I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

02 July 2004

Wash Your Hair, Elentari, WASH IT!

Yeah, I really need to get motivated. Today I’m planning to study some of my A.P. bio. terms, take Nicole out to practice her manuverablility, (hopfully) change the covers on my bed, & read some of the college book Chanda gave me. I think I might stop by Chanda’s today anyway… I wanna show her my senior pics and see if she likes the ones i picked out. Even though I don’t have my outdoor ones yet (grrr). But first off I need to take and shower and wash my hair. No use talking about getting motivated if I can’t pull my butt out of this chair!

This random guy just imed me. He says he lives in Orrville but his profile says Toledo. I hate people like this, worst of all he’s a a he (no shit) and he won’t talk to me just pull out the *are you hott? do you have a bf?* It’s like TALK TO ME! What the hell do you expect from a girl online *oh yes I want you I need you, oh baby, oh baby* PLEASE!

Alright I’m off to take a shower and I SWEAR I’ll get motivated today.


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