I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

12 October 2006

My heart is a purple eggplant

~~~~ Restless

So I gave in and have become a little too Miami for my taste. I own two iPods. It's terrible I know, but here's my rationale: I'm going to Cairo. I have a 12 hour plane ride ahead of me. The new iPods can play 6 hours of movies. Between that and my laptop I'll be able to watch about 4 movies. That's 12 hours of movies. I bought the iPod from the bookstore with my Miami money which I had entirely too much of. It's only real purpose was for laundry. I'm not gonna use all my meal plan this year so all that money will go back to my account. And, this way, I got to keep my gold mini which, in my opinion, is super rare. Now it can sit on my bose speaker and I always have a little stereo in my room. I know, they aren't real excuses but they help me justify my mindless submission to pop American trends that display the ridiculous excess wealth of America.


His name is Collins :) So guess what I renamed my gold mini? Angel! :p That makes me super happy. My freshman roommate helped me get movies from DVDs to my iPod so now I have Rent on it. I also have all my songs (2500) 57 pictures, and like 6 episodes of Lost. And I think I've only used like half the space. I'm such a ridiculous spoiled brat.

Going home today. It's fall break. CHANDA WILL BE THERE!!! I'm also taking Brian home so I'll have some company for the drive. That also means I shouldn't make the 4 hour drive in less then 3 :eek: Just Italian to get through and I get to go see Tre! *Tee-hee*

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