I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

27 October 2008

A Walk in the Woods

~~~~ Hyper

Bill Bryson is a genious. Go read his books, do it!

In America, alas, beauty has become something you drive to, and nature an either / or proposition - either you ruthlessly subjugate it, as at Tocks Dam and a million other places, or you defy it, treat it as something holy and remote, a thing apart, as along the Appalachian Trail. Seldom would it occur to anyone on eithe rside that people and nature could coexist to their mutual benefit - that, says, a more graceful bridge across the Delaware River might actually set off the grandeur around it, or that the AT might be more interesting and rewarding if it wasn't all wilderness, if from time to time it pruposely took you past grazing cows and tilled fields.
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22 October 2008

Thank God for their Piggy Banks

~~~~ Stressed

Overheard in New York has to be my most favorite website ever. It gets me through the workdays...

Here's a special gem:

Slacker on a smoke break: Yeah, McCain said he is going to suspend his campaign so that he can work on the economy. I mean, really. It would be like me saying I'm suspending my pot distribution so that I can work on quantum physics.

--Forest Ave., Staten Island

Overheard by: political listener

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20 October 2008


~~~~ Exhausted

I don't even care that I'm almost 22, about to be applying for grad school and the real world, and the most stressed out / exhausted I've ever been, this website makes me happy and the books are the coolest thing ever!

17 October 2008

Dark Blue

~~~~ Mellow

14 October 2008

~~~~ Gloomy

And I was doing so well too...

11 October 2008

Maybe There's Hope...

~~~~ Happy

Gay Marriage is Ruled Legal in Connecticut

My favorite part? When Garret and John said they can't wait to register at Home Depot! I don't know why, but that personal little note in the article really lets you know that this is really happening.

My little splurge for the week was buying myself the Nightmare Revisited Soundtrack. While some of the songs are absolutley spectacular, like Korn's Kidnap the Sandy Claws, The All-American Reject's Jack's Lament, and Amy Lee's Sally's Song (really? Are you that surprised I like a song done by the lead singer of Evanescence?). Some of the songs are just plain weird. All the instrumental songs are also included so such bands as DeVotchKa, Amiina, and Vitamin String Quartet are also included. And while Amiina's Doctor Finkelstein / In the Forest is pretty inventive and enjoyable. Vitamin String Quartet's Jack and Sally Montage is pretty stereotypical and DeVotchKa's Overture is alittle melodically uncomfortable. The Polymorphic Spree's Town Meeting Song just plain sucks and Flyleaf's What's This? Is not as good as Fall Out Boy's version. Overall if you had to pick between the original soundtrack and this new one, go with the original. Better yet, go with the Special Edition Soundtrack so you can get the songs by Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Fiona Apple. But at least buy the Amy Lee single off the revisited soundtrack. Because, you know, she's the best!

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Everytime I See This I Die A Little More Inside...

~~~~ Sleepy

Let's hear it for the land of the free and the home of the brave.

My favorite part? "You know you spelled Muslim wrong, right?" "Oh? Well how do you spell it?"

The way it's suppose to be spelled... jackass.

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03 October 2008


~~~~ Restless

Sometimes I just wish someone would touch me.

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