I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

30 June 2004

Please Explain to me the Appeal of the Newlyweds

I guess I just hate reality tv but I’m sitting here trying to understand Newlywed’s appeal and I just don’t see it! Oh well maybe it’s me!

Today was an ok day. I woke up and read The Da Vinci Code. It was a GOOD book but the end was sorta anti-climatic. Now I’m reading a book my boyfriend recommended - The Power of One. Currently I’m not very impressed. The first chapter a little boy gets peed on! That’s so sad! Then Chanda called and her and Carolyn came over and we just hung out for a while. But Carolyn got a phone call form her boyfriend, David and he seemed kinda mad that she was over and then she left. I hate their relationship. He helped her out during a really hard time in her life and now she simply clings to him. The worst part his he treats her like sh*t. Chanda always says that David & Carolyn are in “lust” and Tom and I are in “love”. The worst part is David cheats on Carolyn all the time. He has a best friend (with benefits may I add) named Jessi who he’s actually going on a vacation with leaving Carolyn at home! Also, he has an ex named Daria who actually is a friend of mine. She tells me that David sends her “pictures of the week” and I’m talking dirty, dirty pictures! That’s so wrong! He has a girlfriend! I hate this and the worse thing is Carolyn won’t listen to us because she’s so dependent on David! Ahhh, that drives me crazy. I really want to help her but I just can’t figure out how!

Anyways, after I took Chanda home I went to my cousin’s graduation/engagemen t party. They had yummy chicken wings! Then I went home, took Shelby for a walk, and took a shower. I’m gonna have wavy hair tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Tom’s last day at home :sad face: he’s going for a week long college visit. :’( I’m gonna miss him! I think I’m gonna spend a lot of time away from him this summer. Oh well, I guess it’s good practice for college next year. I think tomorrow I’m gonna go biking in the morning. Wish me luck!

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