I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

08 October 2006

an ancient town was seated on the sea

~~~~ Numb

The parents have come and gone. The meeting with Dr. Peterson went pretty well I guess. They asked exactly the questions I expected them to ask so there were no uncomfortable suprises. Dr. Peterson told them exactly the things he told me last year. He talked about terrorism a lot which made me kinda nervous but I guess my parents understood where he was coming from. Daddy started talking about finding me flights to Cairo which is always an encouraging sign. Now, once more, all I have to do is wait for the letter from AUC... back to being super nervous!!!

Yesterday was fine. We went shopping Uptown and I got a new Miami sweatshirt, a redskins shirt, and a pair of comfy pants. We went to an antique shop and found a bunch of old Miami yearbooks. We found my grandma and grandpa in them. I thought this was great. I mean, to find a yearbook in your house, or your grandparents house, you expect them to be in them. But it seems so much better when you just walk into a shop and their pictures are still in the yearbook. I just thought it was fantastic. We went to Tuffys this morning to get Daddy a toasted roll. There were a bunch of other alums there who were also buying toasted rolls and I thought it was really sweet. They just seemed so excitied to be here. It kinda makes me appreciate this time a little more. Tonight Steph and I have plans to go to the football game. Wicked halftime show!!! So I really should get my World History and Geology reading done soon... and start studying for me World History midterm. But, it's only 11 AM and I'm REALLY not used to being up this early on a weekend so I guess I have a lot more time then I'm use to :)

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