I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

19 January 2007

From car to train to waiting plane

~~~~ Scared

I leave tomorrow. In 24 hours I'll be sitting at the JFK airport anxiously awaiting to board the plane that will take me to Cairo. My mom told me I could stay home if I wanted. I laughed. She gave me the chance to stay home if I felt scared. She doesn't want me to go. My parents are wonderful people. But I have learned that staying too long equals disaster here. Even if I was so scared I couldn't breathe I'm pretty sure I would still go. My parents, especially my mother, are just unliveable for that long. My bags are packed. Everything is ready. I hope I meet kids going to AUC on the plane. Maybe even Chanda's friend. I really want to meet him. But he'll probably be in Zamalek. Oh well. I just hope the shuttle takes me to Garden City. Not Zamalek. They said they'd do everything they could to change my plans but since this is an extended Islamic holiday they might not be able to. On the plane I plan to work out a couple schedules for classes. The university is closed Sunday but I'll register a scheduling time after the orientation meeting Monday morning. I can't wait to meet my roommates. I'm hoping for the best! Well... the next time I post I'll be in Cairo... that's Egypt! Ahhhh! See you across the ocean! :D

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