I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

10 January 2006

At Least the First Day's Over

~~~~ Calm

My first day of classes is over. I liked my History class a lot. I think I'll get along fine in that class. Italian was okay. It was just as unnerving as the first day of Italian last semester so I figure it'll be about the same. English was weird though. The prof is so strange. I don't think I'll drop it or anything but it'll be interesting to sit this one out. I actually have a quiz tomorrow but it's just a review in Italian. Still, it's kinda fun to tell everyone that I have a quiz my second day back... the looks on their faces are fantastic. One of the main things I didn't miss when I was home? People screaming in the hallways and slamming doors. I hope this gets better next year. You hope everyone starts to grow up but we'll see -- this is college -- maybe they don't.

Dinner in half an hour away. I am so flippin' hungry. But I can wait (gulp). I finished my History reading and studying for my Italian quiz today when I was out of the dorm so the only thing I really have to do is a small writing on English but I don't remember quite what we're suppose to do. I guess I'll have to wait until he posts it on Blackboard. Hmmm, I was just thinking about how a year ago I would have no idea what Blackboard was. There are times when I begin to wonder if I'd prefer to go back to that time. Be the person I use to be then. There are parts of my I prefer then and parts I prefer now. Wally was talking about coming down to visit me this week and I told him to get a group together to come with him and I'm hoping Garrett and Bryce could at least be two of the people he brings. That's one of the biggest parts of my life a year ago I miss most. The personal, quality time I spent with people like Garrett and Bryce. I never get that anymore. Is it bad to wish for spring break and summer now? College is suppose to be the best four years of your life. Why are there times when I want to spend them at home?

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