I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

23 December 2004

No Power *throws confetti*

~~~~ Feelin' Fine

But wait you say... if I have no power how am I typing on a computer... requiring power. Well, at my house there is no power.... actually there's been no power for about 12 hours now. So dad and I have found the comfort of electricity at my grandma's. Oh, Shelby too, of course she's here. I've been reading a lot today. I finished the Count of Monte Cristo yesterday and started on The Hobbit... for the fifth time. *blushes* yeah I'm insane, I know it.

Billy and I had been making plans to hang out today but I think they went down the pooper after this wonderful ice storm. That's ok, I'm content to stay here the rest of the day. I brought things to do, she has a computer (duh), and it's warm here! I'm not complaining.

Well, this has been the most exciting day of break so far. I've been doing a bunch of nothing... and that's fine with me! I'm actually welcoming this escape from the chaos that is my life and sleeping, reading, and hanging out on the computer is a wonderful change. I will have to do a couple of labs for A.P. Biology and Zoology before the break is done but I still have a week and half. No worries yet, I'll probably procrastinate and that'll be bad but I have nothing to worry about for now!

09 December 2004



The Dark Side of the Dream

I don’t dream. It does no good to dream because it always ends in disappointment. Today I showed weakness. Today I dreamed.

Pink Floyd talked to me. And not the way they usually do, like when I’m in a circle listening to “Dark Side of the Moon.” I mean, Pink Floyd literally talked to me.

I was at the gas station filling up the El Camino when the entire car was suddenly covered in shadow. I assumed, of course, that it was the apocalypse. But when I looked up, I saw the coolest, most awesome thing ever: a hundred foot long, airbrushed rock n’ roll tour bus. I tried looking in to see who was inside but with the combination of the bus’s tinted windows and my tinted glasses all I could see was black.

Then it happened. The door opened and this big fat bus driver came out. But right after him came Roger Waters - the genius behind Pink Floyd and the man who taught me to combine my two favorite things in life – rock songs and my stash.

That’s when I began dreaming. I couldn’t help imagining me and Roger talking about rock. He’d invite me on the tour bus and the next thing you know I’d be in the band on stage rocking out in front of thousands of screaming fans. Of course, I’d have to leave the gang behind but they could be groupies if they wanted and Fez would be happy with just a free t-shirt.

I was in the middle of rocking Madison Square Garden when Roger Waters spoke to me: "Where the hell am I?" I knew we had a connection. That’s the exact kind of philosophical question I pose all the time – where are any of us? I tried asking him that but it turns out they were just driving to a gig in Milwaukee and he really just wanted to know what town they were in. I told him and he got back on the bus and left.

Serves me right for dreaming. I went back to filling up the El Camino. Seventy-four cents for a gallon of gas. What a load of crap