I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

25 October 2004

Killing Time


Here I am sitting in study hall in Vinions room killing some time. As my little mouse friend indicates I'm hungry but I'm ammending this problem currently since I'm stuffing my face with macaroni and cheese.... *yum* So I know Study Halls should probably be used for, well, studying but I've finished all my homework and there really isn't anything else for me to do. I could just live off of mac-n-cheese, really I could.

My band auditions are tonight and I can't help it but I'm nervous. I've gone through all my scales and practiced the songs a ton but I can't help just wishing I didn't have to audition at all. I should't have those thoughts though because thinking them will just make auditioning that much worse. I have speech and drama after school until 6:00 then my audition's at 7:17 (to be exact). So I have any hour after my extracurriculars to do some last minute rehearsing. I always do that... it helps me feel warmed up for the audition. I just hope my low C and high B and C come out okay. Other then that it's just the fear of playing in that big room infront of two people that's intimidating me.

Mr. P said he'd read my college essay today during rehearsal. I hope I did an okay job. I wrote it on "the day in the life of a Speechie." I thought it would be creative to write about an average Saturday at a Speech and Debate tournament. I don't know if that's what a college is really looking for in an essay... let's be honest I know NOTHING about the application process but with Emily in college and Katy in the process of applying I think Mr P will be a good mentor on the subject. I trust him seeing my "shit draft".

I think I'll move to do other exciting things during my studay hall. Maybe I'll read. Count of Monte Cristo? Good Book!

23 October 2004

Wrapped in a Cleveland Indians Blanket on Tom

That sounds dirty...


So anywhoo, what I'm really doing is sitting on Tom's lap while I type this blog... say 'hi, Tom'...

(tom:) I am trying to type around elentari, amd it sort of works, but i may have a few typos. and now, back to ELENTARI!!!!


We made sushi tonight... big bomb. The rice was really sticky and got everywhere. The recipie required a vinegar, sugar, and salt mixture and I think we added too much salt because it tasted terrible. I also have a lot of respect for the guy who makes the sushi at Buehlers now because that's VERY hard to do! And don't worry folks, we didn't even attempt to use raw fish... we struggled enough with the avacado, cucumber, and carrots. Let's just say I'll be buying my sushi from now on...and, back to Tom!

There is a lion sitting on my computer.

-Elentari and Tom

18 October 2004

Auditions Are in a Week


Ahhh! I hate this time of year... too much stress. The 25th of October is my audition for band and it has to be the worst part of the year. We have to learn 9 major scales, 6 minor scales, and the chromatic scale of our instrument. Along with that we have to prepare 2 Etudes and a piece of band music they provide for us. Then we sit in our gigantic band room and play for two directors... it's just intimidating. My dream for this year would to be first chair but I'm not sure if I can beat Jeannette... she's real good. But in all reality I'm hoping for second or third chair. But I'm still real nervous about it. What if Emily is real good and she beats me out? It's my senior year and I just want to do well. I've been working on my scales and I don't think I'll mess them up at all this year *knock on wood* and I've mastered all three octaves of my chromatic scale. I just need to speed up my music a little more and get my high C to sound better and I think I'll be as prepared as I can be... I guess that's all that matters.

I've been so busy lately I haven't had much time to post. Between school, drama, band, and preparing for college I've just been exhausted. We're putting on the production South Pacific and TP asked me to be student director. I agreed as long as I could party with my boys on the rail as soon as the actual show starts I'd do it. So most of my nights are occupied with rehearsals. Now I've got this audition to deal with too. On top of all my extracurricular activities is the joys of school. Not only do I constantly have A.P. Bio, FST, and Latin Homework but now I have to start applying to my colleges. I really need to get my teacher recommendation requests in and I need to sign up for the ACT's and apply to Gettysburg, Miami, and Heidelberg. I decided to apply to Heidelberg as a safety school, just incase. I really didn't like it but it's better then Washington or Ithaca. I plan on doing that along with two A.P. Bio labs and Zoology enrichment tomorrow. So much to do but today I'm taking it easy. It's the first day I've done a lot of nothing in forever. Well, this morning the Drama Club Officiers went around town asking for companies to sponser ads but other then that NOTHING! Yay! Well, back to practicing flute. Later!


05 October 2004

Just Look At Me



I know it's hard to do
I know you'll look away
But all I'm asking of you
Is to just look at me.

You claim that you do care
That I mean everything to you
But you just glance away
And never look at me.

You bring me flowers
But that's all
You call whenever you say you'll call

But it's so predictable
I'm so bored

Suprise me
Stun me
Just look at me.

03 October 2004

So Much Time So Little To Do


Strike that... reverse it!


Yeah I really do have quite a bit to do today. I did a lot of nothing yesterday so I have to make it up today. There's an A.P. Bio. lab I need to finish and I think that just got easier cuz Carolyn's sending my all her labs from last year. Sweet! Well forget about being mad at her! I still kinda want to ask her why she had to say those things to Tom. Oh well, I think I waited to long to talk to her. Now I have to do my math and fill out this blue sheet for my guidance councler... the college stress has begun!

Today is Tom and my 2 year anniversary! *Throws confett* Celebrate! I better get started on the day... later dayz!