I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

17 February 2007

Seeing the Pyramids of Giza

~~~~ Anxious

Oh my gosh what an amazing life I have!

Thursday - With another week of classes out of the way Katie and I decide to take it kinda easy but still conquer a few more post-its. So we called Brian and headed over to Cairo Tower. Wow. That experience was so unnecessarily exhausting! First of all, because we turned down one street too soon we ended up walking around the entire park complex Cairo Tower is located! *Groan* Then we went up to it unsure as to how to go in and, of course, like everything else, it required a ticked. We finally made it inside of the elevator and met a bellhop who took us up to the top floor. You could tell he didn't speak much english but he did know one phrase: "George Bush not so good?" We agreed with him and we all had a little laugh :p So we hung out on top of Cairo Tower and the views were pretty much amazing! After that we decided to meet other Brian and Duncan at Zamalek restaurant for dinner. Well, we got lost going there agian! Thursday night was just the nigth for getting lost. But we managed after I called Brian in a despairing lost voice and he offered to meet us outside of Drinkies (before we ordered anything for ourselves!) and take us to the restaurant. Seriously? I've had some good falafel since I've been here but that was the best yet! Two more post-its down Thursday night! So we decide to head home early because we're getting up even earlier to go to the pyramids! Well after having my first Kinder chocolate egg (with the best toy EVER inside) I sit down to check facebook one last time before I go to bed. I see that Chanda has written on my wall (yay!) So I check it out to find that SHE'S BOOKED A FLIGHT TO CAIRO AND SHE'S COMING TO SEE ME! Triple Yaaaay! She's coming for her spring break and will be here in 18 days. Oh joy of joys! So overall, Thursday? Very good day!

Friday - What a looong day! We woke up real early to meet some of the rush to the pyramids. To say the least. We beat the crowd, were there with the crowd, and stayed long after the crowd was gone. They really weren't kidding. You get HASSELED at the pyramids. First we went inside Khafre's pyramid. Amazing! Then we walked around Menkaure's pyramid and say views of Saqqara. Even MORE amazing. The we went down to say hi to the Sphinx... I think you get the picture. Then we went inside Khufu's pyramid. *Swoon* Next was the solar boat museum. Really interesting but honestly? The best part? The little slippers they made you wear over your shoes to keep out the sand. Hahahaha! After that we needed a break so we headed over to the Pizza Hut. Eating pizza while admiring the view of the pyramids? Oh. My. God. So to end the day in perfection we hired horses and camels and rode into the desert. I got a horse named Heidi and we actually galloped up some sand dunes. Actually, galloping is a lot easier then trotting... except when the horse makes a sudden stop you weren't expecting and you fall off! It's okay though, we were still in the desert and it was really soft sand... actually it was kinda fun believe it or not. So after another day of unimaginable experiences we headed come to collapse into bed.


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