I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

28 October 2006

Silent Rage Now That Fills My Lungs

~~~~ Discontent

Parent's Weekend was fun. Friday Mom and I went to Kona Bistro. It was nice. I want to take Grandma someday. Then we left town and checked into our hotel. It was right next to the mall we normally go to so we walked around there for a while. I got a new coat. Bright pink! On Saturday we went to the open-air shopping center in Hamilton and bought more stuff. Then we had lunch at Panera Bread and went to Borders. I finally got a travel book for Cairo. Then we relaxed in the room for a while and went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I got Pasta a la Homer. It was browned butter with cheese on pasta. Apparently legend has it that that's what Homer lived on while he wrote the Iliad. It was okay. But really I got it more for the novelty and I'll probably never get it again. Then we went off to the Steve Miller Band Concert. That was a nice time. They played the Joker and Fly Like an Eagle (obviously) which was really what I wanted to see so I was happy. Sunday simply consisted of a Wal-Mart run before Mom left. It was a nice weekend but honestly I'm looking forward to this week when I have nothing out of the ordinary and nothing major planned this weekend.

Right now there are guys in my room fixing the heater AGAIN! Honestly, I'm looking forward to living in the aparement next year because it was built in 2005 and I won't be expecting these sorts of problems again. I need to go to Cairo next semester just to get out of this room! The heater looks disgusting when the panel's off... I don't want to think about what's growing there!!!

26 October 2006

Propelled through all this madness, by your beauty and my sadness

~~~~ Groggy

Flogging Molly is the BEST FUCKING LIVE BAND EVER!!!!

I actually met Dennis Casey and Nathen Maxwell too! Fucking amazing. And apparently I still can't survive a mosh pit without the help of others. We had people looking after us the entire night. Oh well, it was totally worth it. I love Flogginy Molly even more now!

24 October 2006

Bittersweet Symphony

~~~~ Sad

So that's it. I'm out of your life and it doesn't matter anymore.

22 October 2006

Visit the Zoo and Letters From Hogwarts

~~~~ Exanimate

My window keeps fogging up and it makes me nervous. I really don't want a wet room again... PLEASE!

Yesterday I went to the zoo with Brian! It was so random. We went into the reptile house and I talked to the boa constricter... just like Harry Potter :) But that Boa Constricter was from Madagascar... not South America. Oh well!

This morning Lindsay and I went to breakfast and it was the first time I didn't leave a tip... ever. The chick was potentially the worst waitress I've ever have. Oh well, Bob Evans is over rated... I guess.

It's gonna be a crazy busy week. (Don't make fun of my OCD!)
I know. I'm weird. But now that I've mapped out my week it seems possible. I hope I get home at a reasonable time after Spamalot just because I KNOW I'll be out half the night for the Flogging Molly concert. Oh well, it's all totally worth it!
9 - 1: Class
1 - 2: Smoothie
2 - 3: Class
3 - 6: Work (Classics, Western Civ, World History, Geology)
6 - 6:30: Dinner
6:30 - 8: Finish Work
8: Fleece Pillows
10 - 11: Rec
11:30 - Shower

9: Arabic
10: Language Lab
11: Italian
12:30: Laundry
12:30 - 3: Work (Western Civ, World History, Geology)
3 - 4: Rec
4: Shower
4:15: Dry Hair
4:30: Make-up
4:40: Dressed
4:45: Do Hair
5:00: Leave for Spamalot!

9: Arabic
10 - 11: Rec
11: Shower
12: World History
1: Smoothie
2: Geology
3: Leave for Flogging Molly!

9: Arabic
10: Uhhh, yeah go back to bed...
Sometime today I'll need to: Do Italian Homework.

10: Classics
11: Language Lab
12: World History
1: Lunch
2: Geology
3: Work (Classics, World History, Geology)

I kinda want to start wearing make-up again.

20 October 2006

I'd Wait Here Til Then

~~~~ Hopeful

What a week. I've gotten so much done. The only thing I have left is a Geology reading and a few World History readings. I can get that done after Geology today and then I won't have homework this weekend! Yay! I went to the Rec four times this week, just like I wanted, and I got everything else I wanted done done. That'll make up for the less-organized week I'll have next week. What with Spamalot and Flogging Molly I won't get to the Rec as much as I want. Oh well. It's worth it.

I had no Classics class this morning. It was nice. Except for Mom called at 9:30! Oh well, shit happens. Supposedly my slippers should be here today. Normally the post comes at 1:00 so I'll probably run and get them after World History. Because I can! Because Wells is sooo close! I heart living in this area of campus. It's very addicting. My window is absolutley soaking wet but nothing else is so I guess it's just condensation. It makes me kind sad though because I can't see through it and my rooms looks sad :(

Yay for soft pretzels! :)

18 October 2006

but at this moment, all he knew was wood scented with missed opportunity

~~~~ Content

Oh Wednesday, how you torture me so. They're always so long and so jammed-packed. This is my one and only moment to catch me breath and it's a grand total of 15 minutes long. I have to go to a geology exam, then come back here, work some more, go to history discussion group, work some more, get dinner, work some more!, work out, take a shower, and watch Lost. I know, I'm superficial and Lost is just as important to me as homework... I need to sort out my priorities! Lindsay and I made exciting plans for Friday though so I'm pretty okay with life. Well... exciting for us. We're going to see the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. Then we're going to paint coffee mugs at one of those firing pottery places. It'll be fun. I'm looking forward to it. Room is still dry, which is a good thing. It's not really that cold outside but it's freezing in here. And, of course, the heat won't work. Got my absentee ballot today. STRICKLAND FOR GOVENOR!!! I think I might affiliate myself with the democratic party and just get it over with. Let's be honest, it's not like I really vote anything else...

Well, now I have 10 minutes to relex before this exam...

16 October 2006

Hot Hot Hot Sweat Sweet

~~~~ Sore

So not many people expect to come back to their dorm room after a weekend at home and find it SOAKING WET! ... yeah, I did. Apparently there was a leak in the roof above me and it leaked into my room. Imagine a waterbottle condesating after you take it out of the fridge... yeah, imagine that, but COVERING my room. It was maddness! I seriously thought a sprinkler had gone off or something. So I had to sleep in Stephanie's room last night because they took away my mattress and my floor was still wet. It was a very hard floor! So, I'm sore. But I have a mattress now, my room is officially dry, and I kinda want to just curl up in bed right now...

It turns out our Spamalot tickets aren't for this week... they're for next. Which is fine... I'm gonna have a crazy wonderful week next week. First Spamalot, then the Flogging Molly concert, then Mom's coming to and we're seeing the Steve Miller Band and shopping (and she's paying :) ). Score! So now tomorrow is relatively uneventful.. with the exception of Dancing With the Stars :) *tee-hee*

14 October 2006

Hide in my Secert Cave

~~~~ Tired

It's bad when I come home because I go on a music downloading rampage. I also got three tv shows from itunes. Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe in Rome, and two shows from some guy on the History Channel. I've seen the show once and it's your typical archeology show that I obsess over except the guy's dressed up like Indiana Jones :rolleyes: Anyways... I got the one on Stonehenge and the other on Troy.

Chanda and I are doing something tomorrow. She should be home by now. She also wants to go see Carolyn but I'm not sure how that'll work yet. I go back Sunday so maybe she'll come with and then head home whenever she wants. Classes start for me again on Monday but we may be able to work something out. Spamalot is also Tuesday so I'm super excited about that!

I was really hoping that I'd have an AUC letter waiting for me when I got here but I don't. It's getting to the point where I don't care if I get in or not... I just want to know! Kinda... I still really want to get in and go (obviously)... Sometimes we get mail on Saturdays... please AUC!

12 October 2006

My heart is a purple eggplant

~~~~ Restless

So I gave in and have become a little too Miami for my taste. I own two iPods. It's terrible I know, but here's my rationale: I'm going to Cairo. I have a 12 hour plane ride ahead of me. The new iPods can play 6 hours of movies. Between that and my laptop I'll be able to watch about 4 movies. That's 12 hours of movies. I bought the iPod from the bookstore with my Miami money which I had entirely too much of. It's only real purpose was for laundry. I'm not gonna use all my meal plan this year so all that money will go back to my account. And, this way, I got to keep my gold mini which, in my opinion, is super rare. Now it can sit on my bose speaker and I always have a little stereo in my room. I know, they aren't real excuses but they help me justify my mindless submission to pop American trends that display the ridiculous excess wealth of America.


His name is Collins :) So guess what I renamed my gold mini? Angel! :p That makes me super happy. My freshman roommate helped me get movies from DVDs to my iPod so now I have Rent on it. I also have all my songs (2500) 57 pictures, and like 6 episodes of Lost. And I think I've only used like half the space. I'm such a ridiculous spoiled brat.

Going home today. It's fall break. CHANDA WILL BE THERE!!! I'm also taking Brian home so I'll have some company for the drive. That also means I shouldn't make the 4 hour drive in less then 3 :eek: Just Italian to get through and I get to go see Tre! *Tee-hee*

10 October 2006

Wonder What's Wrong With Me

~~~~ Rushed

Just got out of Arabic exam. What a relief to be done. Now that midterms are starting I feel more prepared to keep going. Tomorrow I have a World History and Classics Exam. The Classics exam I'm not worried about at all. It's over the Odyssey and, thanks to Mrs. Sidle, I know that book no problem. Just to be safe though I'm meeting a girl from the class at the library to study tonight. Right now I should be doing my Alif Baa but since I got out of Arabic early I have some time to kill. Then I'm going to Italian. Then it's laundry time. Honestly I've never seen my laundry bag so full. After that I fall into my normal Tuesday routine. Homework, Rec, and shower. Then it's library study time and dinner with Brian. Yaaay for Pita Pit! Tonight my only plans are more studying and Dancing With the Stars. It's days like this that I'm glad I schedule my life well. Because I'm not stressed at all. I just have a lot to do but I already know everything I need to do so it's all good. Okay, Alif Baa time.

08 October 2006

an ancient town was seated on the sea

~~~~ Numb

The parents have come and gone. The meeting with Dr. Peterson went pretty well I guess. They asked exactly the questions I expected them to ask so there were no uncomfortable suprises. Dr. Peterson told them exactly the things he told me last year. He talked about terrorism a lot which made me kinda nervous but I guess my parents understood where he was coming from. Daddy started talking about finding me flights to Cairo which is always an encouraging sign. Now, once more, all I have to do is wait for the letter from AUC... back to being super nervous!!!

Yesterday was fine. We went shopping Uptown and I got a new Miami sweatshirt, a redskins shirt, and a pair of comfy pants. We went to an antique shop and found a bunch of old Miami yearbooks. We found my grandma and grandpa in them. I thought this was great. I mean, to find a yearbook in your house, or your grandparents house, you expect them to be in them. But it seems so much better when you just walk into a shop and their pictures are still in the yearbook. I just thought it was fantastic. We went to Tuffys this morning to get Daddy a toasted roll. There were a bunch of other alums there who were also buying toasted rolls and I thought it was really sweet. They just seemed so excitied to be here. It kinda makes me appreciate this time a little more. Tonight Steph and I have plans to go to the football game. Wicked halftime show!!! So I really should get my World History and Geology reading done soon... and start studying for me World History midterm. But, it's only 11 AM and I'm REALLY not used to being up this early on a weekend so I guess I have a lot more time then I'm use to :)

06 October 2006

You Don't Need to Compromise

~~~~ Nervous

In less than two hours I'll be sitting in Upham with my parents talking to Dr. Peterson. I'm sooo nervous. I'm not really sure what I have to be nervous about but I have a feeling there's something. What if my parents embarass me infront of one of the professors in my departmental major? What if he says something that makes my parents find AUC totally out of the question. At least I'm not expected to do anything. I just have to sit there in silence... praying all the time! I'm just hoping to won't take too long. Knowing my parents they probably have like two questions. He'll answer them in like 20 minutes and we'll be done. Yeah, that's hopeful wishing! I know there's no real point in worrying about it but you know I will! *Deep breaths*

This week started exciting and now it's ending awkwardly. What with this meeting and that geology lab hike I had last night... *groan* why does that kind of shit always happen to me!?!?! Well, at least it's over and I don't have to go to lab for two weeks... and I get to see Chanda in 7 days!

Everything's gonna be alright...

04 October 2006

How Could I Have Burned Paradise

~~~~ Creative

This week is actually a good week of happy things. First, Chanda tells me she's coming home for fall break! I get to see her in nine days!!! That makes me really happy. It's the same weekend as my fall break so she can either come here or I can just go home. I'm thinking I should just go home though because no one will be here and there'll be nothing to do. Oh, but knowing that I get to see Chanda so much sooner then I expected really puts me in a good mood :D

Then yesterday Evanescence's new CD The Open Door came out. It's soooo good! I think everyone should buy it. *Note I didn't say steal...*

Anywhoo... and today's a good day because Lost premieres. I love that show with a passion. It has the potential to get corny and that makes me nervous but as of now I'm still obsessed! If they ever kill of Charlie or Sayid though, I'm so gone...

On top of all this I'm wearing my Flogging Molly shirt today. I know that's weird but I've noticed that if I have an article of clothing on that makes me happy I'm generally in a lighter mood. When I was walking to geology today I passed a guy with a Shinedown shirt on and he gave me a double glance when he saw I had a Flogging Molly shirt on... it sorta made my day.

Danean and I also got the Flogging Molly tickets. So I'm going to the show October 25. *Cheers* I do feel a little guilty about spending the money though... I feel like I'm spending so much. I think I can get away with finishing the semester with spending only an additional $100... it could be worse. I just have to remember to get the tickets from home. They have to be shipped to my billing address...

02 October 2006

Just a Kindly Hand Extended

~~~~ Calm

Back at school. Now that I've been to classes I feel in sync again. Yesterday was weird. I hate adjusting. I also hate confrontation but go figure. It's not like I should care so much. We hardly ever speak. It's just that when we do I remember him and I begin to think "what if..." But it isn't like I want a future with this guy... just think of his life plans right now. But of course, why does it even matter because he has that wonderful girl to support him and "allows him to follow his dreams."

Gold hair with a gentle curl
That's the girl he chose
And Heaven knows
I'm not that girl...

Applications to AUC were officially due yesterday so now it's time to start crossing my fingers...