I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

07 March 2007

Information Travels Faster

~~~~ Amused

Monday - Woke up and went to Social Movements. Dr. Saad wasn't there so we had a guest lecturer. Dr. Bayat wrote a book about street movements so he talked about it. I'm sure it was an interesting book but he wasn't a very engagin speaker so my mind wandered... and I texted Cori to see if she wanted to go to the gym. Got out of class and went back to the flat. Had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwhich for lunch. Cori came by and we decided to go to the gym. I was molto proud of myself for going. :p I just road on the bike, did some crunches and a few yoga positions but it felt so good. It stretched out all my sore muscles. Forgot my flipflops and a towel so I couldn't shower there so Cori and I walked back through the streets of Cairo all sweaty. Took a shower at home and realized I was late for Geography of Ancient Egypt. Went to see Allison and decided our time would be better spent if we planned out Luxor trip. Started planning and I came up with a pretty good plan of cheap hotels, efficient train rides, and a tour of Luxor and Aswan which allowed us to see everything in three days. All for less then 500 LE. So Emily and I otlobed Chinese (Fried Noodles and Spring Rolls *yummy* sauteed mushrooms? not so much) and watched Family Guy.

Tuesday - Historiography was just as boring as ever. I'm really not sure how I'm gonna survive that class. Began to feel really sick... I think I got a cold ontop of Mt. Sinai so I went back to the flat to rest for a while. Suzanne was home and told me that the train tickets to Luxor were sold out already... so much for that idea. Hopefully we'll go in two weeks. Got into bed planning to just take a quick nap before Egyptology and ended up sleeping through the class. Cori came home soon after and we decided to go for Koshari. We also decided to get some shopping done. We bought some fresh flowers for our room and then got some groceries to make stuffed peppers for the flat. Got home and started cooking. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy cooking here. Ate our peppers and got my homework done then took some ThermaFlu Roxanne gave me and went to bed.

Wednesday - Woke up feeling a little better... like the worst part is over. Forced myself to go to Social Movements even though I really didn't want to. Went and dozed the entire time. The idea of that class is so exciting but it really isn't. Oh well. Went to the suk with Katie and got the rest of the ingredients for fuul. I went back to the flat and started cooking. The beans had to steam for 5-6 hours so I needed to get started then. Made myself a salad for lunch then read for a little bit. I'm really enjoying American Gods. Thought about getting some work done that isn't due until Monday but I couldn't talk myself into it. I'll regret it when Chanda's here but I guess I'll just suck it up. Drank more of Roxanne's ThermaFlu (still feel poopy) and took another mininap. Woke up for Geography of Ancient Egypt. Allison didn't learn anything except that Posiedon is the god of orgasms (obviously not from class). See, Posiedon is the god of thunder. Thunder=orgasm. Posiedon is the god of the ocean. Ocean=ejaculation. Posiedon is the god of horses. Horses=big penis. Therefore, Posiedon is the god of sexy-doo. Yeah... aka we learned NOTHING. Came back and Random Dan came over for fuul. Out of our three cooking experiements I have to say that our fuul has been the biggest failure. I think we used the wrong beans. Now I'm still over at Katie and Allison's flat killing time before Chanda's flight comes in. Brian's over too and he's coming to guard us during the cabride. Chanda's flight should be in in an hour and fifteen minutes. We'll probably leave in an hour. I'm really super excited but at the same time I really sleppy at the moment because of this cold. But right at this moment? I'm really amused watching Brian and Allison play soccer with a beach ball... it's the little things in life.

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