I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

28 July 2007

Book Review: Before Women Had Wings

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Recently I finished a book called Before Women Had Wings by Conni May Fowler. It's not exactly the kind of book I normall read but I actually really like it. The book is the story about a young girl named Bird growing up near Tampa, Florida. Her father commits suicide and her, her older sister Phoebe, and her mother move to the city to try to start over. But trouble follows them because Bird's mother is plauged with a failed life and falls to drinking to solver her problems. Bird's only salvation is with Miss Zora, a kindly woman who teaches Bird about nature and love. I think Fowler's writing style is what makes this book so good. Even though Bird's life seems so hopeless she still finds joy in the small things. It keeps the book engaging and enjoyable. And, to be blatant, it makes you realize your life could be severly worse. I highly recommend it.

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