I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

27 March 2006

Kofenya is Such a Witty Name

~~~~ Hungry

Sitting at Koffenya right now. Just finished my homework and now I'm waiting for the Veggie Panini that I ordered to come. Oh, I so very hungry. This weekend was crazy fun. Tom came on Friday and he let me drive his car to Indiana randomly. Lindsay went the farthest west she's ever gone and I drove across a state line for the first time... oh, my food came! Then we went to a nearby Panera Bread for dinner. P.S. I LOVE Panera Bread. We also got Lindsay an aqua frog while we were out... his name is Oscar. After we went back to the dorm for a while Tom and I went to Coldstone because I think I got him hooked and then back to the dorm for more chill time. I didn't sleep well that night... no, not for the reason you're thinking :rolleyes: it was just an uncomfortable night.

The next day we went to Bell Tower for breakfast then AutoZone to get him some new windshield wipers. That took entirely too long but that's okay. I got to sit in the car and watch all the townies come through. Interesting :| Tom left shortly after that. I'm sad he's gone. We always have such a good time when he comes down to visit.

The rest of Saturday was CrAzY!!! :@ After a nap Lindsay and I met Laura at Quzinos for dinner and then we went bowling... yeah, my high score was an 81... that's all I'll say. Lindsay did award me most improved however. Then we went to Wal-Mart for general chaos and mayhem. I bought Disney Scene It so I'm exempt from paying gas money for a while *cheers* Laura won one game and I won the other!!!

Today Laura, Lindsay, and Megan went to Sonic. Cheese Fries? Good! Strawberry Cream Pie Shake? GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Sonic is my new favorite fast food resturant. Steffie got back from Bowling Green after that and we were gonna go to Koffenya for homework time but it was full so we ended up at Bell Tower until it closed and now we're at Koffenya. Veggie Paninis are quite possibly the best food in the world. Actually, today's been an entire day of exceedingly good food. Exceedingly high caloric, but still good. I think reading that Paleolithic Prescription book has ruioned me forever because I keep analyzing everything I eat and thinking 'hunters and gatherers would not eat this' :p but I'm crazy and that's just how I roll.

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