I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

27 March 2005

I'm Back!


Goodness has it been a while. Modblog has not been good to me and I haven't been able to get on for a very long time. Hopefully those problems have been fixed and I can go back to posting every other day. I look forward to my blog time.

I hope all the Christians out there are enjoying their Easter. Today I've relaxed and slept all day. It's been very nice. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and made myself my own version of an Egg McMuffin for lunch. That's been the extent of my day. I did all my homework on Thursday... fixing Expos paper, doing Marine Biology, and writing thank you notes to all the teachers who wrote me recommendations. So I have nothing I should be doing and therefore this relaxation has been even sweeter then before.

The only other thing I'm really doing is "cleansing my body". Okay, I know that sounds weird, but every once in a while I start to feel a little dirty inside... like I've been drinking too much coffee / soda / other sugar induced drinks. So, about once a month, I drink a TON of water. Currently I'm on my fifth pint. I have to pee so bad but I think I've washed all the bad stuff out of me. Ahhh, I love today!

18 March 2005

Bad Karma


I can't say I've ever really believed in karma until this day. Usually my actions just make me feel a little blue and guilty then I work on fixing them. But I guess fate decided to bite my butt today. I just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that if these few things that happened today hadn't happened I would have had a wonderful day. But they did happen so it was a kinda weird day. I'm not quite sure what my initial action was to cause such violent vengeance via karma but I'm pretty sure I did something.

Carolyn's going to prom with David. I really want to see her happy and I know she'll never be with David. I just wish I knew what to say to make her realize that he's just not right for her and Chanda and I can be there for her the way she thinks only David can but we can help her so much better! My last hope is college. Maybe she'll grow out of this during college... David's already told us he's NOT going to college with her. I also feel really bad for David in all this. He's ready to move on... he realizes he's only 18 and there are many, many other girls he'll date in his lifetime. He just wants to move on and Carolyn won't let him. It must be really frustrating to be in his position. I don't know how he handles it. I think if I had one wish right now I'd wish that Carolyn was over David, was happy again, and not so dependent on anyone. She just needs to be an individual again... she shouldn't NEED anyone.

Well that felt good to get out of my system. Chanda and I are going to see Robots tonight... Ewan McGregor's voice for 2 hours, heck yeah! And Carolyn wants to go shopping for prom jewlery this weekend (David must be busy). On top of all this I don't have homework! I'm going to enjoy this weekend and just have a good time. No if's, and's, or but's about it!

16 March 2005

Sitting Here With Ronald


Ronald is my pet pig. Actually, he's a tiny stuffed pig Tom bought for me the last time we went to the mall. Wanna see a pic?

Isn't that cute!? He's really soft too.

I got my Expos done but that's about all. I just can't work myself up to do my Humanities or study for my World History Test. I really should study though. If I really want to take this AP Test I need to step up. Maybe I'll do it later... I'm sure I can talk myself into it later.

Tomorrow morning Tom and I are going out to breakfast. I really wanna go to Bob Evans. I love their Eggs Benedict. Mom says that Eggs Benedict taste best with poached eggs so maybe I'll give that a try. School is still starting at 9:50. It's gonna be very hard to get up at 6:30 next Monday. But we won't have school Friday *cheers*!

14 March 2005

Let's Hear for the OGT


I'm usually not a fan of standardized testing... actually, it goes against everything I think school and the learning process should be. But for once, I'm all for it!

This is because I don't actually have to take this test. My sophomore year I did have to take it but it didn't actually count for my graduation. Now kids do have to take it to graduate and since I'm officially done with all standardized testing (FOREVER!) I get to sleep in for an additional two hours. Oh it's wonderful. Fuck 'No Child Left Behind' but I have to adore blessed sleep.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 8:00 to run to Wal-Mart for some cookies for my Latin II class... after all, it IS the Ides of March! Then I have to go into school at 9:50 *snaps fingers* drat, that means only 30 minute periods (detect hint of sarcasm in my voice). Well, I drank too much caffiene in Marine Biology tonight so I think I need to go run some of it off... alright I'm not gonna do that but I will go take a shower!

10 March 2005

The Weekend's Almost Here




I'm in a very good mood because I don't have a speech tournament and there's a posibility that I won't even have school tomorrow but I'm also terribly exhausted. There's suppose to be an outrageous amount of snow coming through the state and it's looking quite hopeful outside right now. But then again there's suppose to be an ajudicated event for band tomorrow and I'd be a little disappointed if we missed that. I know it's sad and pathetic but actually it's more because some speech friends from Glenoak are in band and they'll be here for ajudicated events too. I hope I get to see them this weekend!

But on the other hand, if I had a snow day tomorrow I'd spend it working on my Expos paper and scholarships. I went to the office today and picked up every single scholarship I thought I had a chance getting. Now I need to start filling them out. I'm hoping to be able to use my college entrance essay for most of them. It's entitled "A Day in the Life of a Speechie." Oh, it's sad, I know but it was a good topic and most of the scholarships are asking for things like that anyways. You wanna read it? Well, you don't have a choice and I can't think of anything else to put so:

[cut] It’s 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning and I’m preparing to load a bus for another thrill seeking day with the Wooster High School Speech and Debate team. With my coffee in one hand and a warm blanket and pillow in the other, I stumble onto the bus and choose the ideal seat for the next hour and a half. Once comfortable, I curl up and try to forget, for at least a little while, that I’m still not fast asleep in my bed. But then, I hear her voice, “People, if we aren’t ready to go in the next five seconds, I’ll feed you to the dogs!”
Welcome to an average Saturday for the *Insert School Name* High School Speech and Debate team. My name is Elent├íri and I will be taking you on this tour of the highs and lows of being a “Speechie” for HS. A Speechie is a label given to the members of the Speech and Debate team and we’ve adopted the name and worn it proudly. Our Speech team competes throughout the Northeast every Saturday from early November to early March.
Upon arrival, the sleep must be shaken off and the three hours of competing will begin. I compete in a category called Duo Interpretation where two people present a ten-minute skit in which they can play multiple characters. My partner and I have selected a humorous skit titled “Baby” that is about the trials and tribulations of a newborn baby in its first year of life. We both portray four characters each and utilize our abilities to mask our original voices with multiple accents. Our skit will be presented to three different judges over the course of the competition.
Once these three hours have passed, my partner and I stumble out of our last competition room. We proceed to the cafeteria to stuff our faces and begin what is affectionately known as the waiting period, a time that is both bitter and sweet. Away from the prying eyes of the Speechies, the judges and coaches are busy tabulating ballots to determine the winners. While chaos is reigning in this room, the Speechies are trying to kill the three hours of time. Some have brought games, others guitars. Even the studious few have brought along their homework. However, while the waiting is unbearable, the friends that are made, the jokes that are told, and the wonderful times spent with the Speechies are unforgettable.
Finally the moment of truth has arrived. All the Speechies are crammed into the school auditorium as the awards are presented. As the awards ceremony comes to an end, the winners in my category are announced from sixth place to first place. Although I did not place today, I value the time spent with the Speechies. The bonds I make with the other Speechies compensate for the exhausting days and the occasional disappointments. That means more to me then a plastic trophy. [/cut]

08 March 2005

Picture of the Duos!!!


*Sing to 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'...*

"I'm wishing for a snow day..."

Alright, I know that's pathetic since I just had a snow day but I'm a senior! It's in my blood!

Yesterday Chanda brought in pictures from the State Speech Tournament. I had so much fun there. I met a ton of friends and hopefully that'll last a while. Here's a picture of all the Duos:

I emailed this picture and this one:

To all my friends. Chanda and I are talking about Duo party. That'd be sooo much fun! Just imagine... Seeing Jeff, Jay, Ashley, and Mark in normal street clothes, no suits! *gasp* That's just insane! Just for shits and giggles, can anyone guess which one is me? You only have three girls to guess from... good luck!

Well, my O.D. on caffeine is making me jittery... I'm ready for lunch, I need sustenance.

06 March 2005



This weekend is finally over and I'm enjoying a well earned day in my bed. Tom and I were planning to do something today but I just don't have the energy to get up and motivated.

That's probably a really bad thing, however because I do have homework I need to do. I have an A.P.Bio lab to write, Expos sources to find, a math worksheet to finish, and two books to read. I think a lot of that stuff I'll be saving for tomorrow. I'm almost too tired to lift a finger. Pathetic, I know...

I've done none of that today. I think I'll do the Expos, but the A.P.Bio I won't do until after school tomorrow and the math and books I'll do during school. I just can't concentrait. I've spent all weekend concentraiting and I have a headache to show for it.

Oh yes, I'll also have to write a paper for Marine Biology. But it's only 1-2 pages so I'll be okay. I can probably get that done during classes too. If not, I have three hours after school to get it written. No problem.

I have to start thinking of nice ways to say: "Lady A, you're a bitch." Ned and Chanda have a joke that Chanda's too good for Harvard and she turned it down for Brown. Well, Lady A heard that and she bluntly declared: "Chanda isn't smart enough to get into Harvard." The only problem? Chanda IS smart enough to get into Harvard. Harvard CALLED Chanda requesting she apply. Conclusion: Lady A has gone too far and calling her students (direct quotes) "Bitch, dumbass, and stickshit" is inappropriate regardless of the circumstance. So, I'm planning to write her a, polite, annonymous note telling Lady A to shape up and realize she can't treat her students, who look up to her, like that. I'm considering sending a copy to the principal but I don't know if that's neccessary. She just needs to think about what she says before she says it!!!

04 March 2005

Welcome to the World of Competitive Speech

~~~~Getting Sleepy

Oh goodness what a weekend this will be. I really want to do well since this will be my last tournament EVER! However, I really don't think I will. Skye and I aren't fantastic and this is states... So we should be doing fantastic. *Sigh* oh well, I guess I have a terrible weekend ahead of me. The first round starts in 20 minutes. I'll update later...

Now I'm sitting here waiting for my second round to begin. Oh my goodness I feel so scandalous blogging during a round. Some one actually was caught listening to their iPod during a Littles round. I can't believe some one would totally zone out on a piece like that...

Well, I know what you're thinking... "so you think that's disrespectful but you're on a Pocket PC right now."

Okay, you caught me. There's probably no difference between me and 'iPod boy' but I really am paying attention. Right now I'm watching "An Infinite Ache." They're good but we could beat them if we really wanted to. Last round we hit 3, count 'em THREE national qualifiers. That's half the competitors we hit last round. This round looks a little more hopeful!


02 March 2005


Snow day!!! I was hoping for this day all week and it finally came. Dad says I have a real bad case of senioritise and I personally didn't think I did but I guess I do. I only went to school three days last week (monday we had off and thursday I was sick) and this week I'll only be at school three days (friday is the state speech tournament).

I've done absolutely nothing today. I woke up arpund 11:00 and I've spent tne rest of the day laying on the couch. I really don't plan to do anything else today but I will get up now to do some homework, make some phone calls, and read a little bit. But not too much work, mind you. It is my snow day after all.