I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

23 December 2008

PC Woes

~~~~ Bored

So as a little Merry Christmas to me I bought the Sims2 Double Deluxe edition. Hey it was $20 and I love the original Sims so I thought "what the heck." Well the first two seconds I got into the game were pretty fun... Then I kept getting a blue screen of death with an ati2davg infinite loop problem. I went ahead and googled it and I think I got a fix... a lot of pages told me to update my drives... or something. I dunno, there were step by step directions and I followed the steps. Now I should be good to go but needless to say I'm nervous to start over so I'm taking a little break. If worst comes to worst I'll just sell the game on ebay! It's not like I was planning to play it for very long either... if my parentals agree to fork over half the cost like they said they would for my birthday / christmas / graduation present, I should be getting a pretty new macbook this break. There's a part of me that's actually kinda nervous... I've never owned a mac before and what if something goes wrong? But pretty much I'm just looking forward to owning a computer with minimum problems. And since my computer knowledge starts with iTunes and ends with an extrememly limited knowledge of html, I have a feeling that the fool-proofness of a mac is just what I need. The problems I've been experienced with my beloved IBM over the past year have made choose to go over to the dark-side of the PC world. So good-bye Sims (if I can get it to work on good-ol Clark hopefully I'll be spending my break playing however) and hello Barney (because the MacBook's so pretty it's suited up... How I Met Your Mother, anyone?).

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