I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

23 January 2006

Booo Steelers!

~~~~ Satisfied

I'm not gonna lie, I'm really not a Steelers fan and I'm very disappointed that they won today. And I wanted Carolina to win and they didn't really pull through either so I guess I didn't have a very good football day. Oh well, go Seattle I guess!

Got all my homework done today. Probably shouldn't have put it off but I did. Read 40 pages in my Elizabeth book, Read for Botany and Anthropology, worked with my English assignment, and finished my Italian exercises. Now I'm ready for next weeks homework assignments to get piled on! Tomorrow I have to go to Western Civ, then read for that after class, then talk to Dr. Peterson about the American University in Cairo, then go to Italian, lunch, and English. After that I'll run home real quick and change, then run to the rec for a while. If I want to there's a You're a Good Man Charlie Brown informational meeting at Presser tomorrow. I'm just not sure if I'm auditioning Tuesday or not. If I am I still don't have any sheet music.

Hmmm, I should go to bed soon. I was gonna take a Tylenol PM but I forgot. I guess I still have time if I take it right now.

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