finally reviewed my A.P. Bio terms - something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. And I finished my packing list for my trip Tuesday… at least I think I did. Who knows if I’ll decide to bring anything else. The only thing I really need to do tomorrow is clean my room and reburn my pictures from Europe my uncle wants - my first CD didn’t work for some reason. I need to call my aunt tomorrow too to decide when we’re leaving… I hope as early as possible, can’t miss a single shopping second! Tee-hee. Other then that I think I’ll go back home and play some Roller Coaster Tycoon in the basement!

23 July 2004

Where Would You Go?

If you could be teleported to any country in the world right now where would you go?

I would go to New Zealand in an instant! Can we say Lord of the Rings was shot there? I would want to go to the field that housed the Shire, the mountain the Edoras was built on, and the hill that they digitally added Weathertop to. *Sigh* perfect.

I woke up about an hour and a half ago. I ate some breakfast and wrote my thank-you emails to all the tour guides and interviewers from the colleges. Now I’m convincing myself that I smell bad and I really should shower. After that I think I’ll call Tom and play Roller Coaster Tycoon. I also want to start making Avators for my CoE website, I’ll have to get the LotR movies on my computer for some private Merry time! Tee-hee. Well, I have all weekend before I leave for New York with my aunt and I’m not gonna waste it doing things I don’t want to do! This is basically my last weekend before things like the dreaded Band Camp starts! *dun dun duuun* Alright, I really will go bathe now!

22 July 2004

The College Trip is Over...

I’m sure you all missed me sooo much (definitely just kidding). But I’m back and I actually had a really good time. We traveled to three different states and saw five colleges. From a first hand experience, here’s what I have to say (in case you care)

Washington College This was the first stop on my “whirl wind” tour and I have to say, I was not very impressed. Maybe because it was my first college visit ever but I was a little nervous when I got there. I was expecting to go on the tour first but I was quickly shuffled into an office for a private interview! I had no idea what I was suppose to be asking so I guess I didn’t ask enough because after a while of talking to the admissions adviser I ran out of things to say. He then made me feel horrible by basically teasing me that I didn’t have very many things to ask so I whipped out some question about the food program at the school and he thought I was entranced by food! I felt like saying “listen buddy this is the first time I’ve done this so just give me a little bit of slack.” but I sucked it up and it was soon over. Then we went on the tour of the campus. The campus is quite pretty, with lots of historical buildings and green fields and trees. The only real argument I have with the place is the town is so tiny there’s absolutely nothing to do outside of campus. The dorms were interesting with housing more like apartments then real dorming. All the rooms had AC so that’d be a nice thing. There was basically no Greek life on the place with only 20% of the student body involved in any form of Greek. I’m not sure if I want to be in a sorority or not. The theatre was great and they have over 15 shows a year so I’d always be able to get involved! But all-in-all I don’t think Washington is right for me.

Albright Next we moved onto Albright in Reading, PA. Supposedly the town is really bad news with a nasty crime rate. But the campus is in one of the suburbs and it’s very nice there. I generally liked Albright, it reminded me a lot of the College in my hometown, one that I’ve stayed in many times and would be use to. The tour guide there wasn’t as good and he didn’t seem to know much other then the stuff he was suppose to be showing us. When he asked me what I wanted to major in (I responded with Anthropology) he replied with “I always forget those, which one is that? Plants or animals?” But the college was nice and it definitely is my safety school (I could get into Albright without even trying). I think the interview was what made me decide I liked Albright. The lady was so nice and she represented the faculty to me and that made me excited to attend classes there.

Gettysburg I LOVED GETTYSBURG!!! To avoid all the gushing I could do about how beautiful the campus is, how great the people are, how amazing the theatre was, how yummy the food was, and how cute the interviewer was I’ll just leave it at that… They claim Greek life is a huge thing at Gettysburg but only 40% of the students are involved and the tour guy wasn’t even in a fraternity. I’m definitely going back to Gettysburg.

Ithaca I can’t make my mind up about this place. I liked everything about the campus, location, classes, the fact that there’s no Greek life, the downtown environment, food, dorms, even the fact that Cornell is right across the hill and my boyfriend might be going there (best arrangement if you ask me, it’s not long distance but it’s still a different school). It’s just the people there seem super stuck-up. I’ve just been disenchanted by the social life. I know I’ve only seen a handful of students there so I think I’ll have to go back to see what it’s like when all the kids are there.

The University at Buffalo I know what you’re thinking. She’s looking at teeny-tiny schools then all of a sudden she jumps to UB!?! ok, so maybe that’s not what you’re thinking but hear me out… Washington has 1,200 kids; Albright 1,600; Gettysburg has 2,500; and Ithaca had 6,500. Notice the pattern? This is my smorgas board of schools. I have no idea what I’m looking for right now (other then it’s out of state) so I’m “tasting” a little bit of everything. UB was wonderful. The campus was clean, attractive, and easy to comprehend. I didn’t really feel like I was in a huge campus. The only thing I didn’t really like was the dorms. There were complex procedures of checking in, unlocking doors, talking to guys in intercoms and other things that would make me feel like I was still at home needing to check in with Mommy. That’s not what I really want from my college experience. The rooms themselves were nice though, they were carpeted and that kinda weirded me out (what exactly happened on those carpets before? Ewww,) but other then that I was pleasantly surprised.

But here’s my rating:
1. Gettysburg
2. Albright
3. Ithaca
4. UB
5. Washington

Well I’m sure I’ve bored you all. Wow, have I written a lot. I’m glad to be back home.

16 July 2004

Back in Summer Gym

Yeah I’m back working on more slideshow stuff for summer gym. But the upside is today’s the last day!!! Yay!!! I’ve finished the slide show so here I am chilling and waiting to go home. We went camping two days ago and it was the first time I’ve ever slept outside. So that was an east A in gym and now I can proudly say I’ve never taken a gym class in the high school. Or a health class either but that was correspondence so that was even in the school.

Today I’m going to the movies with Tom. I think we’re going to see the Notebook. Is it any good? I’m not sure if I want to, I’m not really in the mood for a mussy love story. Maybe we’ll see Spiderman 2 or Farenhieght 9/11. We’ll see… I HATE the freshman boys in this class, it makes me feel bad for the future of this world. They’re all sooo immature (I mean we’re talking middle school here) and they don’t listen to authority. I hope 4 years at this high school whip them into shap.

We’ve been working in the PAC a lot lately and there were two really cute boys playing in the band that Carolyn and I have been sending secret notes to. They responded last night! Their names are Ken and Connor and they happened to not actually be twins but a year apart (Ken just turned 19 and Connor’s about to turn 18). They’re going to the University of Dayton and Ken is studying engineering and Connor is studying anything and everything music. They’re really nice and I hope we have more opportunities to talk. I’ll probably blog tonight too since I’ll be sitting infront of the sound board all night with nothing to do.

Well, now I have to go put away camping equpiment. Later!


13 July 2004

Working in the PAC

Yeah so I’m at work right now and I know there are hundreds of thousands of things I could be doing that are more productive then this but frankly I don’t want to! We went canoeing this morning and now only did Andrew get into a car accident (he’s fine it’s just his car that isn’t), we were an hour late starting in the river and therefore were an hour late getting home. So I haven’t had much of a recovery period and I a little too tired to actually get involved with gel work or rail work right this second. So techinically I’m probably gonna make about $5.oo for doing nothing but sit here. Have I mentioned I make $10 an hour? For work like this it’s absolutly amazing! Oh wait, Storck actually wants me to do work! *Boo-hiss* Well, I’ll take my time getting motivated. Yeah, I made $2.50 for writing this blog, that’s my idea of work… I love this job. Oh well, I better go rap up the snake and set up telex, joy and rapture… Maybe I’ll come back and talk some more later, see ya!

12 July 2004

Favorite Smell?

Yup that’s right, what’s your favorite smell in the whole world? I’ll have to go with spring. I love that smell when the world’s warming up after the snowy no goodness and it just makes me want to have all my windows open all the time.

Summer gym’s still in full swing. We went to some camping ground and canoed in a puddle (she claimed it was a lake but I guess we’ll compromise and say a pond). But I was ok with it because we got out real early. Then Chanda, Andrew, David, and I went to Primos Deli for lunch.. that was a pleasant suprise. Then I came home, took a shower, and went grocery shopping with Tom. We bought some cookie mix and we’ll be making them someday, probably tomorrow or Thursday. Wednesday is my big camping trip. That’ll be interesting since I’ve never even slept outdoors before. Well, I have to go to work in half an hour so I think I’ll go relax until then. Later!


11 July 2004

Random Question of the Day

I don’t really want to blog today so I’ll just ask another random question.

And it is…
If you could remove one song from the face of this earth which one would you pick? Personally I’d pick “Milkshake” by Kelis. That song drives me crazy!

Well, Herry Potter’s on and I wanna watch it. Chao!

09 July 2004

If you could have three wishes what would they be?

Personally I’d wish #1 for enough money to keep me happy for the rest of my life, #2 raise all those grades I’m not too thrilled with to A+ and keep then that way, and then #3 to be able to eat anything I want without gaining a pound. I figure if the wishes take care of all the superficial things I can concentrait on the important things in my life. So what about you?

Today was a quick day in gym. We went to the pool and swam and canoed. I’ve never went canoeing before so that was pretty fun, even if it was only in a pool. Chanda and I were with a bunch of guy friends so they helped us out when we needed it (always nice). And when we weren’t canoeing we were playing water polo, that was good fun too. Moreso then if it would have been a group of girls screeching and just generally not playing! Grrr, major pet peeve of mine about girls. After that we just washed our bikes (biking is officialy done!) and worked on some final Power point project. Now I’m back here still smelling of chlorine (I’ll shower, I promise) and thinking about what I should do today…

I need to run to the bank because I have a ton of change I want converted into cash. Then I wanted Subway for lunch (I filled up a card so I get a free sub!). And Nicole wants to take one more practice drive before her test today. I also want to drive over to this Praire Lane where we’re meeting on Monday to go canoeing so I don’t get lost that morning. Other then that I may run over to the PAC because Storck called this morning and said he was working today but I may just go in this weekend. I’ll savor this free time!

BTW, King Arthur wasn’t very good, I don’t recommend it.

08 July 2004

Finally! A Busy Day!

Today was a good biking day. We only biked 25 miles and stopped for Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits on the way home. We were the first group back to the bus so we even had time to get frappucinos from the nearby gas station. Yay, coffee! Then when we got home I got a phone call from Storck telling me I have to work this weekend. But at $10 an hour I’m not complaining! Then I ran to MC Sports to get a bathing suit. I have some bikinis but we’re starting canoing tomorrow and I think a onepiece may be more appropriate. So now Nicole has my car because she takes her test tomorrow *crosses finers for her* But at 7:05 me, Chanda, & Carolyn are going to see King Arthur (I’ll let you know if it’s any good). So I finally have some things to do that will make this summer more enjoyable! And the best part is I’m not too tired to do them!

07 July 2004

What Decade Would You Pick?

If you could live in any decade, which one would you pick? Personally I think I’d pick… the 70’s! That’s right I Love the 70’s (do doo do dodo doo). I like the clothing (sans high waist pants), like the movies (Star Wars anyone?), & the music (Aerosmith, The Doors, & Led Zepplin). Plus, who could doubt that the 70’s was the time period where The Hobbit was one of the most popular books out there. So when would you choose to live? Living in a castle might be cool but everyone smelled back then *holds nose* But their dresses were so pretty!

Today was a horribly fun day. First of all, one of the girls in my group fell off her bike and flipped over and hit her head on the pavement! Luckily she felt better and I think she’ll be ok. Second, we got hopelessly lost and instead of biking 36 miles we did 48! Yeah, a little tired now. Finally on the way back it starts pouring & I fell off my bike! It’s only a little road burn so I’m ok but I was soaking wet & dirty. But that was the fun part. David and I had a blast laughing about our rotten situation and it made it all that more fun. My words of wisdom for the day: if you’re in a situation that you can’t help & it makes you miserable, just have fun with it! The horrible situation goes away!

06 July 2004

Summer Gym *boo-hiss*

Yeah so here I am sitting back at school on a Mac (I hate Macs) passing the time as the rest of the class catches up. Today we biked 16 miles to some park (uphill, no good) and then went hiking. The hiking was fun but I was sick and tired of biking by the time we got home. The cherries were blessed to me when we got home. Now we have to work on a power point pressintation of poisonous plants & native trees of Ohio. Chanda’s working on the tress and I did the plants. I was done in 30 minutes and now I’M BORED! I feel kinda bad because we only had to do 3 plants but 5 trees so Chanda got more work. But she doesn’t seem to care. Maybe if she gets bored I’ll finish it for her. Oh well, she wants to do it, she only has one more. I need to bring her a dollar tomorrow for the McDonalds we bought. DON’T FORGET ELENTARI! I need to go to Buehlers tonight to pick up groceries for lunch tomorrow. I don’t have much at home but the hard day of bikinbg is done so the rest of gym should be a breeze. I can’t wait to go home and take a shower. Yay for soap! There are som morons sitting at the table behind me. They don’t know how to spell Maple! And the boy seems to be bragging about stuff that no one else would be proud of. Like how his hair use to look and that his brother never got in trouble because his mom would be mad, he was just sick all the time. I don’t get it, oh well. I don’t know how to get accents on Macs so I can’t get on Council of Elrond *tear*. I think I’ll go looking for a better Monkshood picture.

Later Days!


05 July 2004

Summer Gym

Well what a wonderful day! Jk, I had to wake up at 7:30 to get to the school by 8. Then we did a lot of boring things like hand out bikes & helmets. The only thing we really did was bike around town and I’ve been doing that my entire life so it was no bid deal. The next three days the days are an extra three hours but we’re just biking Rails to Trails which are old railroads that have been converted to paths. The way Carolyn was talking it sounded like we had to do mountain biking & I don’t think I could handle that. But everything will be ok! We’re going canoing too and camping. Two things I’ve never done so that should be exciting. I’m ready to try these things! But I gotta go, dinner’s ready!

04 July 2004

4th of July - Joy and Rapture

Yes! I Love the 80’s just came on. So I finally have something to do. I woke up at 11:00 and sat around for an hour protecting my puppy because they were setting off fireworks early - don’t ask me why. Then I had spaghetti for lunch (I know you’re jealous Tom) & here I am.

I’m not realy exicited for the 4th of July. Tom’s gone, Chanda has to work, and, of course, Carolyn will be with David AGAIN! So I have a sinking feeling I’ll be stuck with the relatives the entire night. *Cue hiding under the bed* Another firework just went off, I better go save Shelby…

03 July 2004

Happy Anniversary Baby!

21 whole months together! I miss Tom something horrbile though and he’s been gone for a grand totaly of one day! 6 days left.

I’m sitting here watching I Love the 70’s on VH1. Good stuff! I woke up at 11:30 today and did nothing until 4:00. I was hoping to not have to change out of my pj’s today but we went to my aunt’s for dinner, part of the whole kick off July 4 shit, grrr I hate relatives. I hope Chanda isn’t working tomorrow or else I’m gonna be stuck dealing with them all day. After the relatives I took Nicole’s dog Toby for a walk and I came home and read The Power of One.

I guess it’s getting better, maybe a little uneventful but I sorta hope it isn’t only about boxing, which is what it seems to be about right now. Oh well, we’ll see how it progresses. I think I’m gonna make some popcorn and watch the rest of I Love the 70’s.


02 July 2004

Wash Your Hair, Elentari, WASH IT!

Yeah, I really need to get motivated. Today I’m planning to study some of my A.P. bio. terms, take Nicole out to practice her manuverablility, (hopfully) change the covers on my bed, & read some of the college book Chanda gave me. I think I might stop by Chanda’s today anyway… I wanna show her my senior pics and see if she likes the ones i picked out. Even though I don’t have my outdoor ones yet (grrr). But first off I need to take and shower and wash my hair. No use talking about getting motivated if I can’t pull my butt out of this chair!

This random guy just imed me. He says he lives in Orrville but his profile says Toledo. I hate people like this, worst of all he’s a a he (no shit) and he won’t talk to me just pull out the *are you hott? do you have a bf?* It’s like TALK TO ME! What the hell do you expect from a girl online *oh yes I want you I need you, oh baby, oh baby* PLEASE!

Alright I’m off to take a shower and I SWEAR I’ll get motivated today.


01 July 2004

Pirates of the Caribbean

So I got bored so I decided to start this movie. Good, good movie! I’ve always been in love with Disney and I’ve been going to Disney World since I was around 6 months old. I even said my first word at Disney World *cue eerie music* Since then I’ve gona to Disney a total of 6 times. The last being this year with my high school band. So I’ve been going on the ride, The Pirates of the Caribbean all my life. It’s really fun to see the little bits of the ride Disney has thrown into the movie (like the man sleeping on the pigs & the dog with the keys in his mouth being tempted with a bone my the prisoners). I think Johnny Deep did a very good job in this movie, I really think he should have gotten the Oscar. His performance was really spectacular. Disney really does a good job when they want to.

Like at Disney World! I could go on for hours about how wonderful that place is. I don’t really care that I’m a 17 year old girl still in love with a place designed for 5 years olds. I wanna get married there but I think it’ll depend on how financially comfortable I am at that time in my life. The most expensive wedding at Disney costs $70,000! I wonder how much the least expensive wedding costs? Oh well, I guess that’s a while away from this point in my life. I should be worrying more about college then weddings.

This blog is taking me forever to write because I keep stopping to watch the movie. I think I’ll go to watch Jack Sparrow!