I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

04 October 2006

How Could I Have Burned Paradise

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This week is actually a good week of happy things. First, Chanda tells me she's coming home for fall break! I get to see her in nine days!!! That makes me really happy. It's the same weekend as my fall break so she can either come here or I can just go home. I'm thinking I should just go home though because no one will be here and there'll be nothing to do. Oh, but knowing that I get to see Chanda so much sooner then I expected really puts me in a good mood :D

Then yesterday Evanescence's new CD The Open Door came out. It's soooo good! I think everyone should buy it. *Note I didn't say steal...*

Anywhoo... and today's a good day because Lost premieres. I love that show with a passion. It has the potential to get corny and that makes me nervous but as of now I'm still obsessed! If they ever kill of Charlie or Sayid though, I'm so gone...

On top of all this I'm wearing my Flogging Molly shirt today. I know that's weird but I've noticed that if I have an article of clothing on that makes me happy I'm generally in a lighter mood. When I was walking to geology today I passed a guy with a Shinedown shirt on and he gave me a double glance when he saw I had a Flogging Molly shirt on... it sorta made my day.

Danean and I also got the Flogging Molly tickets. So I'm going to the show October 25. *Cheers* I do feel a little guilty about spending the money though... I feel like I'm spending so much. I think I can get away with finishing the semester with spending only an additional $100... it could be worse. I just have to remember to get the tickets from home. They have to be shipped to my billing address...

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