I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

10 September 2006

101 Things

~~~~ Groggy

1. 5th grade teacher's name: Mrs. DeHart

2. Last words you said to dad: probably Bye

3. Last song you sang: Whatever was playing at the bowling alley last night.

4. Last person who hugged: Danean

5. Last thing you laughed at: Probably Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

6. Last time you said I love you and meant it: when i said goodbye to my parents

7. Last time you cried: when i had my panic attack when i first go to school

9. What color socks are you wearing: not wearing any

10. What's under your bed: lots of stuff. it's on risers so i could put things like my laundry basket and my box with towels in it

11. What time did you wake up today: 10, then again at 1

12. Current taste: bubblemint orbit gum

13. Current hair: wet

15. Current annoyance: not much. i finished my homework so i'm really bored

16. Current longing: to get my AUC application in and to know that i'm going to cairo

17. Current desktop background: la salve by viggo mortenson

26. If you could play any instrument: guitar better

27. Favorite color(s): orange

29. How tall are you: 5'1

30. Current favorite word/saying: awkward!

31. Favorite Show: Lost!!!

32. favorite season: Spring

36. What is your career going to be like: whatever i truly want to do... currently I'm thinking anything to do with egyptology

37. How many kids do you want: none


39. Said "I love you" : Yess

40. Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird etc: in what?

41. Have you ever been to New York: yes

42. Been to Florida: yes

43. Been to California: yes

44. Been to Hawaii: no

45. Been to Mexico: nope

46. Been to China: Nope

45: Been to Ireland?: Nope

48. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: not the very next day but i have dreamed weird things that have happened

52. Do you have a crush on someone: not a serious crush

53. What book are you reading now?: chapterhouse dune. the dune series isn't very good. i don't recommend it

54. where is it?: my dorm... with me

55. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning: I wanna sleep more

56. How many rings before you answer: however long it takes me to get to the phone

57. Future daughter's names: don't plan to have kids

58. Future son's names: don't plan to have kids

59. What do you sleep with: my pillows?

60. What do you wear to sleep in: some form of pj pants and a tshirt

62. Where do you wish you were?: cairo

63. Piercings: 5 in my ears

64. Tattoos: none

65. Hair color: brown

66. Eye color: it vaires with my mood... blueish


67. What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use: herbal essence

70. Who is the last person that called you: Laura?

71. Where do you want to get married: if i could married anywhere i'd pick stonehedge but i realize that won't happen

72. If you could change anything about your life what would it be?: i'd know i was going to cairo and everything would work out

73. Hate: let love replace all hate

74. Been In Love: possibly

75. Are you timely or always late: timely!

76. Do you have a job: sorta... they don't know it but i think i quit!

77. Do you like being around people: depends

78. Best feeling in the world: being loved

80. Are you a health freak: sorta

81. Do you have a "type" of person you always fall for: i dunno... i like curly haired hippies and blonde punk rockers, but i normall end up with some form of geek

86. Do you want kids: no


87. Cried: no

88. Bought something: yeah

89. Gotten Sick: no

90. Sang: oh yeah

91. Said I Love You: sure

92. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them: not really

94. Moved On: not really

95. Talked to someone: that be kinda sad if you went a week without talking to anyone

96. Had a serious talk: i don't really think so

97. Missed Someone: my dog?

98. Hugged Someone: yup

99. Kissed Someone: not really

100. Yelled at Someone: i don't think i've meant it

101. Dreamed about someone you cant have: sorta

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