I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

06 February 2006


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It's amazing that so many people can be so enthralled with something like football. One of the commercials that companies spend millions of dollars for said something along the lines of "football and the Superbowl are the most American thing out there." Now, I'm not saying they aren't for I know most televisions across this country are currently tuned into the Superbowl and watching even if they haven't seen any other game all year. But I do like to pretend that maybe America could be about alittle more than that. Possibly? I'm not trying to protest some mainstream corporate America idea here... I mean, I'm watching the Superbowl right now -- The Rolling Stones are playing -- I would like to see Seattle win. The world just makes me wonder at times. Should we be paying more attention to other things in our lives or is it a good thing that we live in a world where it's perfectly acceptable to turn on the television and watch something like the Superbowl? Life is a strange thing. Children are sleeping outside right now starving while others are stuffing their faces with wings and pizza. Is that the natural state of the world? Is this just how things work out? Some people prosper beyond belief while others wither and die without a chance. Things like this are addressed to the masses and they do think about them-- for a while. Then they leave the classroom, or click out of the webpage, or close the newspaper. And turn on their televisions. Should we feel bad about that? Or is that just the way things are.

I hate thinking those things. They make me feel so helpless. There's no way to convince the masses of anything nowadays. Not without some terrorist attack or mass pandemic of sorts. Why does everything have to be radical to make changes. And then why are the radicals thwarted in every day life? We don't allow revolutions but it's the revolutions that change us the most.

We just can't win.

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