I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

25 August 2007

I Walk Alone

~~~~ Worried

Oh man. So the first week of classes are over. Lingustics is boring just like I thought. Art History is exciting and my prof looks like Anthony Rapp! Social Psych is without a doubt the best class and my prof is simply fantastic! Italian is nerve racking but, go figure. Archaeology is disappointing but I still have hope. Anthropology is a general miamiplan, freshman class, but I'm actually talking in the class so I'm proud of myself.

So I get back to my apartment yesterday after my first week of classes is over and what do I find? Oh, you know, a fuse has blown (just in my room though, not in the rest of the apartment) and I can't find anyone to hit the fuse breaker since it's the weekend. So there you go, I can't do anything in my room because I don't have power so I guess the living room will be my best friend until Monday. That's fine. So last night I call Brian and I went to hang out with him in his room. We listened to Flogging Molly, watched Friends, then took a walk up to Kofenya. I missed that place. Then we went back to his dorm and watched Futurama with Alex :) After the boys fell asleep I came back to find Gina, Lindsay, and Matt sitting at the kitchen table drinking so I joined in. We played Kings and attempted to play Asshole and Meow but that didn't work too well. Kings was fun though. Then we ordered a pizza and played MarioKart. Good night.

Today I woke up at like noon. Ha! I made Camel's Eye for me, Lindsay, and Matt and then Steph and Mike came over. After a near death experience (there's nothing like a near death experience to break up the monotony of the day) I get a wonderful text from Brian saying Alex doesn't want to go to Fiesta Charra for dinner :( oh, if he only knew. But for the moment he's still convinced. I mean, of course, this has to happen. Why him? Why now? He's not a Miami boy which is why it seemed so right but I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna get hurt. This is uber frustraiting. Why couldn't I like someone who there's actually the potential of liking me back. *sigh*

So anyways after dinner Alex will be going to play basketball with his friends... yeah. But we're all coming back to my apartment to make rum smoothies, smoke hookah, and watched movies and disney channel and stuff. We're kinda weird kids. It'll be me, Steph, Gina, Mike, and Brian. Half of these people haven't met one another but it'll be great. We're gonna get South Quad Delivery (Breadsticks anyone!?!) and then go to 1 am breakfast just like we use to do. After the fiasco that WILL be dinner the rest of the night should be a lot of fun.

Why can't I be over boys again like I have been for the past year and a half???

19 August 2007

Home is Behind

~~~~ Drained

It's amazing how you can love and hate someplace all at the same time.

But it's good to be back.

15 August 2007

I Want You To Save The World For Me

~~~~ Confused

I leave for school in four days. There's this guy at home who I've known since the eighth grade and I've never really thought anything of him. But now I am and I can't stop thinking of him. It's weird and I don't know if I like it. I just don't know if I really like him or if it's just been a really long time since a guy has really noticed me... like 5 months. I hope he comes see me at school. I really hope he come see me...

08 August 2007

I Don't Recommend

~~~~ Sleepy

Babel Tower, by A.S. Byatt is not a very good book. I don't recommend wasting your time on the 600 pages. Her writing style sucks the big one. Plus, she kinda berates Tolkien, which is instant grounds for my dislike.

Don't bother.

07 August 2007

Almost Doesn't Count

~~~~ Satisfied

School starts in 11 days. It's terrifying and exciting all at once. I can't believe I'm a junior. I'm halfway through my undergrad education. My life is dangerously close. But at the same time I'm so ready. It's strangely comforting to know I'll never really live in this house again. I'll do things. Get jobs or internships away from this town. And I really won't come back. Really. Living in Egypt for those five months helped. I am so ready to start my career. I desperatley want to be an Egyptologist. I want to work in Turin in their museum. I want to live in Italy. Visit Firenze on my weekends off. See all the provinces in Italy. See th rest of Europe on extended weekends. Vacation in Asia and the Middle East. Visit Egypt CONSTANTLY... maybe get a flat there too? Muuumkin? Gods, it's so exciting I want to start now. Can I skip the rest of college and grad school and getting my P.H.D. and just go straight to that? Yeah, good luck with that. Oh, and if I could find a punk/hippie/rocker who is easy to talk to and not depressingly tall who respects an independent strong woman and wants at least remotley the same things I want that'd be great, thanks.

So anyways, coming down off of cloud nine, I need to start thinking about packing. I really need to relocate all the things that have been unpacked and stored someplace in this house that I didn't take to Egypt. I can't wait for Chanda to get home. Wally might be home but he hasn't called... which I find... interesting. Tomorrow I think I'll call Carolyn. I like seeing her. And I'll continue to avoid that other guy who will, at this moment, remain unnamed. I've been reading a lot. I do not like A.S. Byatt's writing style but I'll finish Babeltower. There are so many books I'm excited to read I want to start them all now! I should reread the Golden Compass. I remember I liked it but I should remember WHY I liked it.

But for now, I've retreated into the comfort of watching The Boondock Saints.

04 August 2007

A Word of Advice

~~~~ Restless

Never start watching old television shows that you loved once and then forgot about. All the old emotions of loving the characters and the stories will come rushing back and make you crazy!

03 August 2007

I. Love. This. Song.

~~~~ Anxious