I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

05 January 2009

The Last Break

~~~~ Okay

When this break started I thought it would never end. Every day was like a lifetime and I seriously thought I was back in this town for the rest of my life. But all of a sudden tomorrow is my last day and I get to go back to school. I mean, granted I'm still going back a full four days before most everyone else but still wow. And I just had an epiphany that this was basically my last break. There is still spring break but I'm not spending it at home and spring break is a completely different form of break then winter. And this was it. No more breaks no more relaxing extended periods of time. Welcome real world. Bring. It. On. Going back early has the opportunity to be really excellant or really terrible. One way or another Thursday on will be great. Picking up Michele then just relaxing for the rest of the weekend with just a little bit of work will be so much better then being here. But Wednesday. Wednesday may either royaly suck or be totally fantastic. We'll see how it's handeled by... well... by people in general. It'll just be so satisfying to be back.

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