I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

29 June 2004

The Things I Need to Do

There are a lot of things I really should be getting accomplished this week before summer gym starts. I need to learn more of my A.P. Bio. terms. I really should get a job, there’s just no motivation for me to do so (I’m real lazy sometimes). I read a sign that says there’s a store called GameCrazy opening and they’re hiring so I guess I’ll check it out. If anyone knows anything about it I’d like to hear about the place. This week I really need to change the linens on my bed too. The cleaning ladies have given up on my room so now I’m stuck doing it myself.

On a funner note… *Tom I found some egg dye in a draw today, would you be interested in coloring eggs sometime?* Although, I don’t even know when you leave for your college visits ::mean look:: you haven’t told me! I think I’ll go running and finish my book!

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