I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

25 September 2004

New Banner That I Love


What a day! What a week actually. It really did drag on. Nothing new or exciting really happened. South Pacific started. Chanda got Bloody Mary! But here's the thing, T.P. asked me to work some leadership stuff that Carolyn didn't want to. However, upon talking to both Storck and T.P. at the same time Storck decided to make himself technical director (understandable) and make the stagemanaging position a REAL stagemanaing position. That means she works with actors and stage hands. Storck then wanted to appoint me student director and assistant technical director. When Carolyn was told about this I have a feeling she threw a bit of a hissy fit and that all changed. Carolyn didn't want to handle the actors so she landed me with all the jobs she didn't want. So now I have to deal with the actors and she wants the technical work. Grrr, she's such a control freak! I hate that, just because you want to major in theatre doesn't make you more experienced or knowleddable then the rest of us now in high school. So, I mean whatever I do whatever and then go back to rail once the show starts. Storck said I could do sound for his spring class so I'm a little pissed but still content. All I have to say is if Carolyn starts to let her power go to her head I'll let Billy and Andy do whatever they want to do on the rail. I usually hold them back but just wait and see if she pisses me off...

So anyways, today was Tag Day... really you don't have to applaud. The good thing was I was a driver and Tom was my helper. That means not sitting around in a smelly, hot band uniform all morning. I also got to buy myself from coffee from Seatles! Yay! And afterward Tom and I went to Kaffee House for breakfast. Now I have absolutley nothing to do. I slept all afternoon and now I'm beginning to think about food... hungry... mmm. So anywhoo nothing else going on, probably gonna sleep some more. Pathetic, I know.

Here's the Banner I was talking about. Do you like it? I think it's amazing!

From Arwen Undomiel :: http://www.arwen-undomiel.com

18 September 2004

Tomorrow is Tom's Birthday

~~~~ Chipper

It may be tomorrow but he and I celebrated today. It was a really good day. Except for some reason he really wanted me to do his nails... okay. I dunno, it seems kinda weird to me. I mean, don't get me wrong the manicure and pedicure thing is cool... do I dare say metrosexual? Okay, my queer eye urge is gone. But then he wants his townails painted gold. I didn't even need to convince him or anything. Seemed a little weird to me but, whatever it's his birthday. Then he wanted his hair cut... big mistake! I was so scared I barely even cut it and I just gave up. I am no beautician! Never again unless the boy has a bowl haircut and I can just use that as a guide.

So after the makeover fiasco we went to Arby's for lunch then went to Goodwill to find him some "goth" clothes. He's in a public speaking class and his group is doing a song "goth-country" style. Don't ask, I can't explain. But we needed some black goth sutff. Couldn't really find anything though so we thought we'd just look for some country/cowboy stuff other places. I'm sure we'll figure something out sometime.

Then we went to the library and I got the Maroon 5 CD and the next book in my series. After that we went out to the OARDC and took pictures using the timer on his sister's camera. It was a really nice day and we took a walk in the woods too. Then we just went back to his house and read for a while. It was a really nice day. I don't think you could ask for a better birthday.

Carolyn called and it sounds like I'm doing stuff with Chanda and her tonight. I guess David is busy. I hope Chanda's feeling better about the Bloody Mary mess. Just in case, I'm wearing my Stitch shirt to brighten her mood. And the best part of this weekend? NO HOMEWORK!


17 September 2004

I Feel So Helpless


I feel horrible. For once in the history of the Wooster High School Drama Department it seemed like someone less favorable in the Mr. P. list was gonna get a lead. Chanda had two call backs and it had been narrowed down to her and a Katie for Bloody Mary. Things were going well until they made her sing pre-warm up. The worst part was they made her sing a song at the edge of her range. I don't think she'll get the part.

I feel so bad. She really, REALLY wanted Bloody Mary and now it won't happen. Chanda deserves Bloody Mary more then Katie deserves to breathe! Btw, don't feel bad for me at all... I'm a techie and my biggest problem in the show is to decide if I'm gonna be head of rail or sound.

So anywhoo, after school Chanda and I went back to her house and watched Star Wars... Hayden Christensen can make the worst problems better! But it still doesn't fix what happened. It's all Mrs. Gilbert's fault. The only kids she wants to give leads to are her choir kids. I wish the budget cuts would have kicked her to the curb. That reminds me... the teachers who did get fired were the newest teachers to the school system... anyone with senority got to stay. That makes me mad. They should have evaluated all the teachers and fired the ones who deserved to be fired... like Kilbreath and Gilbert and Melrose. Politics make me so mad!

I sorta blew Tom off today after school. I feel bad. I wanted to be with Chanda because she was obviously upset but Tom was there too and I kinda snapped at him to leave Chanda and me alone. Now that I'm thinking clearer I feel bad that I was that rude. I'll have to apologize to him. It's his birthday on Sunday and we're spending all of tomorrow together. I hope we have a good time.

I feel really tired all of a sudden. I sorta have a headache too. I just feel so bad for Chanda. She deserves Bloody Mary and more. She's worked hard for it and I hope Mr. P has some common sense and will give her the part.

14 September 2004

Okay So Only Kidding About the Mood...

~~~~ Bored!
See, I'm kinda trying to be studious but I've gotten so bored I had to take a break. I have a big A.P. Biology test tomorrow and I already studied for Chapters 4 and 5 but I feel like I needed a break before I got back to it. After a while all the macromolecules and metabolic pathways just start to mesh.

So anywhoo, on the bright side that was the only homework I really had. I like this whole study hall thing and I regret not having one every year. Oh well. We had our first Speech practice today. Well, it was kinda just a meeting but we met our new coach, Ned. Mrs. Broda had to get a second job because her husband is going back to school so she just doesn't have time to coach. I'm gonna miss her.

Anways, Skye and I went to talk to Ned about our piece for this year and we told him we wanted to do comedy. He took one look at us and said he thought we could do either comedy or drama. I don't really want to do a dramatic piece but we'll see what he picks out. He said he thought I'd be a good pshyco. I guess that's just my first impression because Mrs. Broda gave me the pshyco part in Assassins last year and I played the overly-obsessed girlfriend when Carolyn was my partner.

The only problem with this analogy is that after Skye and I switched roles and she played the pshyco and I played the more timid one we won more. So maybe this pshyco personana doesn't fit me as well and people think! Ha! I'm not crazy after all!

Well, I guess I took a long enough break... back to the books (and Campbells Biology website!) Joy and rapture.

13 September 2004

Back From Another College Visit / Question

Yesterday I packed into the van with my mom and dad and we headed out for another funfilled roadtrip to see another college. This one was in Oxford, Ohio and, of course, it was Miami University. So we drove all of yesterday to get there and took our little tour & interview session today. Now, finally being safe at home I'm reflecting...

The reason I have to "reflect" so much is because both my grandma & grandpa plus my father went to Miami. Some people are probably thinking "so what?" but I know a few of you will agree with me when I say the rebelious streak in me doesn't want to go to Miami just to break that line (just like a little bit of me is glad the Christian religion didn't fit me because I broke a sixth generation lineage at my church don't get me wrong though, that's NOT why I devoted myself to the goddess). But I really loved Miami and I now know why my family went there. The campus was beautiful, the study abroad program was once rated the top in Ohio, and it just seemed like a fit.

The only problem is that the more I think about it there are only two colleges I really want to apply to: Miami and Gettysburg. I hated Washington, Albright was alright but the city was dangerous (it had a very high crime rate), I didn't click right with the people in Ithaca, and something about Heidelberg just didn't seem right. Is it bad that I only want to apply to two schools? I might actually have to go in and talk to my guidance councler (*gasp* in my school that's a big deal because she's a huge ditz. She doesn't even know how to spell Gettysburg or Ithaca). I'm sure she's good for something.

So now that I'm home I was all motivated so I registered for the SAT II's. In Writing & Literature to be exact. The nice thing about that is I get to miss a speech tournament (yay for sleeping in!). The not-so-nice thing is I hate standardized tests. They stink. My Latin teacher told me that standardizes tests are being faded out. Why can't they be done with NOW?

We finally get to my question... everyone says that senior year is the best, that you live for this year and there's nothing like it. All I want to know is, when does the fun start? So far it's been nothing but stressful and such. I kinda want to just get it done and over with. That, or fast forward past the application and financial aid part of applying for college. Senior year should be fun once I get past that!


08 September 2004

It's Getting Hot in Here

Ok totally just kidding… that song is so old.

I’ve been trying to get some stuff on my blog but I’m so bad at this html coding. Like, I wanted to put a John Kerry sticker on my blog but I can’t figure it out. Tom can’t even do it. Which does make me feel better but it still doesn’t put pictures on my blog.

It’s really got hot in my computer room. It may be because it’s so small and the computer produces so much heat but it’s almost always hot in this room.

Anywhoo, I started a new computer game Monday. It’s the Lord of the Rings game and I’m sooo bad at it. I just want to play it so I can get to the part where I can play Merry. That’d be fun!

I had no homework tonight but I had to get up early and I need to get up early tomorrow. A.P. Bio’s becoming a real bitch and it’s only the third week of school. I really can’t wait for college.

Well, I’m gonna go take a shower so I don’t have to deal tomorrow morning (that means extra sleep-in time! *yay*). Is it only Wednesday? *groans*

}}}Added by Tom afterwards:

I figured it out, and heres one of my own ;-)

04 September 2004

Tie my tubes I hate being and woman, and I miss my boy

I’m having the period from hell today. I hate being a woman. I’m not even sure if I really want children… why the hell do I have to put up with this? I took a bath, put on a heat pack, popped pills, and slept and it really took me like 4 hours to recover. I felt so bad because in the middle of this Dan called asking for Tom’s address (I’m embarrased to say I don’t actually know it) and not only did I not answer the phone but when my dad picked up the phone Dan thought it was an answering machiene and I can only imagine what happened! Dan is such a goof.

But I finally feel better now. I’m watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and that always puts me in a good mood. Except for the fact that I miss my boy…

Tom went camping this weekend and today when I was feeling absolutley misserable all I wanted was him there holding me :’( now I really miss him. I think we’re going on a “date, date” Monday so I have something to look forward to. See, we aren’t ones to do the dinner and a movie thing so when we do we make a big deal out of it. The Shakespeare Theatre is also back in October so we’ll be going to see a show soon, I’m really excitied.

Well, I should probably go eat something because I kinda skipped dinner and what I did eat today isn’t there anymore… I said I wasn’t feeling good!

02 September 2004

Team Sports... I Don't Get Them!

“There is no ‘I’ in team… but there is an ‘I’ in win”
Wally wants me and Chanda to see him play in his soccer match tonight. I really have no desire to go… the only reason I go to football games is because I have to and the closest I ever got to playing a team sport was tennis… not much team there! So I’m just kinda waiting here until she comes because she was over at Montessori helping her mom set up for an openhouse tonight. I guess I can’t complain too much though… I had a relativley good day. First of all I got a 96% on my history quiz today… take that Kilbreathe! And I got to go to Muddy Waters after school… always makes me happy!!! *Yum* I had a soy mocha with a shot of irish cream, one of the better flavors. Kendra and I were talking today and she said they’re opening another Seattles down by the Papa Johns and Hospital. There’ll be no alcholic drinks so maybe I can work there! I guess it really doesn’t matter thought because I’ll be 18 in a little over two months. So yeah, the only thing I really have to look forward to tonight is ready an A.P. Bio chapter… Joy & Rapture.
Well, I just watched Chanda pull in so I better jet… as she hits the curb… That’s my Chanda!