I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

29 September 2007

Here We Go...

~~~~ Depressed

Of course... so I agreed to go to a Parent's Weekend Study Abroad Panel to answer Parent's questions about studying abroad. And, OF COURSE, not a single person cared about my experiences, going to Egypt, or even considering the country. All the questions were directed toward the LUX students and that program. I mean, Lux is fine and everything but there are OTHER countries and CONTINENTS outside of Europe to go to. There was a kid who went to Russia, a girl who went to Chile, and another who went to New Zealand, but everyone else was Europe-bound. When it came to the question/answer session no one had ANY questions for any of us who didn't go to Lux. It just seemed so... pointless to contribute at all. Next week I said I'd be a part of the Study Abroad Fair that's just for students and I have a feeling I should bring my homework because NO ONE will want to know about Egypt then either... sigh.
Oh well, no one knows what they're missing and I guess it's their loss.
I'm working the football game again today. I'm looking forward to it. I really loved working it last time. I hope I get to work the cash-only window. It was just the right amount of chaos and I didn't have to worry about the credit card machine which I have no idea how to use. Hahaha. After the game it's Parental time! It hasn't been terrible to see them but I've reached that point in my life where the parents are officially only nice to see for three day-ish periods only. And then tonight it's some Comedian... I hope I find him funny!

3 Free for All:

Bebbet said...

I imagine the students being a lot more interested in non-european peoples than the Lux ones, whether they're going there or not. Parents don't want to think about their kids going anywhere too different to their home.

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Bebbet said...

Okay, seeing as it's apparently getting tiresome, consider it dropped ;)

elentari said...

hahaha oh don't be too surprised when you see me back on efx2blogs soon... I just need to find the time!