I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

29 July 2004

Greetings and Salutations

Hello all! I’ve borrowed my uncle’s computer to stop in for a quick hi. I’ve missed the internet and CoE the past three days I couldn’t resist the a perfectly good computer waiting to be used to talk to all you wonderful people. This title was kinda boring so I doubt very many people will read my entry but here’s the account of the past few days here in Colden, New York.

We left on Tuesday around 9:00. It turns out that my uncle & aunt’s two huskies, Aga-shi & Noon were having their second birthday that day so we stopped by Buehler’s and picked them up some doggie goodies. It’s a bit strange but my aunt and uncle didn’t want kids so they adopted dogs and they are now considered my cousins. How horrible is that?

After about a four hour drive we got to Colden and almost instantly started the shopping experience. We went over to a local mall and I really don’t think I found much that day. I’ve decided to become more picky on what I buy and keep from buying stuff that makes me feel like the rest of the crowd just because it’s easy to find. So I haven’t really bought much this trip which I guess is a good thing on my credit card account. The next day I got most of my clothing when we went to a big mall called the Galleria. I got a sweater, a bunch of tank tops, a cute pair of orange capris, a pair of orange flip flops, and the best brown cord jacket ever (and at $25 it was a steal). My aunt and I also got our nails done. I had a manicure (french, of course) and she got her first pedicure. I have a big fear of feet (like an anti-foot fetish) so I stuck to my nails.

Today we went to a small village called Ellitcotville and did some little touristy gift shops. I don’t think I bought anything today either until we got to the Wegmans and I got my mom a blue cappucino glass,my dad some fancy cheese (we loved cheese), I got some coffee creamer, those oral-b brushups, and some more makeup. But now I’m sitting here beypnd exhausted so I think I’ll be taking a shower and going sleepy as early as possible. Elentari needs her beauty sleep!

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