I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

14 November 2005

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

~~~~ Drowsy

Who knew you could have so much fun in the audience of a show. Yesterday we went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Presser Hall. Stage Left was putting it on, and while we were technically suppose to be doing tech for the show, we never showed up so we went to see the show. It was fantastic! One of the audience phantoms asked me if I'd do Rocky and, of course, I said yes. I mean, it seemed very appropriate considering the environment we were in. The highlight of the show had to have been when one of the other phantoms came over and began molesting us. He moved from me and Lindsay, to Lindsay and Steffie, to Steffie and Becca, then proceeded to sit on Tish's lap, then layed across Becca, Steffie, and Lindsay, before finally giving me a two second lap dance and moving on. It was hysterical! Especially when he sat on Tish's lap. The show itself was incredible as well. Frank-n-Furter was on par with Tim Curray himself! The boy looked and sang just like him. There wasn't really a weak actor on that stage. It's was strange that Eddie was played by a chick but I've known of other instances when that was done and I'm sure there was a reason very similiar to those circumstances that gave a girl a guys part. I was very disappointed in the sound crew however. Very bad feedback and the mics and speakers didn't work half the time. Boooo! Seeing Rocky last night made me realize how much I miss the theatre. I always knew that I did but I thought it was more of I missed the PAC and the people there. No. I miss the theatre, that's all there is to it. I'm finding out about working at the big theatre next semester. I wouldn't do well working at Stage Left. There isn't enough tech for me.

This is the last full week before I go home for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to go home. Then I'll be ready to come back and see my quad and other friends until Winter break. Then I'll be rested and ready to start over. I can't wait to see Tom either. I really miss him. Next weekend should be just as good as this weekend. We're going to a Cocktail Party for Steffie's dance team, possibly going to see Rocky again, and seeing a basketball game that Steffie's dancing at. I think this next week and a half will fly by.

12 November 2005

Maybe He's Just Not That Into You

~~~~ Determined

Dear Greg,
I have a boyfriend who keeps breaking up with me. He also keeps calling me and begging me to get back together with him, each time telling me that he misses me so much and has made a terrible mistake. He's done this three times now, every six months. I hate it, but I keep taking him back because I love him. I keep telling myself that he must be really into me, if he keeps coming back -- right?
Funny how you notice how many times your dude comes crawling back to you, while I notice how many times he's told you that he doesn't ever want to see you ever again. For both of us that number is three, but I'll put money down that the breakup count isn't over yet. Because sadly this is what that guy is doing your relationship recess: HE'S SNIFFING AROUND FOR SOMETHING BETTER, AND WHEN HE DOESN'T FIND IT, HE GETS LONELY AND COMES "HOME." It's not that he's so into you. It's that he's so not into being alone. Don't give him the chance to break up with you for the fourth time. (God, even the idea of it sounds beneath you, doesn't it?) Reset your breakup maximum to ONE and move one.

Serisouly, he's just not that into you. Think about it.

10 November 2005

Scheduling Complete

~~~~ Pleased

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Hell Yeah.

08 November 2005

This Week Has Started Out Splendidly *note sarcasm*

~~~~ Distressed

I can't believe my week started like this. I lost both the b and v keys on my laptop keyboard. I called the MU IT guys and they told I had to call IBM and see what they said. So then I sat on the phone with some sweet little man with a Georgian accent for half an hour and finally he was able get a new keyboard shipped to me. It seemed like an awful lot of work to replace the entire keyboard on my laptop for two missing keys (espeically since I still have the keys and it seems to me that they'd be easy to replace) but that's what he said he'd do so I guess I shouldn't complain -- I'm getting the problem fixed afterall. Today though I guess I'm glad I'm getting a new keyboard because now my c key and my space key aren't working very well. The c key is very hard to push and the space key only works half the time. I seriously fucked up my laptop! I never realized how much I use the b and v keys until now. So anyways, they're shipping it home and I told my parents not to worry about it and I'll just fix it when I come home but now I'm beginning to wonder if I can last for two weeks with my laptop like this. It's the space bar that's getting to me the most. I hope I can. It's just not worth having it shipped here if I'm coming home soon.

Not sure what I'm doing tonight. I'm at the library right now and I just finished all my homework so I won't have much to do when I get home. Steffie and Lindsay are planning on going to the rec sometime today but I'm not sure if they want me along. They planned going without me and Lindsay only casually mentioned it to me so I think I'm on my own tonight. That's mostly okay with me. I'm not really one to go to the gym and I'd probably just hold them down. Especially Steffie. She's a lot more athletically conscious then I am. I don't know what's really wrong with me right now. I don't think I feel left out of anything in particular. I miss home and my boyfriend a lot. I feel as if Lindsay doesn't want anything to do with me lately and Becca's with Tish all the time. Steffie likes her quiet time just as much as I do so I tend to let her be a lot. I think I'm mostly bummed about the Lindsay situation. I just can't do anything right concerning her as of lately. I wish I knew what to do but whatever I tend to try it always backfires. Maybe I'll let her be too. I really love my friends here and I think they're great but there are times when I don't know how to act around them yet. There are times when I do things all wrong. I need a break. I need Thanksgiving. 15 days left. I hope things get better when we come back from break.

06 November 2005

Bill Cosby

~~~~ Full

I'm just killing time until Bill Cosby tonight. This weekend's parents weekend and most everybody's parents are here -- except mine. "I'll make my own parents weekend." is what my Dad told me when I asked if he was planning to come to parents weekend. Oh well, I don't really mind too much. [cut]Lindsay's parents didn't come either so I thought we'd have a nice weekend together but that's not what she had in mind. There are basically only four words I've heard from her this weekend. "I have no parents." Look, I'm really sorry your parents couldn't make it down here this weekend but I want to be here and make you feel better. But obviously I'm not good enough and anytime I try to make things better is a worthless attempt. You know, I'm really trying here. My parents aren't here either and I thought we could have a nice weekend together. Just the two of us. We could do all sorts of fun things together and I could help you any way I can. But just like the other times I've tried, it's never enough and I'm not appreciated. That's it. You make me feel unappreciated. You use to be my best friend here and I felt so very close to you. But lately I'm not worth shit in your eyes. Thanks. That's all I can say. Thanks.[/cut]

*Went off on rant... cut it so you have to view full entry to see it. I feel better now*

So I'm going to Fiesta Charra with Becca and her parents for dinner and then it's off to Bill Cosby. I think it should be good. I mean, it's Bill Cosby, he's amazing! I just hope I'm hungry enough for Fiesta Charra. I had Quiznos like 2 hours ago but I'm still stuffed. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten anything... Boooo! I have to be hungry enough for Fiesta Charra!!!

04 November 2005


~~~~ Aggravated

I thought I had my life figured out. I was so excited. I was gonna double major in Anthropology and History with a minor in an area concentraition of Africa. But now I'm not sure. I went to talk to my academic advisor and she told me the two Anthropology classes I want to take this semester are already filled. Boooooo! I knew this was gonna happen. After all, there is only one section in each of them. Now I need to sit down and figure everything out agian. I thought I had done this already! I was so excited. Oh well, I guess it isn't the end of the world. If I don't get into the Anthro classes I'll get all my Miami plan shit out of the way and possibly pick up some History classes or look into the Religion classes or some of the International Stuides stuff. I just feel weird taking a semester off of my major. It seems like I should have at least one Anthro class every semester. Well, my advisor didn't seem too worried about it. And if she isn't there isn't a reason why I should be, right?

I just got back from taking my Environmental Biology test. It went pretty well. Some of the more complex terms I had some difficulties with but generally it went well. In half an hour I'm off to take my Italian quiz. I've taken so many quizzes in that class I can barely get worked up about it. I really don't have any homework to do. Sometime this weekend I'll probably have English and possibly Italian but I'll save most of it for Monday when I go to the Library. So I guess after Italian I'll come back here and find some other classes to take. I'll make two more schedules. One with the other Anthro class and a History class, and the other with a History class and possibly a humanites or some other class the fulfills a Miami Plan section I haven't completed yet. Why can't my life just be easy and I'm able to take all the classes I want!? Oh well, life isn't easy, right?

At least tonight the quad's doing a Kroger and Taco Bell run. We haven't done anything as the quad for a while and I think it should be fun. Plus, Taco Bell makes everything better!

02 November 2005

Happy November!

~~~~ Happy

November seems to be a month of good things and reasons to be happy. First off, everything is peachy keen in the dorm again. Hostilities have been worked out and drama has subsided. I like days when everyone is friends and conversations, silences, and everything in between is comfortable. I just hope it stays this way for longer then a few days. This weekend I get to see Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby is freakin amazing and I think it should be really good. Becca's going with me and we have great seats. I also have to register for classes for next semester this week. I don't know why but registering always makes me happy. I just seem so efficient when I register for classes. Just no 8 ams this semester. 8 ams? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

In just 21 days I'll be home. I haven't really missed home but the idea of getting to go home is very exciting. Even though Chanda won't be home, everyone else will and Tom has something special planned for my birthday (which is in 28 days, by the way!) all I want is sushi from our favorite restaurant... or Panera Bread. Ooooo, I MISS Panera Bread!!! And, I'll get a bedroom to myself for a while. Oh, really need that, really really. I'm a terrible person and can't handle roommates. That's why I'm signing up for a single room next year. We're currently dorm shopping. If you know of good dorms at Miami University let me know :)

Right now we're looking at the four dorms near Bell Tower, come on, it's Bell Tower, do I need to explain anything else? Unfortunatley, one of them's Swing. That's all I need. Hearing my Dad for an entire year, "MY DAUGHTER'S IN MY OLD COLLEGE DORM!!!" Awww, but it would make him sooo happy. Maybe we will, if it's not a sorority dorm, that is. That might dampen the whole shock that I'm NOT working at the Brush next summer. No way in hell. I hated the Brush. Thinking back, I'm not sure how I handled it. I was soooo miserable there never again. Never ever.