I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

28 January 2007

Missed Opportunities

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What an amazing day!

A lot of the other AUC kids were planning to go to the Pyramids today but we decided to visit Islamic Cairo. We randomly met up with a girl we invited along and she told us it wasn't far to walk. So we did just that. It was about a 15 minute walk to get to the bazaar area and we did a little bit of shopping (I didn't get anything just yet) and then decided to move on to see the Citadel. We got kinda lost on the way but managed to stumble across this run-down mosque called the Blue Mosque that was an absolute treat. We got a guide who showed us around and even took us to the top of the minaret for views of Cairo! It was amazing! It was a hazy day so we couldn't see the pyramids but he claimed on clear days you could. I posted all my pictures to my photo album so you'll have to check them out. After that we went on to see the Citadel. It was nice there but kinda touristy. It cost 40 pounds to get in, but only 20 if you were a student. The only problem was we didn't have our AUC IDs yet and I left my Miami ID at home. So I showed them my Driver's Liscence instead hoping I could explain I was a student... because of my age. But I don't think the woman checking my ID could read English very well and she just assumed it was a college ID and let me through! Oh well, I really am a student! The Mosque of Mohamed Ali was really pretty and the views from the top of the Citadel were amazing. We think we almost found AUC in the distance! Afterward we stopped by a local restaurant for Fuul... it was kinda spicier then most fuul I've had but it was still good... and at only one pound for a full meal you can't really complain! After that we decided to walk home. It was a longer walk then the orignal because we walked straight home instead of meandering and, of course, we got lost some more! But Egyptians are really friendly... especially when it comes to giving directions so we managed to get back just fine.

After a little rest we went out for coffee. The first night here our housing manager showed us around the area of Cairo we're living and he took us to this wonderful open-air cafe were you can sit at tables right on the street or in a little garden. So we managed to find the place again and just sat back and people watched for a while. I really like the coffee here and it'll be quite the adjustment when I try to drink coffee back home!

After our busy day today we're planning a more easy-going day for tomorrow. We might do some laundry, go shopping for groceries, and go explore a little of Zamalek. Apparently the better restaurants are over there. But we're five minutes walking distance from AUC, the Egyptology Museum, and the heart of Cairo, so I guess it evens out.

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