I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

24 March 2006

The Weekends

~~~~ Mellow

All of a sudden this year seems doable. This weekend Tom's coming and after he leaves on Saturday, Laura, Lindsay, and I are going bowling. Then Sunday we're going to find a Sonic. You know, like Harold and Kumar go to White Castle? Well, Laura, Lindsay, and Megan go to Sonic! So now that I started thinking about it I realized that if I have things to look forward to every weekend the weekdays will pass by much faster. So, here's the schedule... Next weekend Felicia is on the Relay for Life Team so I get the room to myself... party in my room. The 8th and the 9th Steph's brother might come down and I'm sure we'll go out. If not maybe we'll take a Target trip. Now that we have cars the sky's the limit. The 14th and the 15th my parents are coming down to help me pack up some of my stuff. And while that really isn't on the weekend it's still something to look forward to and I think it'll occupy us. The next weekend I might go home if I have to interview for any jobs. Right now I haven't gotten any calls and I'm beginning to despair. The only thing I can think of is on most of the applications they asked me when I could start working and I put down May, after I get home. So maybe they're waiting for that date to call. I really have no idea how this whole job thing works. Yeah, obviously I'm spoiled and never really had to do this before. All my past jobs I've gotten from people I know... not just walked into a store and asked for an application. Then of course the weekend after that is the weekend before finals. The last weekend as a college freshman. The weekend before I leave this place for three months. Geeze. That's crazy!

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