I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

28 June 2005

It's Just One of Those Days

~~~~ Raunchy

Thank the goddess I don't have to work the entire week. I only have to work half of tomorrow because in the afternoon I have my first dermatologist appointment. Then on Thursday and Friday I'll be down in Miami registering for classes. And the Fourth of July is Monday so I don't have to work then either. It's so wonderful!

I spent all of today daydreaming. I'm so sick of gossip I spent all of the morning creating a romantic evening with Grady Sizemore.
Needless to say I enjoy the hour I spend with Tom every lunchtime very much.

Tomorrow since I don't work in the afternoon and my doctor's appointment isn't until 3:30 Tom and I are going out to lunch. I'm really looking forward to it. This week is great.

The only not great thing is I have to do that entire Miami math placement sheet before Thursday and I have to pack. I'm not doing it tonight because I'm too lazy (even though I really should). So I'll have to figure something out. Oh well, I still have time... I think!

26 June 2005

At the Game

~~~~ Relaxed

I had an amazing day yesterday. First, I went to the Apple store and Andrew taught me all about the iBook.

I go down to Miami this week to register for my classes and if I can take my computer home with me then I think I'll be getting an Apple.

Unfortunatley, I don't think I'll be able to take it home so I'll probably be getting an IBM Thinkpad.

Which is fine with me. I mean I know a lot about PCs so I'll be able to handle it without a problem. But the iBook did intrigue me and I think I would love having one.

We shall see.

Anways, then I went to the Indian's Game with Tom and Andrew. That was a lot of fun. We ate at Panera Bread for dinner and watched the Indians beat the Reds 11 to 7. We had seats in the highest area of the stadium but it was on the first base line so they weren't terrible. Plus there were fireworks afterward. AND we got a free Victor Martinez bobblehead.

Today I went shopping with my mom and got waaay too many clothes. Shopping is an amazing thing if you don't have to pay!

24 June 2005

Weekends are the Best!

~~~~ Bouncy

Especially this weekend. Why? Because I actually have a full weekend planned for me!

Tomorrow I'm going to Legacy Village with Tom and Andrew. There's an Apple Store there and Andrew's gonna teach me all about the Apple. See, I'm interested in KNOWING more about the iBook. Just to see if it's something I may consider getting. No promises though!

After that we're gonna drive up to Cleveland to eat at a Panera Bread and go to the Indian's game. Who are they playing tomorrow? I have no idea! Goes to show I'm not really a baseball fan but the experience and hanging out with my friend and boyfriend will be a lot of fun.

Sunday I'm going shopping with my mom and possibly my aunt. It seems like I'm doing a lot of shopping lately but I guess it's just that's all I'm doing with mom lately. Oh well, I'm making money now so I can afford to shop!

Sometime this weekend I also have to:

1. Complete my Miami math placement sheet.
2. Write a Thank You note to the Workmans.
3. Burn Sarah-Ann the Lord of the Rings Soundtracks
4. Work on Chanda and Carolyn's bags.
5. Finish The Ultimate Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
6. Pick up the Gettysburg Soundtrack from the library

Looks like a pleasantly packed weekend.

22 June 2005

Almost Done...

~~~~ Hungry

I stole one of the dvd players from another tv and set it up in my room. Ever since then I've been watching all the Lord of the Rings, one by one, a little bit at a time. I like the idea of saying that my tv has had the lord of the rings on it. Plus, if my parents don't miss it, I may steal this dvd player for college. I hope I get an understanding roomate because we may have to fit A LOT of appliances in our little room. Between my iPod, computer, cell phone, coffe pot, tv, dvd player, laptop, and any other appliances I haven't thought of PLUS her stuff we're gonna need a TON of surge protectors.

Tom said my digital camera came in today so tomorrow he's gonna come over and we'll set it up and play around with it. My own digital camera *squeals* I can't wait.

Well I'm hungry so I'm munching on popcorn. But now I'm thirsty too


20 June 2005

Food Poisoning is No Good


A few of my friends have had food poisoning this year and I wondered... Could I get food poisoning? What kind of food causes food poisoning?

The answer? Yes I can get food poisoning and I can get it from... a doughnut!

I went to work on Friday and my boss-lady had brought doughnuts from a local bakery in. I had a lovely one with frosting and coconut shavings on it. Unfortunatley, I thought it was lovely... it didn't think I was quite as attractive.

So, I did get to head home at noon and not come back, thus getting a little extra weekend. But, then again, I spent half of my weekend flat on my back watching bad tv shows and throwing up occasionally... I would have preferred working another 3 and a half hours.

Tom came over Saturday night and we watched RotK with the commentary on. At first I think he found it really funny but after a while it lost his interest and he went to play my Jedi computer game. Oh well, it was still nice to spend the evening with him. Even if I did decide to skip Javapalooza.

16 June 2005

Just Got Paid


Today was the first day I got paid for my new job. Just like Rachel from Friends, as I opened my paycheck I was shocked to see... just how little I made! 39 hours of work and I felt as if I didn't make half of what I deserved. Yup, that's factory work for ya.

But even when all that was said and done I still had a pretty nice day. Work went by quickly enough and at lunch I went to Muddy Waters for a Caramel Apple Cider. Shirley took Sarah-Ann and I for a tour of the factory and to see how the rest of the paint brush was made so I got paid for 20 mintues of nothing. Soon enough I'll be called in for a safety meeting so I have that to look forward to as well. I'm just not looking forward to being taken away from Linda. Some of the ladies who work there aren't very nice and are just old gossips. If I ever get stuck with one of them I think I'll just be sitting quietly a lot. Shirley said she'll probably put me and Sarah-Ann together though so that's good.

Tomorrow Tom and I have plans to make dinner together. Daddy's taking me out to lunch at the Parlor so I don't think I want to go out for dinner as well. Maybe we'll make pasta or pizza or somehting at home. Carolyn just called asking if I wanted to play tennis or see a movie but I really wasn't in the mood. I guess I'll have to make plans to do something with her this weekend. I feel bad that I haven't done much with her lately.

Thank the Goddess that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is almost here!

12 June 2005

What is a Wizard?


What is a wizard?

A wizard is a mage, wonder maker, a person who injects a jolt of the marvelous into the everyday. There are wizards everywhere, though these days they've traded in their magic shops and their spell books for libraries and storybooks. Today's wizards wield paintbrushes or pens or typewriters or computers instead of wands.
Some may have long white beards, but most do not. Today's wizards come in all ages, all genders, all colors, and shapes. They are the authors and artists who work with stories of the fantastic. What they have is vision, and, most importantly, they can share that vision with others. They enable us all to see a little farther, to see a little deeper.
It is no small gift.
Some people, recognizing the power of these everyday mages, try to limit magic. They try to keep magic out of their lives. So they rail against the "malicious" influence of certain kinds of literature. They denigrate it, remove it from their libraries. In other words, they ban it.
Fantasy stories could all be labeled "escapist literature", but fantasy is rarely as much of an escape as it's detractors would have us believe. In fantasy stories we learn to understand compassion for those things we cannot fathom, we learn the importance of keeping our sense of wonder. The strange worlds that exist only in The pages of fantastic literature teach us a tolerance of other people and places and engender an openness toward new experience. Fantasy books put the world into perspective in a way that "realistic" literature rarely does. It is not so much of an escape from the here and now as an expansion of each reader's horizons.
Most importantly, these tales can open us up to the pleasure and delight of the imagination.
There is magic enough for any wizard.

~By Michael Stearns (A Wizard's Dozen)

08 June 2005

Wondered Where I Went?


You probably didn't but that's okay, I'll tell you anyways.

I took last week off. It was very nice. I miss summer. Because this week I started working!!!

Pause for dramatic screaming...

I'm working at a local factory being a quality control person for paint brushes. Yeah I know, it sucks. Yeah I know, it's boring. BUT I do get paid 8 + dollars an hour... nice money for a recent graduate outta high school who has nothing to pay for but whatever I want and however much I want to pitch in for my college education. It's quite nice really. The best part is my contract is for 8 weeks exactly so that means I get to quit on July 29... if you check My Custom Page you'll see I only have 51 days until I quit. That's including all those weekend and college days I'll have.

It'll all be good, I promise!

02 June 2005

Just For Shits & Giggles

~~~~ Apathetic

I was watching Friends today and the episode about the "5 celebrity freebies" was on. Chandler is currently dating Janice and Ross and Rachel are together and they are talking about the 5 celebrities they can have sex with. See, they make a list, and if any of the 5 celebrities on their list ever shows interest in having sex with them they can and their partner can't get angry.

So I figured, just for shits and giggles, to make a list of my own. So here it is, the five celebrities I can have sex with and Tom can't get mad:

5. Sean Biggerstaff

4. Elijah Wood

3. Hayden Christensen

2. Ewan McGregor

And last, but certainly NOT least, the number 1 guy on my Celebrity Freebies List is...


Well that was surprising, wasn't it? LoL, anyone who even remotely knows me knows I'm in love with all those boys. Oh well, there's a reason it's a freebies list... they're never gonna happen!