I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

22 July 2009


~~~~ Content

I've moved. I know live in a lovely three bedroom house with two fantastic girls. I have my own room, direct tv, and super secret parking spot in the back. I love the house, the location, and the privacy and comfort. I bought a new dresser from Ikea that, without Matt, would still be sitting in pieces on the floor, a new nightstand, a new lamp, and a new bed. And p.s. I love my bed! It's all come together quite nicely and I feel like I finally have a home.

I've registered. I finally took the initiative and called UC, got my username set up, registered for my classes, and became an official UC student. I'm all good to go. I went ahead and took UC's health insurance plan so I have that. I'm still struggling a little with the whole FAFSA aide junk since, well, I was spoiled as an undergraduate and never had to deal with that but I think in a week I should have it all figured out and hopefully have most of my bills paid.

I've settled. Work's going fine now. I haven't made close out-of-work friends but there are people I can be happily social with. However, I no longer feel like I need a network here. I'm not connected. I don't think I'll ever get "homey" in Cincy. That's fine. I'm only doing this for a year. Then I'm moving on to bigger and better things... I have Matt. I have Laura. I have Michele and Brian not too far away in Oxford. That's all I really need. I'm happy. Surprisingly happy considering the way I felt a few short weeks ago.

Money's still tight. I really wouldn't expect it to be any other way at the moment though. I did splurge on a haircut. When I say splurge, I mean chop off a foot of hair to have donated to Locks of Love. Which I guess isn't really splurging anyway because they give you a discount at the salon when you donate your hair. But I did drive back to Oxford to have it done. I'm happy with the outcome. It's a little shorter than I wanted but it's manageable and drives so very quickly :)

Next week is Alex's wedding. I'm actually looking forward to going back home with Matt. He'll be a wonderful anchor in the crazy world that is my family. And he should be here tomorrow... provided his flu doesn't come back! Boo for getting sick in July!

All-in-all I'm happier than I expected to be at this point in my life. I still have this anxiety of the unknown future I may or may not hold. I really really want to achieve all my dreams and ambitions but I'm a little worried that the world we're heading to will prevent me from doing so. But I'm staying open minded and hoping beyond all hope that this may all work out and that I truly do have a chance at happiness.

03 July 2009

Settling In

~~~~ Anxious

Things are sorta beginning to calm down. I've been at Panera for over two weeks and while I still have no idea how I'll ever remember everything that needs to be known for that job I feel a sense of routine settling in. I've gotten my first paycheck but I am still sincerely strapped for cash. Pizza rolls are only $1 a box at Biggs and that is essentially what I've been living off of. I may have to switch to something even less appealing like ramen or pb&j (which believe it or not i hate with a firey passion) but hard times man... hard times. I guess that's one of the things I should appreciate about my job... and take full advantage of... free food on days that I work. I'll need to milk that for all it's worth until I reach a level of financial stability. I know I'll hit my 20 hour mark this week so that's encouraging. 20 hours a week is the minimum I need to work to be able to pay the bills. I won't have much leftover from that but it's something.

I have all my furniture now. My night stand's in my trunk. My dresser's sitting in Matt's garage and I'm picking my bed up on Tuesday. Tuesday. Moving day. When I get my own space and a renewed sense of normalcy in my life. I can't wait. As long as I can really pay the bills like I think I can... even if it is paycheck to paycheck I hope to feel empowered. I hope to feel independent. I hope to feel like I have a life.