I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

30 June 2004

Please Explain to me the Appeal of the Newlyweds

I guess I just hate reality tv but I’m sitting here trying to understand Newlywed’s appeal and I just don’t see it! Oh well maybe it’s me!

Today was an ok day. I woke up and read The Da Vinci Code. It was a GOOD book but the end was sorta anti-climatic. Now I’m reading a book my boyfriend recommended - The Power of One. Currently I’m not very impressed. The first chapter a little boy gets peed on! That’s so sad! Then Chanda called and her and Carolyn came over and we just hung out for a while. But Carolyn got a phone call form her boyfriend, David and he seemed kinda mad that she was over and then she left. I hate their relationship. He helped her out during a really hard time in her life and now she simply clings to him. The worst part his he treats her like sh*t. Chanda always says that David & Carolyn are in “lust” and Tom and I are in “love”. The worst part is David cheats on Carolyn all the time. He has a best friend (with benefits may I add) named Jessi who he’s actually going on a vacation with leaving Carolyn at home! Also, he has an ex named Daria who actually is a friend of mine. She tells me that David sends her “pictures of the week” and I’m talking dirty, dirty pictures! That’s so wrong! He has a girlfriend! I hate this and the worse thing is Carolyn won’t listen to us because she’s so dependent on David! Ahhh, that drives me crazy. I really want to help her but I just can’t figure out how!

Anyways, after I took Chanda home I went to my cousin’s graduation/engagemen t party. They had yummy chicken wings! Then I went home, took Shelby for a walk, and took a shower. I’m gonna have wavy hair tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Tom’s last day at home :sad face: he’s going for a week long college visit. :’( I’m gonna miss him! I think I’m gonna spend a lot of time away from him this summer. Oh well, I guess it’s good practice for college next year. I think tomorrow I’m gonna go biking in the morning. Wish me luck!

29 June 2004

The Things I Need to Do

There are a lot of things I really should be getting accomplished this week before summer gym starts. I need to learn more of my A.P. Bio. terms. I really should get a job, there’s just no motivation for me to do so (I’m real lazy sometimes). I read a sign that says there’s a store called GameCrazy opening and they’re hiring so I guess I’ll check it out. If anyone knows anything about it I’d like to hear about the place. This week I really need to change the linens on my bed too. The cleaning ladies have given up on my room so now I’m stuck doing it myself.

On a funner note… *Tom I found some egg dye in a draw today, would you be interested in coloring eggs sometime?* Although, I don’t even know when you leave for your college visits ::mean look:: you haven’t told me! I think I’ll go running and finish my book!

28 June 2004

I Love Carbs

Today I kinda got some things done. I woke up at 8:30 and just kinda vegged at first. Then I took a shower and actually did something with my hair (that’s a big deal for me in the summer). Afterward I finished the last 80 pages of A Tale of Two Cities. I was right when I said somebody dies but I picked the wrong person. Then I went to Wal-Mart to get a t-shirt & this iron-on transfer paper to make a Merry & Pippin drinking song shirt *check the image gallaries to see the shirt* Then I went to Muddy Waters with Tom and we played backgammon on my Pocket PC (nicknamed Alvin Jr.). He also gave me the DaVinci Code and I’m already 100 pages into it. The main character actually defends that pagan religion so I’m actually a big supporter of the book. So tonight I think I’ll make my shirt, then go running, then play some computer games, then read some more. At this rate I’ll be done with this book in a couple of days! But I read a lot so that’s not that big of a suprise. But I’m gonna go play Harry Potter now! How much fun… :-)

27 June 2004


I'm so bad at this computer thing. I want to make a poll for my blog and I want to make galleries and playlists. I just need some major help!!! Please help me I have no idea what I'm doing. I think I'll get my boy to look in on this site and see if he can help me. I just need to figure this place out!!!

I'm getting the hang of this!!!

So I still don't really like this color font but I'm working on it!!! I think I need to go to a darker color. I'm starting to get an image gallery set up. Lord of the Rings currently (I think I'll progress to Fraggle Rock soon). I think I'm gonna start transferring music from my realplayer to a file this site accepts. Wish me luck! Thanks for sticking out with me through my extreme confussion.

26 June 2004

1st Entry

So I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I got this website off a friend from Council of Elrond. I think I better talk to her and get some info on this deal. I loved her blog so much I had to check it out for myself. Once I get this thing figured out I know I'll be on a role and I won't be able to stop adding things to this site. I may have gotten a song on this blog but I don't know if it uploaded right. I think I may need to convert all my realplayer files to windows. Oh well, I had that problem with my pocket pc and I got that figured out. I think I may need to change my font colors. I don't really like them. I'm in the learning process right now, I'll figure it out. I always say I'm computer illiterate but I think I'm not as bad as I think I am *teehee* The only thing I can't do is write HTML codes. If I really wanted to I could get Tom to help me though (my boyfriend) maybe I will someday. I'm still not tired but I know I should be going to bed soon (it's 12:30). If I don't I'll sleep all tomorrow then not be tired Sunday night and it'll turn into a horrible cycle. I think I'm gonna go PM my friend about this place then curl up on the bed in the computer room. Maybe a change of venue will help me sleep better!