I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

27 December 2006

All the Stars and Boulevards

~~~~ Sleepy

Changed my design today. Don't know if I like it as much as my other one. It seems like a lot of people do a star theme. But I kinda like it for now... we'll see. It's hard to have multiple themes on one account here... I have noticed that. So if I decide to switch back it'll take some work. Oh well. I've had that ivy theme for years.

I think I'm going to New York on Thursday. Grandma wants to go and my cousins are going up but not until Saturday. So it all of a sudden became "hey, why don't you drive?!" oh, okay... it might be fun. At least I love love love my aunt and uncle's house in new york. They have these great window seats in this bedroom that's great for reading. Maybe I'll take my laptop. They should have wireless...

Wally just called. He has this bad habit at calling at inconvienent times. I mean, it was 12:30. I spent the evening with my family. I'm not in the mode of going out now. Well, I was planning to have coffee with Chanda tomorrow anyways. I gues we'll just have to call him.

25 days til Cairo... :eek:

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