I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

15 September 2007

I Quit

~~~~ Nervous

I loved the little blog community. It just felt so personal. But after my second blog got shut down I quit. I put everything on that blog. Including an indepth account of my five months in Egypt. All of which I LOST. Forever...
So I got a blogger account. This place doesn't shut down and die, does it? I sure hope not.
In about half an hour I should leave to go to the football game. I'm not big on sports but I got a job selling football tickets. Believe it or not I'm kinda nervous. Just because I know nothing about employment at Miami and I'm kinda scared they're not gonna tell me anything and just expect me to figure it out... like this stupid timeclock account. *Sigh* oh well all I can do is go a little early and hope for the best.

Here we go...

3 Free for All:

Bebbet said...

Keith's restoring everyone's old posts!


Good luck with the new job ;)

Bebbet said...

Blimey! Someone's been busy!!

elentari said...

hahaha I know it was quite an eventful night :)