I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

05 July 2007

How Amazing is This?

~~~~ Hopeful

What a wonderful concept. The HOPING foundation really has the right idea.

HOPING stands for Hope and Optimism for Palestinians In the Next Generation. This next generation will be the key to peace. Palestinian refugee children need the simple chances and ordinary possibilities that can offer them creative solutions to their lives. The most important thing we can do is to help generate these possibilities, giving refugee children a belief in the promise of a better future. We will be showing Palestinian children that their struggle to transform their lives is encouraged and supported by people in Britain and throughout the rest of the world.HOPING maintains a small scale administrative set-up in order to ensure that a large majority of funds we raise are given directly to community projects in refugee camps working with children. Most importantly, the recipients of grants are small community initiatives that provide immediate assistance, and will make such a huge difference to their everyday lives. Grants are provided to encourage and improve all aspects of children’s lives; through art, music, social and sporting activities, and through their education and health needs.

They have cute things to buyto help the cause. It's totally worth it!

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