I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

31 May 2005

My First Week Out of High School


This is my first official week away from high school. The best part is, all my friends who aren't seniors this year are still in school right now *evil grin*

Things have been going pretty well. Yesterday was my graduation party. It went really well except my two hickish cousins kept hitting on Chanda. *Grrr* that pisses me off. I mean they're both like 30 and Chanda's 18... stay the fuck away from my best friend! I don't care if you're family, you aren't good enough to stand in Chanda's shadow! Ewww, I feel dirty (and murderous) just thinking of them near her! But... other then THAT everyone I wanted to come, came and we had a great time just hanging out.

Today I was exhausted and slept in. But after that, my mom and I went shopping. I got a nice black tunic, some green flip-flops, two pairs of earrings, the book Wicked, a new Star Wars computer game, The Rob Thomas CD, and a new pair of Birkenstock clogs. They're this American brand they sell at Sam's Club. That means CHEAP (like they were in Europe) so now I only have to send 40 euros with Katie and get another fun pair of Birks.

So that's been my week so far. Tomorrow I think I'll be spending all day with Tom if I can help it. Thursday I wanna drive up to Cleveland... just because and I'm not sure what the rest of the week has in store for me... we shall see ;)

29 May 2005

I've Gradumatated!

~~~~VERY Happy

That's right, today Elentári became a woman and gradumatated... I mean, graduated. My last day of shcool was Friday but Chanda and I kinda peaced-out and went to see Madagascar instead. But I stuck around all of today because it was my commencement! We did all the conventional traditions from the cap and gown to the tassel and switching it from right to left. We even threw our caps in the air at the end. It was great. I hold no more obligations to that school!

Tomorrow is my graduation party. I've been going to so many - 10 so far. But only Wally and I are having parties tomorrow so it'll be more mellow. I have to take Megan to Wally's so that means I have to pick her up at the cemetary after the Memorial Day parade but it's all good because I still don't have to march tomorrow. Like I said, I hold NO obligations to that school anymore!

This is a picture of me and my friend Mari at commencement. She's a foreign exchange student from Argentina. I need to print a copy of this picture out to give to her tomorrow at my party. She's going back home and I may never see her again. That's the one thing I'll miss about high school (the one and ONLY thing) I'll miss my friends... guess I'll have to make new ones!

21 May 2005

My CrAzY wEeK


What a week! From Tuesday until yesterday I've had this insane week of nonstop craziness. Tuesday was just plain fun. Chanda and I went to get supplies for our graduation party. We also bought outfits for our party. And I got a dress for commencement. It's strapless! Ahhh! I've never had a strapless dress before and I'm a little nervous about it but it's one of those "basic" black dresses so it's kinda simple but in a good way.

Wednesday was the worst day in the best way (I know I'm making sooo much sense). Well, first we had the speech and debate banquet. That sucked. But, on a brighter note, I'm officially done with Speech. FOREVER!

Wednesday was also the day for Star Wars Episode III. Chanda, Megan, Sean, and I went to the 12:01 showing. We got home at 3:00 for school 4 hours later. That was insane but well worth it. However, I'm a Star Wars purest and III and nothing on IV, V, and VI. I did like III better then II but I is probably my favorite of the new episodes. III was such a sad episode!

Thursday wasn't as bad. It was a day I had to recover a bit but it also was the day of the Music Awards. Band is almost officially over as well. I do have to play one song for commencement but other then that I'm done!!! Seniors (thankfully) graduate before Memorial day. That means I don't have to march in the memorial day parade! Which is really a good thing because my graduation party is on memorial day as well.

Finally came Friday, my favorite day. It was my senior skip day! Chanda and I went to Cedar Point. We had never been there before so we decided to go together so we could decide together what we thought of Cedar Point. I think I really liked it. Of course, it was no Disney World but it was a completely different atmosphere so it's really unfair to judge the two. I had eight favorite rides. Here they are:


Demon Drop

Disaster Transport

Iron Dragon

Magnum XL-200


Mean Streak


The raptor was my favorite by far. We also rode the Gemini & the Mineride. I wasn't a fan of those two. Wooden rollercoasters are quite painful. The Gemini hurt because it was wooden and the Mineride was BORING. Other then that I was suprised that all the rides I rode I enjoyed. Chanda and I chickened out and skipped Top Thrill Dragster and when we headed to Millenium Force the wait was an hour and a half and we were getting tired so we skipped out on that one too.

I don't think I would have liked Cedar Point in the summer. The longest wait was half an hour and that was for the Mantis. But in the summer some waits are over three hours long. I don't think I enjoyed Cedar Point that much to wait three hours for a single ride. I mean, rides like the Corckscrew and the Magnum XL-200 we walked right onto. It was very nice. But it was very nice to miss school and Cedar Point was well worth it. My week was very crazy but I loved it!

15 May 2005

All About Prom


Yesterday was my prom. I had a lot of fun. First, I had a nail appointment at 10:30. I got a French manicure and then I got to go home for a while. At 1:10 I picked up Tom's buttonire (is that how you spell that?) and then I started to get ready. Tom came to pick me up at 3:40 so we could make our out-of-town dinner reservations. After going my hair, my toes, makeup, getting dressed, and jewelry (then all the things Tom had to do to get ready) we looked like this (awww how cute):

Then we went to dinner. We went to our favorite sushi restaurant about an hour away from where we live. Oh, the sushi there is sooo tastey. Unfortunatley, we always eat too much there so we can never get any dessert. They had cheesecake yesterday too...

Oh well, that's not really important in the big picture. We were scheduled to show up for Grand March at 8:00 so we had just enough time to run home and get my Dad's PT Cruiser before we needed to be there. The junior class had set up a "Red Carpet" entrance so we figured the PT would be a great entrance splash. After that was grand march. Here's a picture of us during our dramatic waltz around the PAC:

Oh, it was all so much fun. After grand march we danced the night away. Then afterward we went back to Tom's house to watch some movies. We skipped out on post prom. It didn't sound like a lot of fun this year. We watched Napoleon Dynamite and Troy. Unfortunately, The copy of Napoleon Dynamite we rented from the video store had a bunch of scratches on it and we weren't able to finish it and we ran out of time and couldn't finish Troy either.

Today I slept in until 11:30. I've been vegging out the rest of the day. Right now I'm watching the Princess Bride (I love this movie). Also, my mom and I went to Chanda's to plan our graduation party. Tuesday we're going shopping for graduation food and fun. Tomorrow Chanda and I are running to AAA for Cedar Point tickets. We'll save $14 getting them beforehand. We're cheap so we're going for it.


11 May 2005



Today I went out to breakfast with my A.P. Biology class. The other class is going to lunch and Mrs. V. Said we could come along but I think I'll have to pass. I'd have to miss half of math and humanities to go and I hate missing humanities. Not because Meister would turn me in but he just makes me feel so bad when I skip his class. He just has this way about him that he knows if you skip his class and then you just feel shame.

I forgot to bring a lunch though. I woke up 7:20 and was out the door by 7:30. I guess I'll just have lunch after school, which, compared to my actual 10:30, 2:30 is much closer to a reasonable lunch time.

After school I have a drama meeting. The banquet for drama is the 25th. Drama may be the only place I'll actually cry. I won't miss school, speech, or band, but drama and the PAC? Yeah, that's gonna be hard to part with.

Other then that... Here are my countdowns!

Days Until:
I Cut 10 inches off my hair - 2
Prom - 3
Star Wars Episode III - 7
My Senior Skip Day to Cedar Point with Chanda - 8
My Last Day of School - 16
Graduation - 18
My Graduation Party - 19

09 May 2005

I Don't Have to Think Anymore!

~~~~ My Brain Hurts

I took my final A.P. test today. It could have gone worse. It was Biology and my only real complaint was one of the essays. I really don't know much about eukaryote chromosomes and I could never compare them to prokaryote. What I did write was a bunch of BS. But they don't take off for BS so it's all okay. Now I'm curling up on the couch and doing nothing. I need a day off. I'll come to school all of this week just to make up for the few days I've missed because of AP tests but after that, I'm using a senior skip day all for me!

All my prom plans are taken care of. I have a "facial" tomorrow, a hair cut Friday (I'm getting 10 inched cut off for Locks of Love *gulp*), and a nail appointment Saturday. I ordered Tom's Butonire (is that how you spell that?) today and Tom's making the dinner reservations tonight as well. I'm all set to go, I just need to sit back and let it all happen. I just hope it's as fun as it was last year. We aren't going to post prom this year. It's just at the school and it sounds quite dull... in the Gault, nothing exciting, so we'll probably head out for a while then curl up at home and watch some movies. I like it.

I really should run to the library today but I just can't. I'm gonna watch some mind-numbing television then catch up on my pleasure reading. I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING ELSE!!!

07 May 2005

Went to See Kingdom of Hearts and I Thought...


Last night Chanda and I saw Kingdom of Heaven and I found it very... interesting.

I don't think I'd call it bad... the battles and cinematography reminded me of Gladiator ( = amazing!) but the actual storyline... well I guess I just have some... questions.

First of all, I realize that it takes a very long time to get to Jerusalem from France but Orlando's character 1) his wife kills herself 2) he kills a man because the man makes fun of the fact that "his wife is in hell for killing herself" 3) he makes the journey to Jerusalem to try to save his wife's soul. Alright, that's sweet and everything but he gets there, falls in love with the future queen of Jerusalem, and then at the end of the movie rides past his wife's grave with barely a backwards glance... Sad!

Then, there are two characters in the movie that I think died but you can't really know. The first character is, I think his name is Gee. He becomes the new King of Jerusalem and is taken prisoner by the Muslims who invade Jerusalem. The last you see him is riding backwards on a donkey, wearing nothing but his underwear and some paper crown on his head. I think he died but you just can't be sure. Then the leader of the Muslims (I don't even want to try to spell his name, I'd mess it up big time!) has a sister who is kidnapped by the army of Jerusalem. Later on, the body of this woman is demanded by the Muslims. However, they make such a big deal about revealing her face and that she's his sister and she's there and stuff and then that's all you see of her and she's dead and you don't see her after that one shot and all of a sudden she's dead... wtf?

I'm glad I went to see the movie but I don't think I'll be buying it. So, go see it, maybe you'll like it but the story lost me quite frequently, just giving you a warning!

05 May 2005

Senioritise Rears its Ugly Head


This morning I woke up at 7:05 and left the house by 7:30. I went to A.P. Biology and reviewed once more for my test on Monday. Then I left school.

Sidle had a crazy sub again and I figured I could get more work done at home than at school. The only problem with this plan is that as soon as I came home I fell asleep until I had to go back to school. I did go back once more today. I wanted to go to FST because I had a quiz in there and Humanities because I respect Meister and I feel bad that so many people skip his class. Then I went back home because I had Sidle (or Fre Klan) again and I knew we wouldn't do anything in band since we had a concert yesterday.

Unfortunatley I came home and went back to bed and have yet to do any of the things I need to do today. I have to finish my expos paper (that includes an additional like 3 pages of text) and I have to review for my A.P. European History test that I'm taking tomorrow.

I just don't care anymore. I'm finally satisfied with my decision to go to Miami and I'm just looking forward to ending high school and going to college! I could care less about the work I do in high school anymore. I use to think I'd never get senioritise but obviously I was wrong and now I have a very serious case! I just wanna sleep all the time ~~~~>

03 May 2005

The College Decision is Finally Over...


I'm going to Miami University. I called Gettysburg a few days ago and (obviously) they told me that they couldn't give me an answer about my position on the waiting list until everyone else who actually got into Gettysburg got back to them. Well, my cheap-ass parents are too terrible to actually let me still persue my dream of going to Gettysburg so that was that and my name was off the waiting list.

I'm über disappointed.

It's not fair. I mean, sure, more than likely I wouldn't have gotten into Gettysburg and Miami is a great school. But now I'll never know if I could have made it and it's only because my parents weren't willing to give up $350. $350 to see if, just possibly, my real dream could come true.

That hurts. It may be one of those things that I won't be able to forgive my parents for, ever. I'm working this summer... making as much money as a high school graduate who's leaving in two months could make... $8.25 an hour. I could have easily repayed my parents that money and then some. But that just isn't good enough. Especially my mom, who wouldn't even give me a chance to explain to her how I planned to manage this... she just doesn't fucking listen and this time I can't overlook that. I was hoping that these past few months had fixed the problems we have had but evidently not. Now I'm leaving at least to Miami to begin with, and I'm not looking back. It's good-bye this shit-hole of a town and hello anywhere but here. I'm through and I thank the goddess for that.

17 days until I graduate.