I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

22 September 2008

Very Funny!

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In a sad, but true sort of way...

20 September 2008

What About Now

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While I do not consider myself a Daughtry fan, catching this video on VH1 makes me want to give up my selfish desire to go to grad school and make Teach For America my number one choice of post-college options. Maybe I'll check out other AmeriCorp programs...

On a less humanitarian note, I bought Brisingr today. Don't ask why. Mr. Paolini has disappointed so far with his mutant Lord of the Rings / Star Wars / Dragonriders of Pern series but I still have to know how it ends. Damn.

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17 September 2008

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Matter

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It's amazing when however hard you try your best is never enough. You can't mess up ever. Mistakes can never be made. And no matter how much effort is put in it will never do. Apologies are words, actions, and expressions, but they're never reciprocated. Never. I can try and try and try and it's never appropriate. Maybe I'm just not a people person... good thing I work the job that I do and such.

This has been a crazy week. First there are huricane force winds on Sunday. Then these winds knock out power in most of Ohio. Then the power stays off down here for so long that classes are canceled for Monday. Then the university is running on generators but most of the town is still power-less. Then they decide to open the university for classes on Tuesday. Then 4,000 people gather outside of the president's house to protest the opening of the university... that we pay a lot of money to go to... whatever. Then my computer starts freaking out and showing a blue screen of death. Then the cute IT guy who may or may not be named Jenny cannot fix it but I think I've found a way around the problem... I got rid of the lame-ass virus protection the university makes you get and downloaded my own. Now there's work. Yeah, work.

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12 September 2008

I Almost Wish I Hadn't Found This Blog...

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It Makes Me Want a Tattoo!

Plus I'm getting dangerous ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

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09 September 2008


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September 27 - October 4 is banned books week. I think everyone should pick up a banned book that week to appreciate what could happen if we allowe censorship to run our lives.
Here's a list of 25 Banned Books That You Should Read... Personally I have a long way to go.

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07 September 2008

September is the Season for TV Shows!

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P.S. I'm taking the GRE tomorrow. SOMEDAY SAAAAAVE ME!

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02 September 2008

Hanging Out Down the Street

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I feel like I'm sitting in the calm before the storm. I'm all moved in to my fabulous apartment and the first week of classes have come and gone. I've done the most class swapping I've ever done this semester. I lost Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East so I signed up for the History of Africa (I know, the history of an entire continent in one semester? But anyways...) only to findout that it required NINE textbooks. I can't afford nine textbooks so I dropped the class and looked at Ancient Jewish History but it had six textbooks so, guess what? I dropped it and signed up for the history of Italy from Machiavelli to Mussolini. Three textbooks. Muuuch better. Plus I really do like that class now. Yaaay! Then I was in Caribbean Archaeology but I ended up not liking the prof that much and I am determined not to have another semester where I hate the professor so I dropped it and signed up Evidence of Human Fossil Evolution. Yaaay two classes with Dr. Marchant! I love that woman! So classes are finally good. I'm signed up to take the GRE for the first time next week but thankfully I found a grad program that doesn't require the GRE so there's hope for me yet! I can't believe I'm almost all grown up and stuff. Work has the potential of being stressful but I'm just there for ten hours out of the week so it could be worse.

But on the bright side this is year that will mean the world. Savoring every moment and enjoying it while it lasts. First step? Running through the fountain behind Shriver. I'm hoping for awesome moments like that up until we graduate which will culminate in dancing on the seal.

Just make it last...

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