I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

25 January 2006

Is It Sad I'm Reading Someone Else's Textbook?

~~~~ Okay

Probably is. I did all my homework and I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself so Lindsay gave me her art history book and I'm reading the chapter on ancient Egypt. Yeah, it's appropriate. Now I really enjoy looking at the pictures knowing that in a year I may acutally be able to see things like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx in person. And all the pictures of the artifacts are credited to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Seeing all this stuff makes me realize how many times I'll have to actually go back to that museum to see everything I want to see. I'll be like once a week the entire four months I'm there!

Right now I'm waiting for Steffie to call. She's at a German movie over by Shriver and when it gets out it'll be very dark. We don't want her walking home alone, what with all the crimes and everything. So Lindsay and I will walk to Shriver to get her and we'll all walk back together.

Tomorrow I hope my day will go like this: Western Civ, Breakfast with Steffie, Western Civ Homework, Italian, Italian Homework in Library, English, Rec, Shower, Dinner, English Homework, Spectrum Discussion Board, LOST! LOST! LOST!

Today in Anthropology my prof asked if Lost was a good example of an enclosed environment with random mating. Not really, nice try though Dr. Scott! Oh! My book assignment is posted on Blackboard too. I got The Paleolithic Prescription. Not exactly my first choice but it'll do. Well, Tom is calling...

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