I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

11 February 2006

~~~~ Recumbent

Just saw Jarhead with my friends. It was a war movie. I'm anti-war. I mean, it could have been worse but it could have been much better. We're seeing Brokeback Mountain tomorrow and I have a feeling that will be much more my taste.

Today was a really nice day. I woke up at 11:00 and went to Botany. That kinda sucked but it always feels so good to get out of that class. Then I chilled for a while before English. Then I went up to Wells and got a package my parents sent me. My shirts from Delias finally came and lots of cookies and sweets. Then Steph and I went to the rec and went to BW3s for dinner with Lindsay. I saw Kevin there from my Anthropology class. Then we went to Coldstone and I had White Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter... mmmm that was verrry tastey. Aftwerward we watched The Sound of Music. I've seen that movie many times but never all of it. "You are 17 going on 18. Yooouuuu'll take caaaare of meeee. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Priceless.

Tomorrow I have to tape Steph's english project and then we're going to see Brokeback Mountain :) I feel as if we're doing something else but I don't remember. Sunday is a Kroger run with dinner at Spaghettis. It'll be a nice weekend. Not too much to do but enough to keep me sane.

Snapshots17 (2:46:40 AM): but meet me half way on this one, see what you can do about growing a penis...

Snapshots17 (2:52:12 AM): y tu tambien chica atractiva

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