I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

09 June 2008


~~~~ Gloomy

I have a headache. I drank my daily coffee but it still won't go away. Sigh. Didn't go to the museum today. Couldn't tell you why. I guess the idea of spending five hours with those people today was just too much to bear. At least they won't be there tomorrow. Maybe I should go Tuesday - Friday instead of Monday - Thursday. Avoidence is my drug of choice. At least I was slightly productive today. Getting my laundry done. Walked Ramsay. Need to get more active. I wonder if there are any kickboxing or self defense classes nearby. I would love to take some of those. That would be a real moral booster. I'll look into it. This summer has not turned out to be the non-stop, constant-work summer I was expecting but at least it's going by. I was home this weekend. Brian and I had coffee and then he asked me to lunch but I couldn't make it... hmmm.

I was hoping for so much more this summer.

Currently Listening: Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance - Harry Greggson-Williams

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