I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

23 May 2006

I Think I Like Basketball Now

~~~~ Anxious

I think I have a boy problem.

18 May 2006

This is Fun!

~~~~ Lethargic

12 May 2006

For Your Viewing Pleasure

~~~~ Silly

Or at least for mine ;)

09 May 2006

After a Night of Movies

~~~~ Blah

I am now accepting applications for my Mr. Darcey. Please inquire within.

And I figured out that I liked Elizabethtown because it's my life if all my big plans go wrong but something still goes right, does that make sense? It's like, well you didn't make it out of your small town after college but you're happy with you are, you're really creative, and you found this perfect guy. So even though you failed, you didn't.

Oh, and the only thing I liked about Tristan and Isolde? You know that life can't possibly get that bad and they definitley had it worse.

07 May 2006

Yes! LoL.

~~~~ Okay

Oh, I think it's funny.

01 May 2006

I Would Like a Free iPod! Wouldn't You?

~~~~ Tired

I found this website that gets you a free iPod if you fill out an offer and have five other people fill it out. I'm sure it's not real but there's not reason not to try. I'd really appreciate it if anyone who has a few free minutes could fill out an offer for me. If you do it for me and let me know, I'll fill out an offer for you if you want to try to get a free iPod too. I think it'd be really cool, wouldn't you?