I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

16 July 2006

Crash... But Not Like the Movie

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Well, you always know it'll happen to you someday but you're never ready for it. Had my first car accident yesterday. What an experience. I was driving down a local street, one that I've probably been down hundreds of times, when I passed an elderly woman at a stop sign. I didn't really think anything of it since I KNEW I had the right away but when I was about level with her she started coming toward me! Well, she hit me at the front of my car... smashing my headlight. But since she was in the process of turning left she literally peeled all the metal from my headlight to my passenger-side door off. Needless to say I was extremely dazed and confused but luckily not hurt. There were a lot of people around and they came rushing to help. It was really nice to know that so many people wanted to helps us out. The police came quickly and it was really quite effortless. Unfortunatley by dad was out of town and I couldn't get a hold of my mom so how to get out of downtown was a little more difficult. I ended up trying to get a hold of Chanda but she was at the gym so her wonderful mother came to get me. I love Roni so much! She sat with me until the tow-truck took my beloved first car away and then drove me home. I need to go get her flowers either tomorrow or Monday.

So my first car ever is gone. The shop I had it towed to called and said it was totaled. :( Believe it or not I'm really sad. I loved that car and I didn't care that it was a 1994 and had 119,000 miles on it. It was my car and I knew it was always there for me. Thanks to an old woman, it's gone now. I'm sorry, but I think when you turn 65 you should be required to re-take your drivers test and then every 2 years after you need to take it and then you just simply cannot drive after 75. Period. I've heard and seen too many close calls because of senior citizen drivers and a few years ago a senior citizen actually killed one of my dad's friend's sons because, once more, she just drove right through a stop sign. I can tell you this, my parents won't have their license after they've turned 75. Better safe than sorry.

R.I.P. Darwin Jr. You will be missed.

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