I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

08 January 2007

May it be Clear

~~~~ Blah

Some of my friends are leaving for Europe tomorrow. I'm jealous. I'm still here for 12 days. Some of my other friends have gone back to school. Miami's back, Garrett and Wally have been back for a week, Carolyn left today. It's basically me and Chanda and Chanda leaves next week. Suck! This weekend was beyond words. Saturday I went to the speech tournament. Honestly I loved judging. I love it much more then I liked competing. I judged a Duo round and an Extemp round. Extemp was weird and I wouldn't have liked doing it. Then I hung out with Chanda and Garrett until power rounds were announced. Preston and Charlie made it in (and consequently won the tournament)! So Chanda and I sprinted to the room to see them compete. But of course, with like three seconds before it started, in walks Ned: "Chanda or Megan! I need someone to judge a round where a judge hasn't shown up!" Thanks Ned. So I had to walk across the building into a packed room to judge Drama. Blast! It really wasn't that bad except for no one in the Duo room would let me through and I almost impalled like three people on my high heels. The awards ceremony was horrible. In the sense that Lady A's son came to speak and made everyone cry. It was so moving. She did some things in her life that I will never forgive her for but she certainly changed many lives. After the tournament Garrett and I hung out and got some movies. We had time to kill because our silly friends were tired and needed to take a nap before we could hang out :rolleyes: hahahaha. We watched Caddyshack (I got to see the gopher dance and I thought of Wally) and a Robin Williams stand up comedy dvd. Sooo funny! We ate too much ice cream and it felt so good to be with these fantastic friends. Having Garrett back in my life is one of the greatest things ever. So Garrett's back at school, so are Megan and Sean. I'm not sure about Skye. But Chanda and I will probably go into hiding with one another this week. This has been a fantastic break. I really feel ready to go to Cairo now. I promised Garrett I wouldn't get kidnapped and he promised me he wouldn't either :D Life, bring it on...


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