I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

03 November 2006

The One You Have With Yourself

~~~~ Pretty Darn Good

Only two more classes until the weekend! That's amazing. I'm so ready for a break from everything. I want all my homework done today so I don't have to worry about anything. That sounds too good to me. Lindsay's working a lot this weekend and that kinda sucks because we won't have any random adventures but I'll survive. Wally called last night but I didn't answer. I think I'll call him this weekend. I think he and his girlfriend broke up so I'd assum he'd want to talk about it. I miss him. Seeing those rotc guys in my Arabic class four times a week makes me really miss him. I hope he'll always be okay.

Lindsay registered for my classes next semester since I was in the cemetary for Geology. I have four classes... yeah, that's only 12 credit hours. AND all four of those classes are Tuesday / Thursday. That means I have NO classes MWF. Now I almost want this schedule! But if I did stay here next semester I'd more then likely add a few more classes and they'd more than likely be MWF but still! I kinda like to look at my schedule just because I think it's too funny! Oh well, I still want to go to Cairo more!!!

It's been a month. Any time now, right?

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