I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

12 January 2006

~~~~ Deep

Finally starting to get settled into my classes. Anthropology will be my favorite this semester by far. I really like the prof. He's just the right amount of eccentric. If that makes any sense. But it is in the classroom where the deer ran through the window and was shot. That's just kinda crazy. Lighting never strikes in the same place twice so I would hope deers running through windows would work about the same way, right?

It's only Wednesday but for some reason I find that very ironic. I feel as if this week is just dragging by and will never end but then I think back to Wooster and all my friends like Chanda, Tom, and Wally who are still there. The last week of my break just flew by for me. I'm wondering if this week is going by extremely fast and they're thinking 'oh my gosh, Wednesday already!?!?!' Then I think about how strange it is that time moves so differently from person to person. Even though we're all still living in the same 24 hour day... I think I'm thinking too much.

A new episode of Lost is on tonight. Yay! It's been many weeks without my Lost and that makes me sad. I don't have much homework but I'll do it before Lost and after Steffie and I go to Bell Tower. I'm glad I found a group of friends who don't mind eating like old people and getting dinner right at 5... or in this case, 4:15! My parents programmed me funny and now I can't eat at normal times. Oh well, we just eat when we want and that works out fine.

I don't know why I'm adding this but Craig is suppose to send me a print of it (some day) and I like it a lot.

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