I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

31 August 2004

One Day I'll Fly Away - Moulin Rouge

I follow the night
Can’t stand the light
When will I begin to live again

One day I’ll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
What more could your love do for me
When will love be through with me
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends

One day I’ll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends

One day I’ll fly away
Fly fly away…

30 August 2004

Hmmm, No Good Title to Print

I’m checking out LiveJournal to try to find my current mood… contemplative? I don’t think so… sleepy? No, I’m actually feeling quite awake. Okay? Annoyed? Confused? Mellow! That’s it I am mellow. Just kinda here… In this place… yeah…

Anywhoo! The week’s here and it’s a full, five day week. *boo hiss* Hmmm, maybe my mood is hungry too. See, my lunch is at 10:40 at school so when 2:30 rolls around I’m a little hungry and since it’s 3:50 at this current second I’m a bit ‘peckish’

I found this website called the Green Ribbon Pledge. It’s a site to pledge to help conserve the enviroment. You can also go to www.therainforestsite.com and with one click help save acres of the rainforest. Every click helps! So check it out! That’s what my new gallary post is… my green ribbon! Now I actually have to find a real one, of that color.

Well, I should do my FST homework and study for my A.P. Bio. test so I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom courtesy my good friend, Brittany:

Everybody changes. They change their beliefs, their taste in music, their political parties, their underwear (or at least we hope). But a question was brought up, does changing things in your life mean that you are totally changed from who you used to be? Is changing for better or for worse? I don’t believe that it is always strictly one or the other. Different people and situations account for different things and it’s up to you how you change and who you become when it’s all said and done.

People change throughout their lives. Things as simple as music tastes and political parties have a big affect in the changing of a person. Their outlook on things can be altered and their opinions and thoughts change quite a bit as they progress through life. Yes, there is usually a remnant of their former self deep down inside, but they have changed. Whether they, or anyone else for that matter, notice it, they are a different person then they were before. They are no longer who they once where. Whether their changing has made them a better person is a whole other story.

I know plenty of people who have changed for the better as well as people who have changed for the worse. People who have become someone that I don’t even seem to know anymore. People who have gone from someone I looked up to and respected to someone that I now regard with disgust. Just when you think you know somebody, they change. Sometimes, it’s great and they become even closer to you than they were to begin with and other times, it drives you away from them and you wonder if that’s who they were all along because you don’t remember them changing into this person that you have come to loathe.

There’s good change and there’s bad change and you really can’t tell the difference until you’ve started the changing process. I know I’ve changed from who I used to be. I’m not the same girl I was 8 years ago or even 2 years ago. There are changes I’m proud of and some I’m not so proud of, but I take those unpleasant things and change them to make myself a better person in the end. You can stop it or change the direction if you don’t like where you’re headed. But you never know til you try. Who you turn out to be in the end is all your own doing. No one else is at fault if you turn out to be a hypocritical ass hole. And it’s the same if you end up being a sweet, understanding, open-minded individual as well. It was all your doing. No one else deserves the credit or the blame other than yourself. You made yourself into the person you are when it’s all over. So make yourself into the person you really want to be cuz what it all comes down to is in the end, you’re all you’ve got and that’s kinda the point.

26 August 2004

Nothing to do... So Weird

I’m in this quasi-denial because I actually can’t think of a single thing I could do. I’m so use to having homework that having a study hall is just baffling my mind! I haven’t had one since freshman year. It’s kinda nice. I don’t think I’ll be all that disappointed if I don’t get my I.S. arranged. I guess I could study for my A.P. Bio quiz tomorrow but I feel quite comfortable with the material - it’s all review from last year’s chemistry class… covalent boding and all that lovely stuff.

After school today I went with Tom to see the slide show of his senior pictures. When I went for mine they played “Man, I Fell Like a Woman” by Shania Twain and I had to know what they play at the boy’s showings (I was kinda hoping it wouldn’t be Shania). It turns out it was some country song about the time of your life or something… I don’t really listen to country so I have no idea who it’s by. Actually I felt like posting my favorite song, Evanescence’s Everybody’s Fool. Here it is:

perfect by nature
icons of self indulgence
just what we all need
more lies about a world that

never was and never will be
have you no shame don’t you see me
you know you’ve got everybody fooled

look here she comes now
bow down and stare in wonder
oh how we love you
no flaws when you’re pretending
but now i know she

never was and never will be
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled

without the mask where will you hide
can’t find yourself lost in your lie

i know the truth now
i know who you are
and i don’t love you anymore

it never was and never will be
you’re not real and you can’t save me
somehow now you’re everybody’s fool

*sigh* good stuff.

Oh, I took a quiz today… “which nazgul are you?” and I posted the result in my gallary. The one all about me… check it out!

I think now I’ll go to my downstairs computer and delete some of the songs I have on it. I have like 500, which isn’t really enough (you can never have too much music) but I only have 200 MB worth of memory left (which is like nothing). So I need to get rid of like 100 songs asap. Hey! Something to do!

24 August 2004

It Starts...

School started today… *Boo Hiss* My summer went by too fast and I don’t want to go back.
1st period: A.P. Biology. I still really wish I could have taken Physics instead. But Mrs. Vinion said that she’s aiming for all of us to get at least 4’s so I guess I won’t mind getting a leg up on my college credits. But I had homework tonight! IT’S ONLY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I hope I have a good time.
2nd period: Zoology. Oh my gosh, I think this class is gonna be sooo much fun! Micah’s in my class and Mr. P teaches it! I get to go to the zoo with Micah! That’s so cool!
3rd period: World History. Another *boo hiss* class. I don’t think I’d mind it that much except that the man who teaches it, Kilbreathe, is a total pedifile. He arranges girls in the front of the class who wear short skirts. On top of that his questions are “selective answers” meaning that all the multiple choice questions are right but you just need to know which question he wants. All this for a class you’re required to take. Then to top it all off, Kilbreathe announces he’s only gonna teach us European History! You know what that means… NO EGYPT!!! It’s so sad that was the only reason I was looking forward to this class. Nothing seems to be going right in this class.
5,6th Period: FST. Also called Functions, Statistics, and Triginometry. It’s with the same teacher I had last year, Raff-Angert so I’m not expecting anything suprising.
7,8th period: Study Hall. I so want to get this changed to an I.S. Anthropology!
9th period: Latin II. I was looking forward to this class all day and I was a little crushed to walk in and see that there were 37 people there! That’s the biggest class I have and she’s just not gonna be as much fun. Sidle will be very over extended, not very fun.
Finally, 10th Period: Band. Same old song and dance there. Nothing new!

So that was my day today. Tom and I went back-to-school shopping after school and I did all my homework (A.P. Bio & FST) and now I’m sitting here eating Kettle Corn *yum*. As my homeroom teacher said today: “Just 180 days left of this bull shit and you’re out of here forever”.

I can’t wait.

18 August 2004

Lord of the Rings... is it really that bad?

I’ve heard it all before… that the Lord of the Rings cartoon is the worst thing ever but my curiosity has gotten the best of me and I have to see it once. Am I really that stupid ofr wanting to see it? Oh well, I’ll update you tomorrow…

I haven’t been really writing much lately. I guess my life as relapsed back to my school life and it’s become so boring for me I don’t feel like I have anything to write about. Today I woke up at 8:00 and took my puppy for a walk. Then I did some stuff at home before I needed to leave for a speech and debate picnic at 2:30. I never got a letter telling me that there was a picnic today so I kinda have a feeling Altoff doesn’t want me back but too bad! I’m gonna stick it through (it’ll look good on college applications). Then I went to Tom’s and we rented the Lord of the Rings for tomorrow morning. We took Oliver for a walk and watched the Olympics (I’m actually watching them right now also). Band was tonight [ul]again[/ul] but there was a horrible t-storm and we were stuck inside for the entire three hours. There was even a tornado warning but it wasn’t anything serious. I made pudding today so when I got home I had some of that *yummy*.

Tomorrow I need to memorize “Rubber Duckie” for band. Other then that I’m going over to Tom’s for the movie and lunch and then another two-a-day band. I’m so sick of band! Oh well, two more days.

17 August 2004


My dread slowly begins to mount… band starts in 25 minutes! I can usually tolerate the 6-9 band but I absolutley hate the 2-4. It’s so pointless. I know my music fine, thanks. But I have to go anyway. At least I think I get out of fairday this year! I want to go visit Miami University sometime and that day seems like the best day. So no fair for me! Yay!

I tried so hard to wake up at 7:30 today but I just couldn’t do it. I finally dragged myself out of bed at 8:40 because I had to be at Tom’s by 9:00 to do his hair for his senior pictures. Then I went home and went back to sleep for another 2 hours or so. But now I’m sitting here with only 22 minutes before band :’( and I’m all showered and I even at lunch. I need to work on memorizing Pirates of the Caribbean today because it’s due tomorrow. So I’ll probably be doing that in between the 2-4 and 6-9 band. Maybe I’ll get it memorized during the 2-4 but there are a lot of solis I need to learn and that might take abnormally longer. Oh well! Yesterday I ate dinner after band and that works better for me then before so I think I’ll do that from now on. I’ll just have a quick snack before I go. Sounds good to me! Well, I’m off to savor my last 19 minutes of freedom.


15 August 2004

The Baseball Game Review and Misc. Others

I got back from the Baseball game at 2 a.m. today. :zzz: A little drowsy but I had a really good time actually. First I went over to Carolyn’s so Tom could pick us up from there. Since David lives out in the middle of nowhere we got him on the way. Then we stopped by Panera Bread (Panera Bread is the best I totally recommend you try it) Potato soup in a sourdough bread bowl is the best! Then we headed to the city. We considered taking the RTA (think NYC’s subway) so we wouldn’t have to worry about parking but the directions we got from the people at the restaurant were a little confussing and no one would agree on exact directions so we decided just to suck it up and drive.

We got to the game a little late and it was kinda sad because our team had already scored 4 times. 2 home runs total. At first David didn’t want me to go in to the stadium because I had forgot to mention to them that I had never seen a game where the team had actually won. But Tom was really hopeful to break my curse. The game was pretty cool, sometimes I was quite confussed because the two team’s coaches got into three or four arguments a piece about stupid stuff and I didn’t understand why. Tom says I’m too fair to be a baseball coach because each team had an incident where the ball was hit above the yellow line that qualifies it as a homerun but the umpires called it in (hence no homerun) and said that was fair since both plays were called the same way. Then I learned that pitchers usually switch after about the 5th inning and said that was fair because it gave the other pitcher a chance to play in the game too. It all makes sense to me but Tom said I should never persue any kind of baseball career.

After the game there were fireworks that we stayed for and I have to say they were pretty impressive for being at a baseball game (oh yeah, our team won, my curse is broken!). Then it took us like an hour to get out of the city. There was a ton of traffic and things got a little complicated when we tried to get home (we almost missed our exit then a semi decided it wanted to move over to the exit lane and it almost squished us!). Other then that it was smooth sailing home, the only thing is we didn’t get home until 2 a.m. and I was just a little tired! But I got to sleep in until 11:30 so it’s all good.

Now I’m chilling here watching Kim Possible on the Disney Channel. Yeah, it’s kinda sad that a girl who’s trying to get into her perfect college is sitting here watching a cartoon show! Yeah I’m just in the mood to sit around and keep myself busy but do absolutley nothing. I think I’ll take my puppy for a walk, pop in a good movie (can we say TT EE sounds good about now), play some computer games, and just have a pleasant day. Tomorrow I might see if Chanda wants to go to the mall. I feel kinda bad since Carolyn & I did the baseball thing yesterday with our boyfriends and sorta left Chanda out. It’s just that she doesn’t have a significant other and Carolyn only had 4 tickets. So I think I’ll try to make it up to here tomorrow. I hope she can do something tomorrow. Well, I think I’ll finish my children’s show then off to walk my puppy!

I hope everyone else has a good day too!

11 August 2004

Are There Rentheads Out There?

Today I put my Rent CD on my computer and I got to thinking… I wonder how many people are into the musical Rent. So if you’re completely and obsessivly devoted you know what I mean when I ask if they’re any Rentheads out there? I hope so!

I tried so hard to wake up at 8:30 today but I just couldn’t do it. So I got up at 9:00. Then I kinda sat around until around noon when Tom and I went out to lunch. Then we were gonna go register for school but I didn’t have my emergency medical form so I have to do that tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s almost time for school again. It’s weird to try to describe this but to me the summer went by real fast but thinking back on the first day of summer that seems ages ago. You know what I mean? The rest of the day was devoted to band. I’m so sick of marching band and it’s only been the third day. Two of my squadlings tried to play off tonight and they sounded terrible. I couldn’t even tell where they were in the music. I marked them off but I made them promise to learn their music better next time. I’m not use to having to actually help my squad memorize music. Maybe they’ll get better… I have to learn the first movement of Pirates of the Caribbean by tomorow… I think. I can’t remember when it’s due. Other then that I just need to schedule my Miami U. & Heidelberg visits and I’ll be set. I probably should review my A.P. Bio terms again. Ahhh, I’m not ready for that quiz the first day of school!

09 August 2004

My Apprehensions on the Renaissance Fair...

Vanished! Everything about it was great and I loved it. Well, almost all of it. Chanda was acting in a way that I found very immature and it bothered me. First, she drove separatley because she had to work later on and she didn’t want us to have to leave early. Now that’s all fine and dandy but then she was suppose to be following Brittany but when we got to a detour she insisted on ignoring Brittany and taking her own way because “it was faster”. So the rest of the trip up there we were seperated from her and kept worrying that she’d miss the exisit and wouldn’t make it. We caught up to the other car and were able to guide them through it but Beth said Chanda was speeding the entire time and they couldn’t keep up. There was construction almost the entire way to the faire, why the hell would you speed through construction zones!?!? Brittany and I decided it was because Chanda wanted to prove she could make it there by herself. So she ended up at the faire like 45 minutes early. The to top it all off, we were suppose to be there for Garrett’s birthday, to celebrate Garrett turning 18. But insteadt Chanda decided she didn’t want to hang out with us and her and Megan went off on their own. AHHHH!!!!! That pissed me off beyond all belief! What kind of friend would just abandon their “close” friend on his 18th birthday? So now I’m kinda in a bad mood about Chanda & the faire and I won’t talk to her about it. She should have stayed with us instead of stampeeding off on her own!

It probably seems like I had a horrible time by the way I was just talking but that was my rant session and now that I’m over it I can gush about how much I loved it! The first thing we did was pay some guys to have Garrett arrested! They threw him in this mock jail cell and he had to do the mating call of an emu with a birthday boy on it’s back to get out. I was a little nervous that Garrett was gonna get us back and have us all arrested but I think he forgot about it by the end of the day! *sigh of relief* Then we spent a lot of time shopping and such, I got this beautiful necklace called an “Elfin Teardrop” here’s the meaning behind it: “A drop of luck from an elf brings happiness, energy and playfulness.” The stone on it is a Blue Siberian Quartz. Here’s it’s meaning: “Inspires clairvoyance and self-awareness. Stone of mystics and healers. Helps focus the mind.” I put the picture in one of my gallaries if you wanna check it out. I also posted a picture of the henna tatoo I got! The lady blew pink glitter onto the tatoo to make it “sparkle” so don’t worry, my skin isn’t irritated or anything, it’s just the glitter. It’s the Chinese symbol for the feminie moon! Uber cool. Finally I got this tiny incense burner that only burns for 25 minutes. Perfect for me since my parents get a little nervous if I leave my incense on for too long. It’s the loose incense and it burns around this sideways “S” shape. I got two flavors of incense, one’s called Egyptian Musk and the other is Hazelnut Coffee. They smell yummy! I really want to go back sometime, there is so much I wanted to buy but just didn’t. Like there were a ton of jeweled headbands I wanted to get (think the kind the elves wear) for prom but I just couldn’t talk myself into them then. I could now!

We also went to some classes and we learned how to sword fight, uber cool! We also went to see a “mud show” where these three actors did nothing but jump into the mud and such, kinda strange but VERY funny. Finally, right before we left we went to a joust! That was amazing to see, it was kinda weird though because the “bad guy” won the joust and the “good guy” got dragged off the field by a guy dressed in a monkey costume! Don’t ask me, I didn’t get it either…

So that was my day Saturday and I found it to be… AMAZING! I loved everything about the Renaissance Faire and I can’t wait to go back again!!!

06 August 2004

Has Anyone Ever Been to a Renaissance Fair?

Tomorrow Beth’s planning to take Garrett to the Renaissance Faire for his birthday. It’s like 2 hours away and the only people I know who are going are Brittany, Chanda, Beth, Garrett, and MEGAN! I’m sorry I can’t help it but I’m not a big fan of her. She’s desparate to get a guy’s attention and will go to any ends to get them to notice her. I hate that. She even makes moves on Garrett even though he and Beth have been dating almost as long as Tom and I have. But, Garrett’s ok with that but that’s another story. I’m just not sure if I want to go to this faire. I hope Brittany will drive because I really don’t want to be in my car by myself for 2 hours. And for some reason Chanda is infatuated with Megan so I’ve lost my best friend for the day. And I’m sure other people are going and I don’t know who they are. I’m beginning to wonder if this faire will be worth it… what do you think?

05 August 2004

Which Homecoming Theme Do You Like Better?

I feel like I’ve done so much today. I went to Rookie Band camp and got some squadlings ready for their parents night tonight. Then I ran my puppy to the Groomers so now she’s all beautiful. After that I went to a local jeweler to get some necklace chains for some charms I want to start wearing. Then I got some coffee at Muddy Waters *yum* and went to Wal-Mart for some ultra important beauty items Finally I headed to some of the local department stores for my Mom’s birthday present. Her birthday is this Saturday and I found the cutest necklace and earring set for her. Then I also found some charms at home with my name & my puppy’s name (yes we’re that obsessed with our dog) that my mom doesn’t have a chain for. So I used one of the chains I bought for my charms on those charms and I’ll give them to her so she can finally wear the charms. Then when I got home I found my cousin at the door. He had some money that my aunt owed my mom. We started talking and he told me that he’s been talking to the speech coach about this year’s Homecoming (our Speech & Debate Team sponsors our Homecoming). She suggested a theme of “Space”. We were thinking that could be kinda cool but a lot of work to make it look impressive. Then, we came up with a “Beach” theme. That would be a lot easier to work with because we put on the show ‘Grease’ a couple years ago and we still have all the tropical props from the dance scene in PAC storage. So that solves a lot of the theme problems. Which one do you like better?

04 August 2004

Were You Worried About Y2K?

I’m watching I Love the 90’s (1999) on VH1 amd I just started thinking… I was never really freaked out about Y2K. Were you? Did you think that there was gonna be chaos like all the publicity was claiming? Time to remanice about the “good ol’ days”!

I’m getting really sick of Rookie Band Camp. Tomorrow will be the fourth day and I feel like all we needed to teach the freshman everything they need to know was three days. My band directors are uber obsessed with marching band so I’ll have two more weeks of band after this. This week I’ll have been in band for 15 hours, then 19 hours next week, and 19 hours the week after that… gosh, that’s 53 hours of band! Ahhh!
See, I like concert band but I hate marching band. The only problem is I can’t pick which band I want to be in. If you’re in concert band you have to be in marching band. It’s only a quarter versus the semester and a half that concert band happens but still, it’s a lot more work for something I’m not too thrilled to do. Oh well, this is my last year *happy tears*

So, after band Casey and I ran to Taco Bell for some lunch then we came back to my house. Casey showed me how to do some stuff in RollerCoaster Tycoon and I showed him some cheats in the Sims (if anyone ever has any questions about the Sims PM me, I know everything, including a few vital cheats). Then, Casey attempted to fix my CD Burner. Yeah, it didn’t work too well. I have an external burner that my dad bought for the old computer in the basement and we just can’t get it to work. Casey couldn’t fix it either so Andrew’s gonna come over some time to look at it. Someone will someday be able to fix it! Afterwards I did absolutley nothing the rest of the day.. Well, wait! I did get 5 of the tasks I wanted to get done this week done! I have a Dell Pocket PC and it has a tasks list. So, every week I make out a task list with everything I want to get accomplished on it. This week I had 8 tasks and I’ve done 5! Yay! Tomorrow I’ll run all the errands I wanted to run and then I’ll have gotten all everything done! Joy & Rapture. Well, I think I’ll go get a Root Bear.