I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

29 September 2007

Here We Go...

~~~~ Depressed

Of course... so I agreed to go to a Parent's Weekend Study Abroad Panel to answer Parent's questions about studying abroad. And, OF COURSE, not a single person cared about my experiences, going to Egypt, or even considering the country. All the questions were directed toward the LUX students and that program. I mean, Lux is fine and everything but there are OTHER countries and CONTINENTS outside of Europe to go to. There was a kid who went to Russia, a girl who went to Chile, and another who went to New Zealand, but everyone else was Europe-bound. When it came to the question/answer session no one had ANY questions for any of us who didn't go to Lux. It just seemed so... pointless to contribute at all. Next week I said I'd be a part of the Study Abroad Fair that's just for students and I have a feeling I should bring my homework because NO ONE will want to know about Egypt then either... sigh.
Oh well, no one knows what they're missing and I guess it's their loss.
I'm working the football game again today. I'm looking forward to it. I really loved working it last time. I hope I get to work the cash-only window. It was just the right amount of chaos and I didn't have to worry about the credit card machine which I have no idea how to use. Hahaha. After the game it's Parental time! It hasn't been terrible to see them but I've reached that point in my life where the parents are officially only nice to see for three day-ish periods only. And then tonight it's some Comedian... I hope I find him funny!

24 September 2007

Don't Breathe Too Deep

~~~~ Sick

Efx2 came back but I decided to stay here. I spent too much time moving all my posts over here to turn around and do it elsewhere. Hopefully Bebbet will keep reading my blog here since he was the only one I really kept up with on efx2. :)

So school is going as it normally does. I hit a bit of a roadbump today but hopefully I'll be able to start my week right... tomorrow. In Italian class tomorrow I need to meet up with my groupmates to work on our skit. Italian is nothing like it normally is. I don't know anyone in the class and they're all so... judgemental. I miss my old Italian classmates. I just want this semester's Italian to be over with! But after this skit it should be better... I can hope. Parent's weekend is this weekend. Honestly, the only reason I'm looking forward to them coming is a chance to get a free week's worth of groceries. Grocery shopping is so expensive and I'm running out of money really quick. Hopefully I'll get a new job being the "secretary" for the Speech and Debate team. Two jobs could make a decent amount of money. I work the football game this Saturday and I'm really excited for that!

Last Friday Lindsay bought Super Mario World for our Super Nintendo and I've fallen in love with it again. Super Nintendo is one of the few things I can excel in. I think I'll go play some more!

P.S. I think he's cute:

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18 September 2007

Peace One Day

15 September 2007

I Quit

~~~~ Nervous

I loved the little blog community. It just felt so personal. But after my second blog got shut down I quit. I put everything on that blog. Including an indepth account of my five months in Egypt. All of which I LOST. Forever...
So I got a blogger account. This place doesn't shut down and die, does it? I sure hope not.
In about half an hour I should leave to go to the football game. I'm not big on sports but I got a job selling football tickets. Believe it or not I'm kinda nervous. Just because I know nothing about employment at Miami and I'm kinda scared they're not gonna tell me anything and just expect me to figure it out... like this stupid timeclock account. *Sigh* oh well all I can do is go a little early and hope for the best.

Here we go...

06 September 2007

Feel the Rain on Your Skin

~~~~ Apathetic

The one thing that makes me sad about coming back to school is that I never seem to have enough time to post here. I always eventually adopt a bit of a routine to allow me to get all the things I want to do but since this is only the third week of school I've almost figured it out, but not quite. I have managed to finally get ahead in my work just like I always like to do. I have a job interview tomorrow for the Athletic office and I hope it goes well. I want to go to Scotland to see Chanda!

This weekend was awesome. I skipped my last two classes of the week and drove to Phiadelphia and Washington DC. It was suppose to be nine hours to Philly but mapquest hardcore screwed me over and I ended up in DC so it was actually about an eleven hour drive. *Sigh* But it was great to see Sasha and UPenn was really pretty. Saturday I caught a train out of the city to see Allison at Bryn Mawr. Her campus looks like Hogwarts! We watched Blades of Glory (so funny) and played Kingdom Hearts... yeah, once I have money I'm buying a Playstation 2 and Kingdom Hearts. We had dinner at a local Italian restaurant and of course I ran into Emma and other Sasha. Awesome. Then I went back to Penn for the night and Sunday morning Sasha took me to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I'm glad I can say I saw them once but I'll never to see them again. Then I said bye to Sasha and headed to DC. It wasn't a bad drive... about 2 and a half hours but I did end up on the other side of town. But Dan got me on the right track and parking was free at DC so I can't complain too much! We watched Pirates 3 in the middle of his campus, ate Pita Pit, and then Dan took me on a tour of the monuments at 1 in the morning. The monuments stay open and lite all night so it was a lot of fun. I saw the World War II monument which was new to me and exciting. Then we went back to his apartment and watched Speed with his roommate. Oh my god. That was such an awfully bad movie! Monday we had breakfast, talked to Katie on Skype, and got coffee. Then I headed home. The road was blissfully empty and the trip home was uneventful. I had such an awesome weekend and I really hope I get to see all my AUC friends soon. I miss them a lot sometimes.

But now I'm ready to start an awesome year at Miami.