I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

09 July 2004

If you could have three wishes what would they be?

Personally I’d wish #1 for enough money to keep me happy for the rest of my life, #2 raise all those grades I’m not too thrilled with to A+ and keep then that way, and then #3 to be able to eat anything I want without gaining a pound. I figure if the wishes take care of all the superficial things I can concentrait on the important things in my life. So what about you?

Today was a quick day in gym. We went to the pool and swam and canoed. I’ve never went canoeing before so that was pretty fun, even if it was only in a pool. Chanda and I were with a bunch of guy friends so they helped us out when we needed it (always nice). And when we weren’t canoeing we were playing water polo, that was good fun too. Moreso then if it would have been a group of girls screeching and just generally not playing! Grrr, major pet peeve of mine about girls. After that we just washed our bikes (biking is officialy done!) and worked on some final Power point project. Now I’m back here still smelling of chlorine (I’ll shower, I promise) and thinking about what I should do today…

I need to run to the bank because I have a ton of change I want converted into cash. Then I wanted Subway for lunch (I filled up a card so I get a free sub!). And Nicole wants to take one more practice drive before her test today. I also want to drive over to this Praire Lane where we’re meeting on Monday to go canoeing so I don’t get lost that morning. Other then that I may run over to the PAC because Storck called this morning and said he was working today but I may just go in this weekend. I’ll savor this free time!

BTW, King Arthur wasn’t very good, I don’t recommend it.

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