I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

30 January 2006

The Usual

~~~~ Bored

I was taking my shower today and I realized that I have been 19 for exactly two months. Only two months. I feel like I've been 19 for ages. But, then again, I'm 1/6 of the way done with my 19th year. 1/6 of the way done with the last year as a teenager. How does this happen? I very much live in the moment. It seems like ages since I first came to college but when I think about it, I can't believe time has passed so quickly. Just like winter break. Already it seems ages since I've been home but only three weeks has passed. I'm entering my fourth week of classes already. And January is almost over. Then February, then I'll be back home in March for Spring Break. Back home, looking for another job. Something I'm really not looking forward to. I really should call my Aunt Darcey to see if I could work at the Green Leaf. I'll email her the second week of February *marks it on calendar so she doesn't forget*.

Wrote my first paper for English today. It really wasn't very good. I'm not sure what he was looking for. Just tried my best I guess. Lindsay and I watched the rest of the Lost DVDs we rented. Maybe we'll return them tomorrow. Should really be reading my Anthropology book right now. Have my first test Tuesday. Wednesday my History paper is due but I'll work on that tomorrow.
Schedule for Tomorrow:

8:15 Wake Up
9:00 Western Civ
10:00 Study in Library (Western Civ & Paper)
12:00 Italian
1:00 Lunch at Bell Tower
2:00 English
3:00 Come Back Here and Do any Italian and English Homework
4:00 Go to Rec

I'll leave the rest of the day open for surprises! :)

I ordered East Quad Delivery half an hour ago. It should be here soon. Why am I so hungry?

27 January 2006

Yay For No Homework This Weekend!

~~~~ Sleepy

*phew* I can't believe I actually got it all done. I always say I'll do my homework Thursday night but I never do. Yay for actually doing something I say I will! Of course, I'll still have homework this weekend (welcome to college). I need to start on my Elizabeth paper, study for an Anthropology exam, and probably do some English which I won't be assigned until tomorrow. I'm really not sure what I'll write my Elizabeth paper on. We were given a book pointing out all the negative aspects of Elizabeth's reign and I just finished reading it. I know Elizabeth has always been presented in History as an outstanding ruler. I mean, she has an entire time period named after her. But the book pointed out that it had more to do with she was smart enough to associate herself with people who really did know what they were doing instead of trying to accomplish anything herself. So she was a very good politician but she didn't do much herself and doesn't even deserve half of the credit she's recieved over the years. That makes me sad. I've always respected Elizabeth but I guess I should be happy that I finally know the truth. I'm just not sure which direction I'll take this paper once I sit down to write it.

Had a very busy day today. Woke up, ran to the market because I didn't have milk for my Breakfast Shake. They didn't have skim milk to I had to get 2% :eek: grrrrr. Went to Botany and felt pretty bad because Professor Money was trying to engage us in his discussion on ferns but no one was paying much attention and he could tell. Sorry, Money but sometimes ferns just aren't the interstesting at 11 in the morning. Went to Italian. I know that learning a foreign language is intimidating but at least we have some laughs in that class :) Had lunch at Bell Tower yum... went to Anthropology. Did an evolution experiment with the Black and White Peppered moths. It was actually a lot of fun. Talked to Kevin again and we worked on the experiment together. He's such a sweet kid :)
Went to the Rec. Stupid iPod wasn't done charging so I couldn't take it. Grrr, oh well. I need to get more reading done anyways. Came home, took a shower, and went to my History Discussion group. Worst 50 minutes of my life. Came home and me and Lindsay ran our movies back to Movie Gallery. Stopped by Kroger for some of the larger things we don't want to get Saturday. Seriously, why did I need 30 bottles of water? I get so mad at myself when I pull shit like that. Came back and watched Dancing with the Stars and Crumbs with Steffie. "Ah, it'll be just like senior prom except you won't be in the bushes screaming 'It unhooks in the front!" I love that show! Oh yes, "I would dance with Drew Lachey any day. Would you be the bull or the cape? Whichever one he fucks!" Can't forget that quote either! SO I did my homework and now here I am. I'm hoping to go to bed around 1 so I can get up at 10:30. Not looking forward to my Botany discussion group. I feel as if I should be getting a lab credit for that class!

25 January 2006

Is It Sad I'm Reading Someone Else's Textbook?

~~~~ Okay

Probably is. I did all my homework and I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself so Lindsay gave me her art history book and I'm reading the chapter on ancient Egypt. Yeah, it's appropriate. Now I really enjoy looking at the pictures knowing that in a year I may acutally be able to see things like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx in person. And all the pictures of the artifacts are credited to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Seeing all this stuff makes me realize how many times I'll have to actually go back to that museum to see everything I want to see. I'll be like once a week the entire four months I'm there!

Right now I'm waiting for Steffie to call. She's at a German movie over by Shriver and when it gets out it'll be very dark. We don't want her walking home alone, what with all the crimes and everything. So Lindsay and I will walk to Shriver to get her and we'll all walk back together.

Tomorrow I hope my day will go like this: Western Civ, Breakfast with Steffie, Western Civ Homework, Italian, Italian Homework in Library, English, Rec, Shower, Dinner, English Homework, Spectrum Discussion Board, LOST! LOST! LOST!

Today in Anthropology my prof asked if Lost was a good example of an enclosed environment with random mating. Not really, nice try though Dr. Scott! Oh! My book assignment is posted on Blackboard too. I got The Paleolithic Prescription. Not exactly my first choice but it'll do. Well, Tom is calling...

23 January 2006

Booo Steelers!

~~~~ Satisfied

I'm not gonna lie, I'm really not a Steelers fan and I'm very disappointed that they won today. And I wanted Carolina to win and they didn't really pull through either so I guess I didn't have a very good football day. Oh well, go Seattle I guess!

Got all my homework done today. Probably shouldn't have put it off but I did. Read 40 pages in my Elizabeth book, Read for Botany and Anthropology, worked with my English assignment, and finished my Italian exercises. Now I'm ready for next weeks homework assignments to get piled on! Tomorrow I have to go to Western Civ, then read for that after class, then talk to Dr. Peterson about the American University in Cairo, then go to Italian, lunch, and English. After that I'll run home real quick and change, then run to the rec for a while. If I want to there's a You're a Good Man Charlie Brown informational meeting at Presser tomorrow. I'm just not sure if I'm auditioning Tuesday or not. If I am I still don't have any sheet music.

Hmmm, I should go to bed soon. I was gonna take a Tylenol PM but I forgot. I guess I still have time if I take it right now.

22 January 2006


~~~~ Sleepy

I can't believe I just did that. I switched all my entries from my old blog, Elentari's Modblog to this one. I don't even want to think about how long that actually took. But I'm happy to have all my entries here and happy to get a fresh start. I stuck out with Modblog for as long as I could but I just can't take it anymore. I'm glad I found a site that lets me have the exact same look as my old blog. I'm actually kinda hoping some people won't even notice the difference! :laugh: I like the smilies here better anyways :p

Tonight Lindsay and I watched Everafter and A Knight's Tale. I like those movies. We're going to an Asian Dance Performance tomorrow and then watching 10 Things I Hate About You and Where the Heart Is. Steffie's friends from home are coming so my mission (if I choose to accpet it) is to keep both Lindsay and myself preoccupied. *cue MI music...*

I'm glad to be here. It feels nice.

18 January 2006


~~~~ Working

Can I just read my book? Someone was slamming doors this morning at 9 am and I found it very difficult to go back to sleep. So when my alarm went off I wasn't too willing to climb out of bed. I got around to it eventually and went to class. My botany professor spent quite a bit of time talking about google and how China will take over the world... Hmmmm, now he may have a point and everything but I don't think it should control our every day lives just yet. *Note* I just found out who kept me awake this morning with their damn door... about to go take care of that.

Stage Left is putting on You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and I kinda want to audition. I really like the show and since Stage Left isn't exactly technically oriented I thought, what the fuck, might as well do something. But there are only two real female roles. And while I'd really like to play Lucy I'm not sure if I'd get cast. I don't really want to be in the chorus. Maybe I shouldn't. It's a lot of work and obviously I'm not very motivated for anything but school work here. Probably as it should be. I didn't have a 3.56 gpa in high school, that's for sure.

Still have Anthropology and Italian tonight. Better get started on that.

12 January 2006

~~~~ Deep

Finally starting to get settled into my classes. Anthropology will be my favorite this semester by far. I really like the prof. He's just the right amount of eccentric. If that makes any sense. But it is in the classroom where the deer ran through the window and was shot. That's just kinda crazy. Lighting never strikes in the same place twice so I would hope deers running through windows would work about the same way, right?

It's only Wednesday but for some reason I find that very ironic. I feel as if this week is just dragging by and will never end but then I think back to Wooster and all my friends like Chanda, Tom, and Wally who are still there. The last week of my break just flew by for me. I'm wondering if this week is going by extremely fast and they're thinking 'oh my gosh, Wednesday already!?!?!' Then I think about how strange it is that time moves so differently from person to person. Even though we're all still living in the same 24 hour day... I think I'm thinking too much.

A new episode of Lost is on tonight. Yay! It's been many weeks without my Lost and that makes me sad. I don't have much homework but I'll do it before Lost and after Steffie and I go to Bell Tower. I'm glad I found a group of friends who don't mind eating like old people and getting dinner right at 5... or in this case, 4:15! My parents programmed me funny and now I can't eat at normal times. Oh well, we just eat when we want and that works out fine.

I don't know why I'm adding this but Craig is suppose to send me a print of it (some day) and I like it a lot.

Look at the rest of his work here and support a starving artist!

10 January 2006

At Least the First Day's Over

~~~~ Calm

My first day of classes is over. I liked my History class a lot. I think I'll get along fine in that class. Italian was okay. It was just as unnerving as the first day of Italian last semester so I figure it'll be about the same. English was weird though. The prof is so strange. I don't think I'll drop it or anything but it'll be interesting to sit this one out. I actually have a quiz tomorrow but it's just a review in Italian. Still, it's kinda fun to tell everyone that I have a quiz my second day back... the looks on their faces are fantastic. One of the main things I didn't miss when I was home? People screaming in the hallways and slamming doors. I hope this gets better next year. You hope everyone starts to grow up but we'll see -- this is college -- maybe they don't.

Dinner in half an hour away. I am so flippin' hungry. But I can wait (gulp). I finished my History reading and studying for my Italian quiz today when I was out of the dorm so the only thing I really have to do is a small writing on English but I don't remember quite what we're suppose to do. I guess I'll have to wait until he posts it on Blackboard. Hmmm, I was just thinking about how a year ago I would have no idea what Blackboard was. There are times when I begin to wonder if I'd prefer to go back to that time. Be the person I use to be then. There are parts of my I prefer then and parts I prefer now. Wally was talking about coming down to visit me this week and I told him to get a group together to come with him and I'm hoping Garrett and Bryce could at least be two of the people he brings. That's one of the biggest parts of my life a year ago I miss most. The personal, quality time I spent with people like Garrett and Bryce. I never get that anymore. Is it bad to wish for spring break and summer now? College is suppose to be the best four years of your life. Why are there times when I want to spend them at home?

08 January 2006

May it be Clear

~~~~ Blah

Some of my friends are leaving for Europe tomorrow. I'm jealous. I'm still here for 12 days. Some of my other friends have gone back to school. Miami's back, Garrett and Wally have been back for a week, Carolyn left today. It's basically me and Chanda and Chanda leaves next week. Suck! This weekend was beyond words. Saturday I went to the speech tournament. Honestly I loved judging. I love it much more then I liked competing. I judged a Duo round and an Extemp round. Extemp was weird and I wouldn't have liked doing it. Then I hung out with Chanda and Garrett until power rounds were announced. Preston and Charlie made it in (and consequently won the tournament)! So Chanda and I sprinted to the room to see them compete. But of course, with like three seconds before it started, in walks Ned: "Chanda or Megan! I need someone to judge a round where a judge hasn't shown up!" Thanks Ned. So I had to walk across the building into a packed room to judge Drama. Blast! It really wasn't that bad except for no one in the Duo room would let me through and I almost impalled like three people on my high heels. The awards ceremony was horrible. In the sense that Lady A's son came to speak and made everyone cry. It was so moving. She did some things in her life that I will never forgive her for but she certainly changed many lives. After the tournament Garrett and I hung out and got some movies. We had time to kill because our silly friends were tired and needed to take a nap before we could hang out :rolleyes: hahahaha. We watched Caddyshack (I got to see the gopher dance and I thought of Wally) and a Robin Williams stand up comedy dvd. Sooo funny! We ate too much ice cream and it felt so good to be with these fantastic friends. Having Garrett back in my life is one of the greatest things ever. So Garrett's back at school, so are Megan and Sean. I'm not sure about Skye. But Chanda and I will probably go into hiding with one another this week. This has been a fantastic break. I really feel ready to go to Cairo now. I promised Garrett I wouldn't get kidnapped and he promised me he wouldn't either :D Life, bring it on...


This is the End

~~~~ Sad

Tomorrow I go back to Miami. I'm kinda sad but kinda indifferent. Most of my friends at home are almost looking forward to going back to school but most of my Miami friends are kinda sad to go back. Maybe it's also because most of my friends at home have another week home before their school starts again. I think I've just gotten lazy. Going back to school requires work and doing homework. Booo! But oh well, nothing I can do about it and the sooner I go back the sooner I get to come home.

I really should think about packing. I haven't done much but I do have things a little organized and daddy's running some errands to get some last minute things I've forgotten. I figure if I start packing by 8:00 tonight I should be ready to go on time. My iPod isn't ready. It failed the battery test and now they have to put a new one in. They have to order the battery, then replace it, then they have to get around to calling my house which seems to take a while, then my parents have to get around to going up to legacy village, and then they need to ship it to me. I won't have my iPod for a while. I'll give it a week then I'll call the Apple store to see what they have to say. It takes forever to talk to anyone when you call but it'll be worth it to have my LuLu safely in my hands again.

04 January 2006

Springtime for Hitler

~~~~ Thirsty

... and Germany!!! Tee-hee. I can't wait to see The Producers on screen. It looks so very good. I've been singing that song all day. Chanda and I went back to high school to see teachers and such. We saw Hiner, Vinion, Patterson, Storck, Adams, Martin, Kiel, and a couple others. It was nice. I didn't mind stopping by if I could leave when I pleased and there wasn't any homework assigned to me. Tee!

Is it just my modblog or are all images not working? I don't have my banner thingy at the top, my leaves aren't on my background, and I don't see any pictures what so ever. I guess I'll check mymodblog later. Not again with modblog shutting down. I may leave if they do this to me again.

Tomorrow Chanda and I are planning a road trip. We're going down to see a giant Jesus, 109 concrete corn statues, and a giant rock garden. Oh, you know I'll be taking pictures!

02 January 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!

~~~~ Indescribable

I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve. Mine was pretty good. I went to see Memoirs of a Geisha and that was good. I really liked it and I think I want to read the book now. Although, Carolyn said that it wasn't a real Geisha and it was written by some dude. That's a little disappointing. Ate a Steak and Shake for dinner. Side-by-side Mocha Vanilla Milkshakes? Very good! Then I sat and watched the ball drop at midnight and sipped bubbling grape juice. I didn't go to sleep until 3 am so I didn't wake up today until noon. Now I plan just to sit around. Currently I'm munching on some Hershey miniature chocolates and watching I love the 90s on VH1. I hope tomorrow I can make it to the Apple Store to have my iPod fixed. Andrew thinks that there's something wrong with the connection between my battery and the rest of my iPod but that the battery is still probably dead. Why the hell does this always happen to me? Grrrrrr! I should work out for a little bit today though and hopefull finish Fellowship. I feel like it's taking me entirley too long to finish Lord of the Rings this time. Oh well, I'm dragging it out this time... making it last, right?